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 Post subject: Re: Helo & Athena – the full story - Day 50 to Day 61 ACH
PostPosted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 4:56 am 
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Day 58 ACH

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 Post subject: Re: Helo & Athena – the full story - Day 50 to Day 61 ACH
PostPosted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 4:56 am 
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 Post subject: Re: Helo & Athena – the full story - Day 50 to Day 61 ACH
PostPosted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 5:28 am 
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Day 60 ACH
(Cylon occupied Caprica – Delphi Union High School, Resistance Camp)

After breakfast Starbuck comes to talk with Helo.

He looks up when she approaches him “Hi Kara, haven’t seen you much these last few days. Keeping Anders busy?”

She smiles “Yeah. But that’s not why I’m here. I talked with Anders and he knows where we can capture a Heavy Raider. We plan to go and get it today.”

Helo: “Okay, and then?”

Starbuck: “Go home of course”

He just looks at her sad.

Starbuck: “Karl, it is well over a week now. I don’t think she is coming anymore. Either she got caught or you were wrong about her and she just played you.”

He responds sad: “I’m sure I wasn’t wrong about her. They must have captured her or she hasn’t found us yet. We should give her a little longer.”

Starbuck: “I’m sorry but we can’t wait any longer. We need to get back to the fleet before they jump away.”

He sighs “You are right. It’s time. I just wished I had an idea where she is. Leaving her to her fate just doesn’t seem right.”

Starbuck: “If they caught her they likely brought her up to one of their Baseships. There is no way you can get even in there let alone finding her and getting out again. I’m sorry but she is gone.”

He sighs “Oh well, let’s go then.”

(Cylon occupied Caprica – Woods near Delphi)
0:04:06 – The Farm

The vehicles stop in the forest.

Anders: “Sue-Shaun, I want you to watch our perimeter, especially on our flank.”

He turns to Helo and Starbuck

Anders: “Okay. The Cylons have a refueling airstrip just on the other side of that ridge. There’s a Heavy Raider makes a regular refueling stop every afternoon like clockwork.”

Helo: “Machines like routine.”

Anders: “Yeah. It’s usually guarded by less than three of the mechanical varieties, and we’ve left it alone up until now.”

Helo: “So? What’s the plan?”

Starbuck: “Go through this gully. Approach the airstrip from the south side. Sprinkle our men through the tree line and wait for the Cylons to land the raider and hook-up the refueling hoses. Once they hook up the tylium hoses. We take out the guards and blow the refueling station.”

Anders: “I thought you wanted the Raider intact?”

Starbuck: “They build ‘em tough, believe me. Blowing the fuel will barley put a scratch in the hull, but it might give us some time to board the Raider. Once I’m inside, I’ll blow the brain, and start working on trying to get it to…”

The resistance is shot at by unseen forces. Starbuck is shot, and falls to the ground while the resistance falls back into the woods.

When Anders and Helo return to the truck Starbuck is gone.

(Cylon occupied Caprica – Woods near Delphi)

Sharon has almost made to the area where the resistance is hiding out when she hears shots in the distance. From the sound she identifies Centurion guns and colonial small arms. In fear of being too late she starts running towards from where the shots were fired.

(Cylon occupied Caprica – Woods near Delphi)
0:25:14 – The Farm

The resistance fighters are still looking for Starbuck

Helo: “Anders, we must have been over this line ten times already”

Anders: “She must have taken a bullet. She’s right here by the vehicles.”

Helo: “Ok, she would have got up and crawled the frak up out of here. Hey we have to search the entire area again.”

Anders: “I told you we shouldn’t have pulled back so fast. I thought she was with us.”

Helo: “Anders we got ambushed. Ok, we all got separated. There’s nothing we could have done about it. Kara, of all people would understand. Let’s just find her.”

Anders hears something: “Wait a minute. Wait a minute.”

From behind a tree they hear Sharon’s voice “I know where Starbuck is.”

She comes out with her hands up to show them she doesn’t want to harm them.

Helo is in a mixture of disbelieve and relieve “Sharon? Where have you been?”

Sharon answers tired “Tracking you.”

Anders is confused and points his gun at her “Who is she?”

Helo pushes Ander’s gun down “She’s with us.”

Sharon looks at Helo “You’re the father of my child, Helo. I’m not gonna lose you.”

Anders looks in disbelieve at Helo.

Helo: “Where is she?”


Sharon: “She is in one of the Farms.”

Anders is very uneasy about Sharon “Helo, she’s a skin job! We’ve run into this kind! They are dangerous!”

Helo: “Hey, Anders, it’s Okay, you can trust her, seriously. She is one of us. I would be dead without her.”

