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Interesting Thoughts on the Chief/Boomer "Finale"
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Author:  NT2 [ Tue Jun 23, 2009 7:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Interesting Thoughts on the Chief/Boomer "Finale"

Found this. Thought it was interesting and on target:

Instead of watching BSG in weekly installments, I prefer viewing a complete season from beginning to end over the course of a few days. I finished watching S4 last weekend, feeling disappointed and cheated because among other things the writers continued their S3 habit of treating Boomer and Athena more like plot devices to show up and push the story along rather than characters worth fully examining. As much as I enjoyed the other 8s, I would’ve preferred more Boomer and Athena. Especially Boomer. Boomer was a favorite.

I agree with Jacob that a lot of the texture of Boomer’s story came from Grace Park. Although Boomer’s appearances between Downloaded and the finale are spotty, GP seems to be working from a private offscreen history that conveyed so much about the character in those moments.

I found it intriguing that S4 Boomer was in the opposite place she was in S1. Instead of clinging to a human identity and afraid of becoming a machine, in S4 she’s trying to be more machine. Not so much embracing her cylon nature and rejecting her humanity as much as escaping from it, along with all the painful loss and rejection it’s caused her since the war began. Her “relationship” with Cavil really had a manipulative therapist/exploited patient vibe to it.

Personally, I believe she started creating the Dream House when she was on New Caprica, but later sealed it up when Cavil was helping her become “the perfect machine.” As cheesy as it sounds, the Dream House ended up being a sort of sleeper program in her heart.

It was interesting that all the other cylons projected scenes they were already familiar with. However, Boomer created a very detailed environment from her imagination, complete with an imaginary person. I’ve wondered if Dione’s room was a dream within a dream. More than an imaginary daughter, I could see Dione’s room symbolizing the childhood Boomer never had but wished for. Seeing Hera play there registered on several different levels.

What I loved about Boomer’s scenes with Hera in IiaSoS, is Hera is the really the first person in years to recognize how sad and lonely Boomer is. After years of being treated like a traitor and a thing, Hera’s gesture of genuine sympathy and acceptance was really touching...

...And this is with Helo and Adama grounding her. Athena was a little too hardcore and trigger happy for me in S4. On one hand, I totally understand how the experiences of believing her baby had died, later learning that baby had been taken from her and going to extreme measures to rescue Hera would make her ultra-protective of her family. And yet it’s Athena’s lack of empathy the entire season that made me think that, in the end, Boomer came out the stronger of the two. Boomer’s was a private victory. But then again so much of her struggles were too...

What I heard listening to the podcast is that with only a few episodes left the writers knew they had to revisit the Tyrol/Boomer relationship, but more importantly get Hera off the ship for the planned battle climax later on, and they chose Boomer to do that. Sorry lazy writers, but just because Exposition Ellen said it must have been a plan all along is not convincing.

If Cavil had sent Boomer in with some sort of hidden device which would cause a major power outage so she could escape from the brig and abduct Hera, then okay. (Personally, I thought it would’ve been a great twist if Tory had abducted Hera instead.) I just don’t believe that Cavil would leave things up to chance. What unfolded was not a plan or strategy, but a gamble. He told Boomer, what? “Okay, you’ll pretend to be helping Ellen escape. Once you get on Galactica, they’re bound to throw you in the brig. And then……Well, I don’t know. Maybe that Tyrol guy is carrying a torch and he’ll help you. Listen, I don’t care if you have to frak the whole ship. Just get me that kid!”

I’d been spoiled about Hera’s abduction beforehand. But what I saw was that the writers had gotten themselves into a tight corner with time running out. So they hoped good direction, acting and a few shocking scenes would distract viewers from major plot lapses.

The “Face of the Enemy” webisode was an example of a duplicitous 8 that worked much better.

Ah, poor Tyrol and Boomer and their tragic love. The couple torn apart by war, cruel fate…and just plain lazy writing. The tragedy is that he’ll probably spend the rest of his days believing she played him and the dream house was all a lie. But in truth she did love him, wanted him to escape with her, and created the dream house out of a need to feel closer to him. And it wasn’t just Hera that helped Boomer reclaim her will. Tyrol helped that house resurface after it had been locked away.

