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Was Sharon not able to identify Cavil?
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Author:  Thomas [ Fri Dec 21, 2012 2:44 am ]
Post subject:  Was Sharon not able to identify Cavil?

In Lay Down Your Burdens Pt. 2 Sharon acts quite strange when she realizes there is a One among the resistance fighters. She looks away and avoids locking at him almost as if she is afraid of him.

I somehow have the feeling that Sharon’s failure to identify Cavil right there or later on Galactica was not because she didn’t want to but because she wasn’t able to.

Just look at her face when she hears his voice on Caprica. To me she looked scared and as if she knew she couldn’t identify him. In a way it resembled Boomer’s inability to call out the water when she had it right in front of her.

The Ones/Cavils had messed with the memories/programming of the other models that prevented them from remembering details of the Final Five or even think about them. I could imagine that they also put a block into the other models that prevented them from identifying Ones or maybe any other model in the present of humans.

Sharon may even have been aware of this block. That would also explain why she told Adama that she wouldn’t identify the other Cylons in the fleet. Not because she didn’t want to but because she couldn’t.

But of course Sharon would rather take the blame and punishment than admit to Adama or even Helo that she isn’t in full control of herself.

What she later tells Helo just doesn’t make sense in the bigger picture:
Helo: “Why the frak didn't you say anything?”
Sharon: “I don't know. Maybe I didn't want to. Maybe I wanted him to come here and blow up the whole ship. Is that what you're looking for? Heh?”

It’s more avoiding to answer him than an answer or even a plausible explanation. Throughout the mission she had plenty of opportunities to screw things up but didn’t do anything. And then she let’s another Cavil board Galactica in the distant hope he may do something? I don’t think so.

BTW: That Cavil flew back with Sharon and Helo in Racetrack’s Raptor (that never made it to Caprica) is of course an error. Sharon had to be in the lead Raptor with Starbuck to calculate the jumps.
This is another case where continuity and reason are thrown overboard by the writers/director to create a specific outcome (Sharon back in the cell – not that she was released to begin with) that in the end led to nothing. It feels to me like they had something else planned for Sharon in season 3 but then changed their mind.

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