Anders looks still uneasy as Sharon walks towards them.

As she stands in front of him Helo asks her “Farms? What Farms?”

She explains “Crossbreeding facilities where they hold human women to use them as incubators.”

Helo: “Do you know where this Farm is?”

Sharon: “It’s in the Delphi Convalescent Institute.”

Anders gets excited “I know where that is. Let’s go and get her out of there.”

Sharon: “No! That would be suicide. They have a full Centurion guard unit. If we go now, unprepared as we are you would lose too many people. We need air support for the attack and for sure a troop transporter to get out there fast after we have freed Starbuck. We need to get a Heavy Raider. There is a small air field nearby where one regularly lands for refueling.”

Anders: “Yes we know. We were planning to grab that Raider when we were attacked. But it’s too late now.”

She gives him a wry smile “You would have been in for a big disappointment. These Heavy Raiders have no controls any of you could use. And they are way too complex to be hotwired the way Starbuck did it with that Raider she used to get here. You need to be a Cylon to be able to hook up to the neuronal interface of the Heavy Raider.”

Helo looks at her “So I guess we are lucky that we have you.”

Sharon smiles weak at him.

He has tears in his eyes “Gods Sharon, I missed you.”

They fall into each other’s arms, hug and kiss.

Sharon starts crying in relief “Karl, I missed you too.”

Anders: “I hate to disturb you two lovebirds, but we need to get out of here before the bullet-heads come back.”

Sharon wipes her tears off “Just let me grab my bag. I brought some supplies you may want.”

(Cylon occupied Caprica – On the way back to the camp in Starbuck’s truck)

Anders is driving Starbuck’s truck back to the camp.

He looks at Sharon for a moment “Thanks for the anti-radiation meds. We always have good use for those.”

Sharon asks Anders “Do you have a doctor in your group?”

Anders: “Yes, Simon, our team physician. But he is out with a scouting team to look for medical supplies. They should be back in the evening or sometime tomorrow morning. Do you need to see him?”

Sharon is relieved to hear this. One thing less she has to worry about. The last thing she needed is to run into a Cylon agent. Not now.

She replies “No, not really, I just thought I might get my shoulder checked.” She turns to Helo “Somebody put a hole in it!”

Helo gets defensive “Hey! I’m sorry! I feel really bad about hurting you. Are you okay?”

She looks at him “I’m okay. Emergency field surgery was part of my training. I fixed it myself in a hospital. I’m sure the doctor couldn’t have done it any better. It feels fine.”

Anders looks at her and asks “So how come you are on our side? I always thought you guys where here to wipe us out, not to breed with us.”

Sharon: “Actually, it is part of the plan. But then I fell in love with Karl and switched sides.”

Anders looks confused at her and then concentrates back on driving while Sharon and Helo are occupied with each other.

After a while of driving, when they get close to the camp Helo asks Anders “Hey Anders, how many in your camp have had contact with Sharon’s model and would know she is a Cylon?”

Anders looks at him “Only a few. Me, Barolay, the Doc and two or three others. Why?”

Helo: “I think it’s better to keep Sharon’s presence for now just between the two of us and those who need to know to avoid any hostility against her. I still remember how Kara reacted and I wouldn’t want someone try to kill her.”

Anders: “Okay, but I have to inform Barolay and later all those that go on the mission.”

(Cylon occupied Caprica – Delphi Union High School, Class Room)

Back at the resistance camp Anders, Helo and Sharon draw up the plan to free Starbuck.

Anders: “So what the frak are these farms exactly?”

Sharon: “They are trying to develop a way to create offspring. For some reason it doesn’t work among us. So we tried if it works with Cylon and Human crossbreeding.”

Helo looks at her “That seems to work just fine.”

Sharon: “Oh no! I’m the first one ever that got this far. We had until now only failures. So we came to think the factor that was missing is Love. That’s why we were set up to fall in love with each other. And love indeed seemed to have been the missing ingredient.”

Helo smiles at her “So those Farms …”

Sharon gets serious “… are nothing about love at all. What I found in the database was quite disturbing. They use human women as living incubators, hook them up to machines … They don’t try to do it the natural way, as an act of love, like we did it Helo. They try to force it! It’s an abomination, a grave sin.”

Anders: “So how do we get in and where do we find Starbuck?”

Sharon: “I didn’t find any floor plans or detailed descriptions. We need to draw the Centurions out and disable them first. Then go in and search room by room. The Cylon inside are most likely just scientists and medical staff. They should be fairly easy to take out. But we need to be fast. As soon as they download into new bodies they will give alarm and we may have to deal with reinforcements.”