When he told her they’d meet again, I can’t help but imagine that somehow, someway they’ll be together again. A random six downloaded Boomer’s memories and follows him to Scotland? The centurions find Boomer’s body, help her recover and she seeks out Tyrol? AngelBoomer? GhostBoomer? They deserved a better resolution. Boomer deserved better.

Well, I don't know. Maybe she could become an Empress... :)

P.S. This pops up, too:

And it would've been natural for Tyrol to ask Boomer what's happened to her since New Caprica and for them to recognize their reality after years of war and seperation. But, no, because of poor season plotting, their relationship and history is secondary to the writers' primary goal of getting Hera off the ship. So Tyrol mustn't ask those questions. Everything is so artificially forced with the 268s hellbent on vengence and everyone else's indifference forcing Tyrol to make the decisions he does.

She does want him to come with her. She does love him, and that's why the next episode she's dealing with the ramifications of betraying him. And that emotional continutity is one reason why I love GP's performance in IiaSoS.

Author:  terribleted [ Tue Jun 23, 2009 8:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Interesting Thoughts on the Chief/Boomer "Finale"

Excellent. Sums up my feelings completely. You know, right after the show ended I felt a little guilty for being so disappointed in how both Boomer and Athena had been handled. I thought I was nitpicking and being overly critical in feeling their stories had been botched, and really made no sense at all if you had been paying attention to these characters all along. Especially Boomer. But since then I've read several pieces that point out the same things that were bothering me. It's nice to know I'm not alone. It wasn't just me...the final storyline of BSG was just poorly conceived.

Author:  Pierre [ Tue Jun 23, 2009 8:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Interesting Thoughts on the Chief/Boomer "Finale"

Well, for me, it has come to the point that I haven't watched a BSG episode since. And I've stopped trying to promote/recommend BSG. ("ya know, and at the end, it was all God's Plan"... huh)
BSG is quite ruined for me. Sad.

But your analysis is brilliant... for Boomer fans who felt the same, obviously.
I must say that Grace's performance in Face of the Enemy #9 was extraordinary. Sweet-Eight was more complex than you could think at first. Why did she want to save Felix? She killed (or made kill) so many humans, yet she had feelings for one?

Reflexion: what if Cally hadn't been killed? What if she had recovered from the Galen-is-a-skinjob shock? (after all, she still had Nicky, and she knew he wasn't from Chief...) If she had played an unexpected role?
(like: Cally in front of Boomer's cell : "Sharon, you know I hate you, right? I wish I had a gun... (sighs) but I have better, I have the key. I can't stand seeing Chief like this. Wait for my return, you frakking toaster. I'll get you out of here, even if I have to drag you..." :shock: :shock: :shock: )

Author:  NT2 [ Tue Jun 23, 2009 9:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Interesting Thoughts on the Chief/Boomer "Finale"

I don't think you have to give BSG up cold turkey. Just ignore the ending and watch the parts you like. :) Mine are mostly in the first two seasons, though I do have a soft spot for ""the fighting Agathons" and Athena piloting that smoldering Raptor through the star cluster.

I thought this writeup was pretty good. I particularly liked how it honed in on the pacing problem in Season 4 and how forced the whole 'Someone to Watch Over Me" sequence was. It really did rely solely on the acting ability of Grace Park and Aaron Douglas to give it any pretense of credibility. They were good enough to do that (and probably enjoyed the challenge), but it evaporates in front of your eyes if you give the details even minimal thought.

Author:  jemmalynette [ Wed Jun 24, 2009 11:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Interesting Thoughts on the Chief/Boomer "Finale"

This summed up my feelings pretty well! Explained it better then I could ever. It didn't completely ruin BSG for me, though. I'm pretty good at pretending finales never happened :S (Lost s3) Poor Tyrol and Boomer. I think I'm gonna stick more or less to this thought:
When he told her they’d meet again, I can’t help but imagine that somehow, someway they’ll be together again. A random six downloaded Boomer’s memories and follows him to Scotland? The centurions find Boomer’s body, help her recover and she seeks out Tyrol? AngelBoomer? GhostBoomer? They deserved a better resolution. Boomer deserved better.

Though I really like the theory that they'd meet up again at the "Dream House" after Boomer's death.

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