Anders: “Wait a minute, what’s this downloading into new bodies?”

Helo: “Yeah, that’s a real bummer. When Sharon first told me about this it totally creeped me out.”

Sharon explains “When we die only our body dies. Our consciousness is resurrected in a new body.”

Anders: “What? We kill you guys and you just come back? Like it’s nothing?”

Sharon: “Oh, Resurrection is no fun. Depending on how you died you may remember every detail of your death and the shock can be quite painful and traumatic. I know this from firsthand experience. I still remember all the pains of my deaths. That’s the downside of a perfect memory.”

Anders: “You died? More than once?”

Sharon: “Yes, many times.”

Anders looks at Helo “Yeah, that’s creepy.” To Sharon he says “You seem to be quite fine. So why would you worry about getting killed?”

Sharon: “Oh, I’m very worried. I would of course lose the baby as it is in this body. Also since I’m considered a traitor and contaminated by my love for a human they will most certainly box me, put me in cold storage permanently, which is worse than permanent death.”

Now Helo is worried “You better be careful then.”

Sharon: “I’ll be fine, worry about yourself.”

Anders turns to her: “Okay, so since you’re the expert, what do we need to get that Raider?”

Sharon: “In the morning I will go to the airfield and take the Raider. I need a heavy automatic rifle, long range and ideally one that can shoot explosive rounds. Maybe if you have a handheld anti-aircraft missile launcher to take out the escort Raiders …”

Anders looks at her in disbelieve “You want to go alone?”

Sharon responds confident “It’s only two Centurions and the pilot – you would just slow me down. Besides the weapons I just need a ride to get to the airfield. I really had my share of walking for a while.”

Anders: “Okay, we can provide you with everything you need. But it’s too late today. The Raider is long gone. We need to do it tomorrow. … Oh, by the way, how many of us will fit into that Raider?”

Sharon: “Heavy Raiders are quite large. Thirty, maybe some more if they squeeze in. But I don’t think we will need that many.”

Anders: “Thanks.”

Helo: “Okay, It’s been a long day. Let’s go and get some rest.”

She looks at him “Okay.”

Anders looks at Helo and then Sharon: “I suppose you don’t need your own room.”

She looks Helo in the eyes “Do I?”

He takes her hand “You stay with me.”

(Cylon occupied Caprica – Delphi Union High School, Resistance Camp)

It is late evening and Helo and Sharon have cuddled up on a mattress in the room Anders had given Helo when he and Starbuck first arrived at the camp.

He sits with his back against the wall, his arms wrapped around Sharon who sits between his legs with her back against his chest. He is still in his C-Bucs tracksuit pants while she has taken off her flight suit and is just in her underwear.

He starts gently caressing her hair “After you ran off I was afraid I would ever see you again. Only after being separated from you I realized how much I missed you.”

She looks sad “I’m sorry but I had to run. Kara got way too trigger happy for my taste. I had to protect the baby. But trust me, you won’t get rid of me that easy. I love you and never want to be without you again.”

Helo: “So what have you been up to all these days?”

Sharon: “That’s a very long story and I’m really not in the mood for talking tonight. I just want you to hold me.”

Helo: “Nothing I’d like to do more.”

She turns herself around in his arms to look him in the eyes “Shut up and kiss me already.”

He smiles “Yes sir.”

She shuts him up with a passionate kiss and he gladly goes along and moments later they are engaged in more than kissing.

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 Post subject: Re: Helo & Athena – the full story - Day 50 to Day 61 ACH
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Day 61 ACH
(Cylon occupied Caprica –Resistance Camp – Mess Hall)

Early in the morning Helo and Sharon have come to the high school’s mess hall for breakfast. To avoid attention they go for a small table in a far corner.

Helo: “What do you want?”

Sharon smiles at him “I have crazy cravings, I doubt they have that. Just bring me what you take.”

He smiles at her “The baby?”

Sharon: “Yes.”

Helo: “Okay, sit down and wait here for me. Stay out of trouble.”

He leaves to get food while Sharon sits down at the table. After Helo is gone for a few minutes Sharon is approached by a red haired woman.

She stops in front of Sharon and looks at her “Oh wow! Anders told me about you but I had to see you for myself.”

Sharon smiles insecure at her “Hi.”

The woman introduces herself “Jean Barolay, Caprica Buccaneers. You mind if I sit down with you?”

Sharon points at a chair “Sure, take a seat.”

That moment Helo returns with their breakfasts “Hi Jean, I see you already met Sharon.”

Barolay smiles at Helo “So this is the one you were moping about all these days?”

He puts one tablet with coffee and some military rations down in front of Sharon “This is all they had. I hope you like it.”

Sharon looks up to him “Thanks, it will be fine.”

She picks up the coffee cup and takes a sip and then starts eating.

He sits down on the table opposite of Sharon and looks at Barolay “So Jean, what brings you here?”

Barolay: “I just had to meet you girlfriend here.” She looks at Sharon “Is it true, you are pregnant?”

Sharon looks at Helo and when he nods she answers “Yes, we will have a child.”

Barolay: “How is that possible? I thought you skin-jobs were just organic machines.”

Sharon: “We are like you – flesh, blood, feelings and genetically fully compatible with you.”

That moment Anders comes to their table with a heavy automatic rifle in his hand.

He looks at Sharon “The doc just came back, if you want to see him …”

But that’s the last she wants “No time, I need to get going or I miss the Raider.”

Anders hands her the rifle “This is the best rifle we have that can shoot explosive rounds. Will it work for you?”

She gives it a quick check “Looks good. I need to fire a few rounds to check the accuracy and get a feeling for it. You got a place where I can try it?”

Anders: “Yes, we made up a shooting range behind the school building for training purposes.”

Sharon: “Okay, let’s go!”

(Cylon occupied Caprica –Resistance Camp)

At the shooting range Sharon takes aim and fires the first shoot. It’s slightly off the center mark.

Anders is impressed “Nice shot.”

But Sharon isn’t satisfied “It’s off.”

She adjusts the offset and fires a second shot – bull’s-eye!

Anders: “Wow, you’re good.”

Next she needs to do a long-range shot. She aims at a pinecone about 200 meters away, compensates for ballistic curve, and wind shear – fires – and the pinecone ceased to exist.

Now Anders is really impressed: “I’m glad you’re on our side.”

But Sharon is all business “The rifle will do, let’s go.”

They go back to the school yard where a truck is being prepared for Sharon.

After everything is put together on the truck Sharon is ready to leave.

Helo comes to see her before she leaves “Please be careful.”

She gives him a confident smile “I’ll be fine. Just be at the hospital in time. And try not to get into any trouble before I arrive.”

They kiss and hug and then she jumps into the truck and takes off.

Looking after her Anders asks Helo “You really trust her?”

Helo: “Yes. I know it seems crazy but she is different. She saved my life. She loves me and she is the mother of my child.”

Anders is shaking his head in disbelieve “I thought I’ve seen it all. But this takes the top. A pregnant skin job in love with a human and she is fighting on our side against her own kind?”

Helo gets protective “Don’t call her that! And yeah, Sharon will come through for us, trust me.”

Anders is not entirely convinced “She better does or we are completely frakked.”

Helo: “Don’t worry, you can count on her.”

After being quiet for a moment Anders asks him “Do you think there are more like her? I mean Cylons that love humans and would switch sides?”

This gets Helo thinking “Hmm… I don’t know for sure. I think there is at least one other but she’s a special case. But it’s quite possible there are more.”

Anders: “Yeah, if it wasn’t so dangerous to ask them. We ran into a few of Sharon’s sisters and they proved to be extremely lethal and very trigger happy. We lost quite a few people that day. And like Sharon just demonstrated, they don’t miss.”

Helo: “I know! One almost got me at the spaceport. Sharon took her out just in time.”

After a short pause Anders asks “So how is she?”

Helo: “What?”

Anders sports a dirty smile “You two were quite loud last night.”

Helo looks at him “She’s something else. I’ve never been with a woman like her before.”

Anders: “One day, if we make it through all this alive, you really need to tell me how you two got together.”

Helo: “That’s quite a story. And I’m not sure that I have it all together yet.”

Anders: “Okay let’s get going. The hospital is quite a bit away and we need to be there in time.”

(Cylon occupied Caprica – Airfield outside Delphi)

Sharon has reached the airfield and is scouting for the best position to take the Centurions out. She had left the truck a good stretch away off the road and just took the rifle, the missile launcher and the bag of ammo she got from Anders.
After a while of searching she has found the perfect spot at the tree line on a little ridge above the airstrip. Now she just has to wait. Down on the airfield the two Centurions are standing guard.

Ten minutes later she hears the Heavy Raider approaching. As she expected it has an escort of two regular Raiders.
While the Heavy Raider lands his little buddies pull up and fly away. But she knows they will be back after making their round. The ramp of the Heavy Raider opens and a group of Cylons, four Sixes and five Eights, pours out. They are all pilots in full combat gear but additionally armed with assault rifles. From the distance she can’t tell but they are likely from her old unit – her sisters. Something isn’t right here.

Upset she says to herself “Frak!”

The two airfield Centurions start refueling the Raider while its passengers spread out on the tarmac and take positions to secure the premises. This is not the scenario she had expected to find here. It seems they are expecting an assault. And deploying this many pilots for a task that is normally performed by half as many Centurions can only mean one thing – they are expecting her. No one else on this planet would warrant this effort. Is there another Cylon hidden among the resistance fighters she didn’t notice? Was her plan to take the Raider snitched out? How? Nobody besides Anders and Helo knew and Helo was with her almost all the time. Did Anders betray them? Is it all a big trap to get her? Is that the reason the resistance camp is never attacked?


Or did they just beef up security in general? That she intends to steal a Heavy Raider to get away is for sure no secret among the Cylons. Anyhow, she has no choice. She needs to pull through with her plan and be successful – the lives of Helo, Starbuck and Anders’ fighters depend on it.

She has to take out at least eleven targets, nine if not ten of them with the same training, skills and reflexes as herself, before they even realize what is going on. Her advantage is that she is the attacker and has the element of surprise on her side. She needs to target the defenders facing her first. The others will have to re-orientate to return fire which will give her enough time to take them all out. It should work out if she is fast enough and if she can hit all from her position. But since she doesn’t know if the Raider’s pilot is still inside it she needs to get down to the Raider before the pilot can make an emergency take off.

With shaking hands she puts the missile launcher on her back and shoulders the bag with the ammo. Then she goes into kneeling position and picks up the rifle. She checks the setting, making sure it is on automatic and takes aim.

When she realizes how agitated she is she tries to calm herself <Okay Sharon, breathe, calm down. You can do this.>
She takes aim again and does a dry run, checking if she can hit all targets in one smooth motion <Good, this will work. I can do this… oh heavenly father, please forgive me this sin.>

After another second of collecting herself she starts firing and ten seconds later the tarmac is littered with Cylon and Centurion body parts. The explosive rounds really made a bloody mess. She jumps up, runs down the ridge and is moments later at the ramp of the Raider. She drops the rifle, pulls her sidearm and fires. The Six inside has no chance and collapses after being hit in the back of her head.

Sharon holsters her gun and takes the missile launcher off her back. She kneels down on the tarmac next to the ramp of the Raider, takes a second missile out of the ammo bag and puts it on the ground next to her. Then she brings the missile launcher into position on her shoulder. Seconds later she hears the Raider’s escort fighters return. As soon as she can see them she takes aim and when they are in reach fires. With the first missile is on its way to its target she doesn’t wait for it to hit but quickly reloads with the prepared second missile. Seconds later the second missile is also on its way. Moments later the missiles hit their targets head on and the two Raiders go up in fireballs over the far end of the airstrip. Sharon takes cover inside the Raider while debris and shrapnel hit the ground all around it. She pulls the body of the pilot out of the Raider. Then she checks that the tank is completely full and disconnects the fuel line.

She picks up her weapons and puts them into the Raider. Then she goes inside, sits down on the pilot seat and puts her hands into the neuronal interfaces. She closes the ramp, takes off and is on her way to the hospital.

The whole business took less than five minutes and it’s a real shame nobody was there to appreciate her handy work.

(Cylon occupied Caprica – Delphi Convalescent Institute)
0:33:55 – The Farm

Starbuck, who has escaped her captors on her own, is going down the stairs of the hospital entrance when a Simon copy appears in front of her and blocks her way.

Simon: “Hello Starbuck.”

Starbuck cowers, then hears shots and sees Simon collapse, hit by bullets. Afraid she looks around from where the shots came and spots Anders and Helo with a group of resistance fighters breaking cover at the tree line and running towards her.

Helo calls “Kara come on.”

Anders rallies his troops “Let’s go! Let’s go! Go, go!”

Starbuck stumbles away toward her rescuers, but Centurions step out of the hospital and start to fire on the resistance fighters and Starbuck.

Anders shouts to Starbuck “Get down! Kara, get down!”

Starbuck goes down to take cover. The next moment she hears the humming of Cylon engines. She turns to the sound and sees a Heavy Raider swooping in from behind the trees. She gives up, this is it, they are done and she will end up like Sue-Shaun. But then the Raider’s guns aim for the Centurions and blast them away.

Helo with pride on his face punches Anders in the arm as a way to tell him ‘told you she comes through for us.’

It’s Sharon who showed up in her captured Heavy Raider right in time to bail them out.

Anders gets up and shouts to Helo and his troops “Let’s go! Let’s go!”

Anders and Helo run over to Starbuck, take her between them and help her up.

Anders: “We gotta go!”

Sharon lands the Raider and opens the hatch.

She gets out of the pilots seat and runs to the hatch. There she shouts to the resistance fighters: “Come on.” While they are running towards her she waves them in “Move like you have a purpose, people. Let’s go go go go.”

The resistance fighters board the Raider, among them Anders and Helo who help Starbuck along.


Sharon runs back to the front, to the pilot seat and sits down.

When inside the Raider Anders stays with Starbuck while Helo goes to Sharon “Hi, any problems? You okay?”

She looks up to him “No problems but we gotta get out of here before they call in air support. Is everybody in?”

He looks around “Yeah, we are complete.”

While she closes the hatch she calls to the back “Everybody, sit down and hold on tight. The flight may get rough if they come after us.”

Then she takes off.

(Addition – modified version from The Plan)

In the back Anders calls over to Barolay “Did you see that? The Doc is a frakking skin job! Godsdamnit! Kill him when we return to the base.”


Sharon overhears it and calls “Anders, no!”

Helo gets what she means “Yes, she is right. You can’t kill him.”

Starbuck looks at him upset “Why? I want to see that frakker dead.”

Helo: “Because he would just download, resurrect and then give our plans away. Didn’t you pay any attention to what Sharon said? Lock him up but keep him alive.”

Starbuck: “Sure, I’m gonna take your Toaster girlfriend’s word for it.”

Helo: “Hey! She just saved your ass.”

Starbuck just gives him an angry look.

(Cylon occupied Caprica – Delphi Union High School, Resistance Camp)

Starbuck leans with her back against the passenger seat of her truck. Sharon stands by her side, leaning with her arm on the sidewall of the loading bed while Helo stands in front of Starbuck.

Starbuck: “What was that, what did they do there?”

0:37:35 – The Farm

Sharon explains “They are conducting research into Human-Cylon breeding program.”

Starbuck looks up to her “Human-Cylon?”

Helo: “They call them farms.” He bends down and peels back the wound cover to inspect Starbuck’s wound “Your gunshot wound looks fine.”

Starbuck responds “So farms, that’s great.” She looks upset at Sharon “What were they gonna do? Knock me up with some Cylon kid?”

Sharon: “They were gonna try to. We haven’t been successful so far.”

Anders joins them “Supposedly they can’t reproduce. You know biologically. So they have been trying every which way to produce offspring.”

Starbuck: “Why?”

Sharon: “Procreation, it’s one of God’s commandments, be fruitful. We can’t fulfill it. We tried. So we decided to…”

Starbuck: “To rape human women?”

Sharon takes a step away from the truck and steps to Helo’s side “No, if you agreed to bear children it’d be voluntary, maybe even set you up with someone you like.”

Starbuck gets up and points at Sharon and Helo “Like you two kids?”

Helo looks uncomfortable while Sharon looks at her and states “We’re different.”

Agitated Starbuck asks “What the frak is that suppose to mean?”

With an uneasy look on his face Helo explains “They have this theory. Maybe the one thing they were missing was love.

So Sharon and I…” he exhales and takes a breath “We were set up to…”

Starbuck gets agitated and angry “To fall in love?” She starts screaming and gets into Sharon’s face “They didn’t ask Sue-Shaun if she wanted to fall in love, right! They put a tube in her! And they hooked her up into a machine!”

Helo holds her back.

Sharon: “They know who you are, Kara. You’re special. Leoben told you that. You have a destiny.”

While Starbuck and Sharon have a staring contest Helo notices something “Starbuck, what is this second scar?”

Starbuck closes her C-Bucs jacket “I don’t know. I don’t think I wanna know now.”

Sharon looks away.

Starbuck smiles provocatively at her “You know?”

Sharon shakes her head “No.”

Anders: “How many women do they have in these farms?”

Sharon: “Hundreds… Maybe thousands. I don’t know I haven’t accessed that data.”

Anders is distressed by this news and starts slowly walking away.

Starbuck leaves Helo and Sharon to themselves and comes after him “Here’s what we do. Take the Heavy Raider, cram it full of ground troops find out where the next farm is liberate it. And the next and the next and the next…”

Anders stops her “No, no, no, no, that’s not why you came to Caprica.”

Anders goes over to some oil barrels and signals Starbuck to follow him. At the barrels he moves one away to uncover a square, water filled hole. He kneels down and dips his hand into the water to recover a tube. He opens it and takes the Arrow of Apollo out.

He gets back up and hands the arrow to Starbuck “Go find Earth.”

Starbuck: “What about you? You said you needed professional advice.”

Anders: “We’ll muddle through. We’ve managed so far.”

Starbuck: “They’ll kill you. You’ll die here. You know that.”

Anders: “A lot of people died here. I tell you this. If I’m gonna die here. I’m gonna take out every last one of those frakkin’ farms before I do.”

Starbuck: “Well I’m not gonna leave you here.”

Anders: “You said you where gonna come back remember? I’m gonna hold you to it.”

She gives him one of her dog tags and he kisses her hand.

Near tears she promises “I’m coming back. I said it, I meant it.”

Anders: “Yeah, ok.” When she turns to go he holds her back “Hey, be safe.”


After Starbuck and Anders left them alone Helo and Sharon talk about their future.

Helo: “So what’s next?”

Sharon leans forward against the truck and lets her head down in sadness “It will be tough for me… for us, to get accepted on Galactica. After all I’m still a Cylon, nothing can change that.”

Helo puts his hand on her shoulder “You helped me survive, helped to rescue Starbuck. You are on our side. They will come to see that.”

Sharon: “I’m not sure they see it like you. They hate Cylons way too much.”

He takes Sharon into his arms and they hug “Starbuck and I will make them see how much you helped us, that you are different.”

Sharon: “Oh Helo. You only see the good in people – that’s one of the reasons why I love you!”
They separate from their hug and she looks him in the eyes “But you are blinded by your love. I don’t think you will get through to them. They will even hate you for loving me. Just look at Starbuck. After all I did for you both she still isn’t all that convinced yet. She is still suspicious of me and sees only the Cylon and not the person I am. The rest of your people will be worse.”

Helo: “But what else can we do? I can’t stay here on Caprica.”

Sharon: “Neither can I. They are after me even more than they are after you. They want our child. And they hate and fear me. To them I’m a dangerous mistake, something they need to contain before the infection spreads.”

Helo: “So where else can we go then? I want you and our child to be safe.”

Sharon: “I will take my chances with your people. I know things they need. I think I can buy my way in.”

Helo: “You sure?”

Sharon: “You can’t leave the planet without me anyway, I’m you pilot. Neither you nor Starbuck can link with the Heavy Raider or operate its FTL system. You can’t fly it. And even if there were still Colonial crafts left on Caprica, the trip to the fleet or Kobol would be way too much for them. You would need to make way too many jumps and run out of fuel half way through. With the Raider I can do it in just two jumps. So I’m your only way back. And Galactica is my home too.”

Helo: “Okay. But trust me, I will not allow them to harm you.”

Sharon: “Don’t worry. I can look out for myself.”

(End Addition)

Starbuck leaves Anders and walks back towards the truck.

At the truck she says to Helo and Sharon “Let’s go home.”

They board the Heavy Raider; Sharon gets into pilot seat, closes the hatch and takes off.

(Cylon occupied Caprica, Orbit – Heavy Raider)

They pass through the Cylon lines around Caprica without any problems and break orbit.

Helo: “I wish this thing had a window. I’d really like to take a last look at Caprica before we go forever… Sharon, how do you fly this thing without sight?”

Sharon: “I can link into the visual sensors of the Raider so there is no need for windows to fly it. I can see 360° all around through the link. It’s quite spectacular. I wish you could experience it. But there is a tactical screen I can use to show you a section view. Give me a moment.”

Moments later Caprica appears on the screen in the front of the Raider.

Helo: “Wow! That looks really bad. I’m glad we made it out of that nuclear wasteland.”

Starbuck: “We are going to come back and get them out! I gave Anders my word.”

Helo: “Well, I’d really like to see how you do that.”

Starbuck: “I managed to come here once, I will do it again.”

Helo: “Yes, but only by using a Cylon ship. And that one was a single seater”

Starbuck: “I find a way, Okay!”

Sharon: “We will need two jumps to Kobol from here.”

Helo: “You’ve been there before?”

Sharon: “Not in person. But there was a Cylon star mapping expedition that found Kobol a couple of years ago. They mapped the planet from the orbit. I have the maps and star configurations they recorded back then.”

Starbuck: “The fleet was one jump away from Kobol when I left.”

Sharon: “Yes, I have those coordinates.”

Starbuck: “How?”

Sharon: “They were in the FTL computer of the Raider you came in. I just need to have the Raider’s nav brain compensate the star drift and the planetary movements since you left and we can get there in two jumps. I could do it in one but our relative velocity would be too high to rendezvous with the fleet. So we need to make one compensation jump to adjust our relative speed and vector.”

Helo: “You can memorize star maps?”

Sharon: “Yes. You know - perfect memory.”

Helo: “No wonder Boomer is such a good Raptor pilot! That’s quite an unfair advantage.”

Sharon: “Okay, our jump point is coming up. Get ready.”

Moments later.

Sharon: “Prepare for jump. FTL drives charged… ready – JUMP!”

The Raider jumps away …

(Somewhere in Space – Heavy Raider)

… and appears in a swing by orbit of a gas giant.

Helo admires the view on the screen “This is quite spectacular.”

Sharon: “We need to complete one third of an orbit to adjust our speed and vector and then we can jump to where you left the fleet Kara. It will take us a few minutes.”
After setting the autopilot she takes her hands out of the interfaces and turns around to Helo and Starbuck.

Starbuck looks at her “You scare me. Nobody can jump this precise over such distance. I needed a lot more jumps with that little Raider to get from Kobol to Caprica.”

Sharon: “Cylon ships can. Our FTL technology is way ahead of yours. And we have quite complete star maps of this end of the galaxy. Your problem was that you had to use one of your FTL computers after blowing that Raider’s brain.”

Helo: “I gladly sign up to be your copilot and ECO when we get back.”

Starbuck: “I don’t think they let her near a Raptor, let alone fly one as an officer.”

Helo: “Why not? She can do things none of our pilot can do. It would be a waste of a unique resource.”

Starbuck: “You really don’t get it lover boy – She’s a Cylon!”

Helo: “Hey! Keep in mind that you will need her to get Anders out.”

Sharon: “Helo, it’s okay.”

Helo: “No Sharon, it’s not okay. Kara, we need your support here. You need to tell the Commander how much she helped us, make him see that she is on our side.”

Starbuck: “How do you expect me to pull that miracle off after all they did to us? I don’t even trust her all that much yet. I mean what was her part in the attack? And what’s her plan now?”

Helo: “Hey, if we want to survive we need all the help we can get. And Sharon with all her knowledge of the enemy will be a great asset.”

Starbuck: “Shit Helo – she IS the enemy!” She looks at Sharon “So, what was your part in the destruction of the colonies?”

Helo: “She was just a pilot …”

Starbuck cuts him off “I want to hear it from her. Did you nuke any of our cities?”

Sharon: “No.” <Not in person, I just helped to plan the attack pattern.>

Starbuck: “And why do you want to help us? What’s your motivation?”

Sharon: “I told you.”

Starbuck: “Yeah, yeah, you love Helo and have a kid with him. But how do I know you tell the truth and this is not just a trick to get to Galactica and then blow the ship up?”

Helo: “Hey Kara, she is telling the truth!”

Sharon: “I don’t know how I can proof to you that I’m telling the truth? How do you prove love?”

Starbuck: “I don’t know? The other Sharon is crazy in love with the Chief but what does that prove?”

Sharon: “She doesn’t know she is a Cylon and is not in full control of herself. But I am.”

Helo: “Kara, what are they gonna do with her now that we know she’s a Cylon?”

Starbuck: “Well, the least she gets thrown into the brig. But usual procedure for captured Cylons is execution by airlocking.”

Helo gets upset “We can’t let them do that, she is innocent. She doesn’t know she is a Cylon.”

Starbuck: “Well, let’s see what the Commander says about it. He loves her like a daughter so she may get spared the execution. I’d be more concerned about your girlfriend here.”

Helo: “She is a defector, an ally. And she is pregnant with my child. The child is clearly innocent.”

Starbuck looks at him: “You think they give a frak about a Cylon kid?”

Helo objects forcefully “It’s half human! It’s my child as well!”

Starbuck just stares at him.

Sharon: “Kara, why didn’t you ask Anders and his group to come with us? We could have taken at least half of the group. All, if we made another round trip.”

Starbuck: “And you only tell me now?”

Sharon: “I thought the capacity of the Raider was quite obvious.”

Starbuck: “Frack!”

Sharon: “Jump point coming up.”

She turns back to her controls.

Moments later

Sharon: “Prepare for jump. FTL drives charged… ready – JUMP!”

The Raider jumps away …

(Space near President’s Breakaway Fleet – Heavy Raider)

… and appears in DRADIS range of the president’s breakaway fleet.

Sharon: “Okay we are there, right on the mark, moving towards the fleet. Rendezvous with fleet in about three minutes.”

Starbuck is impressed “You’re good!”

Sharon notes slightly concerned “There are only 24 ships and I can’t find Galactica.”

Starbuck: “What the frak?”

Sharon: “Scanning for transmissions …”

A minute later

Sharon: “They are hailing us. … Their nearest ship has weapons locked on us. They think we are a Cylon scout since we don’t have a Colonial transponder. Kara, you better tell them we are friendly before they shoot at us. Here is a microphone you can use. I have you on their frequency.”

(Astral Queen – Control Room)
0:00:00 – Home (Part 1)


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