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 Post subject: Helo & Athena – the full story - Day 1 ACH
PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2012 2:51 am 
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Helo & Athena – the full story
Day 1 after the Cylon Attack on the 12 Colonies (Part 1)
by Thomas

This is part of a much larger project that has the goal to close the holes in Karl and Sharon Agathon’s story.
I have currently about 430 pages with about 142,000 words.

It will be a mix of new scenes and what was on the show, deleted scenes and unrealized scripts and ideas. So don’t be surprised if certain sections are familiar.

New material will be marked either (Addition) or (Extension)
Parts of the show will be marked by time code and episode title.

Also I don’t write linear. I have bits and pieces all over the timeline and fill in wherever I have an idea or inspiration.

The entire fic is organized by days
BCH = before Cylon holocaust
ACH = after Cylon holocaust

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 Post subject: Re: Helo & Athena – the full story - Day 1 ACH
PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2012 3:08 am 
Morose Artist
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Day 1 ACH
(Galactica – Officer’s Duty Lockers)

Just after midnight Boomer enters the pilot’s duty locker where her bunk is and goes to her locker. She takes her duty uniform off and hangs it away. Then she goes to her bunk, enters it, lies down and closes the privacy curtain. While she is lying there quietly, trying to fall asleep, the whole gravity of the day’s events start hitting home. She can’t stop thinking about her fallen comrades, friends and especially Helo. He was always there for her, helping her, protecting her, caring for her. She never realized how much she would miss him, how much she loved him. He was family, her big brother. Her mind goes back to the last moments they were together, when he told her that he would stay behind, give up his seat for Baltar. She remembers him waving a last goodbye as her Raptor took off from Caprica and she starts crying herself to sleep.

When she finally falls asleep and her consciousness slips away the memory upload subroutine deep in her subconscious programming kicks in and she starts recalling every event of her last waking period. Everything she has experienced, all her memories, emotions, thoughts … get released into the Datastream of her model Eight sisters.

The program ends and she slips into normal sleep. After a while she starts dreaming. Her dreams circle about what happened today. Understandably it isn’t a pleasant dream.

But then suddenly she finds herself in an even more disturbing dream. She finds herself in a strange room. Its walls are black except for a pulsating red band and some unusually arranged lights. In front of her stands a woman in a strange black uniform with her back to her.

She asks the woman “Where am I?”

The woman in the black uniform turns around and Boomer is shocked to look into her own face. The woman answers “You are at home sister.”

Boomer: “I don’t have a sister! Who are you?”

Woman: “Eight”

Boomer: “What is eight?”

Woman: “We are Eight.”

Boomer is confused “I don’t understand?”

All of the sudden the scene changes and they are in her apartment in Delphi. Her twin now wears a Colonial flight suit and looks like a mirror image of herself.

Boomer is scared “Who are you?”

The woman answers “I am Sharon Valerii – a Cylon.”


She is ripped out of her nightmare by the ship’s alarms going off.

Intercom: “Action stations, action stations. Set condition one throughout the ship. Cylon Baseship!”

Moments later she is up, in her flight suit and on her way to the hangar and the dream is forgotten. This was the last real sleep she would get for the next six days. 

(Resurrection ship for Helios Alpha & Beta Systems – Model Eight rebirthing section)

It is late in the day. An Eight body in a resurrection tub comes convulsing to life. Her eyelids flicker, she takes her first breath and coughs violently. She opens her eyes and screams in excruciating pain. But the pain is only in her memory. She is reliving the last moments of her death. She gasps for air and is visibly distressed and in panic. She tries to curl up, protect her face and violently moves her arms and legs but they are restrained on her wrists and ankles. She screams again.

Another Eight, acting as midwife, stands by and tries to calm her down.

The Midwife Eight gently pets Eight’s head “It’s all right sister. This will pass.”

Eight is still in shock “I died! Oh God! The pain!”

Midwife Eight: “It will all be good. You are back now. What happened?”

She opens the restrains on Eight’s wrists and ankles.

Eight is sobbing, covers her face with her hands “I was shot down, burned.”

Midwife Eight: “You are safe now.”

Eight is finally calming down “My Raider, I made a stupid mistake.”

She sits up, wipes the resurrection gel off her face and off her hair.

Midwife Eight: “Don’t worry. The battle is over. We were successful beyond our most optimistic projections.”

Eight’s new body is still shivering “How long?”

Midwife Eight: “About a day. Sorry sister, we were quite busy.”

Eight is finally calm “Why does this never get any easier?”

Midwife Eight: “I don’t know. I never died before myself.”

Eight looks at her “I’ve gone through way too many resurrections – it’s so far never been easy… ”

Then Eight remembers something “The moment I died, when my soul left my dying body … I think I got a glimpse of heaven.”

Midwife Eight gets curious “What did you see?”

Eight starts crying again “I don’t remember anymore but it was beautiful.”

Midwife Eight: “Have you experienced that during any of your previous resurrections?”

Eight tries to remember “I think… I can’t remember…”

Midwife Eight: “It’s all good now! Let’s get you out of this tub and cleaned up. It’s late and your Baseship wants you back over there as soon as you are ready. Something about a new mission on Caprica. …”

(Cylon occupied Caprica – Baseship 7 in orbit)

An hour earlier:

An Eight enters the control room to meet with the Six in charge of the procreation program on Caprica.

Eight(C): “As you may know we have an Eight, a deep cover sleeper agent, on Galactica, the Battlestar that got away.”

Six(A): “I’ve heard about her. Galactica is far from here so how does she concern us here on Caprica?”

Eight(C): “Let me explain. Her cover identity, Sharon Valerii, doesn’t know she is a Cylon and thinks she is a human Raptor pilot. During Sharon’s sleep periods a subroutine in her programming uploads her memories of the previous day. We look over these as soon as they come in. We just received Sharon’s last upload. It contained something that may interest you. During the attack Sharon’s Raptor was damaged and she had to make an emergency landing here on Caprica. They were approached by a group of survivors and Karl Agathon, Sharon’s ECO decided to stay behind on Caprica so that a civilian could take his place.”

Six(A): “Okay.”

Eight(C): “The analysis of Sharon’s memory uploads leads us to believe that Agathon would be a perfect candidate for a covert crossbreeding experiment. He is a perfect specimen and it seems he cares a lot about Sharon. Given the right circumstances it should be possible to make him fall in love with an Eight who turns herself into Sharon and impregnate her with a child. We just need to find a sister who is willing to volunteer for such a mission.”

Six(A): “Interesting! We may just have the right candidate. She volunteered for precisely this kind of assignment.”

Eight(C): “Excellent! Which sister is it?”

Six(A): “One of the pilots here.” She looks over to Six(C) who is standing at another arm of the central data-font “She is one of your squad leaders sister. Where is Eight right now?”

Six(C): “She was shot down early in the attack.”

Six(A): “Hmm… the fact that she’s a pilot and just got a new body makes her the perfect candidate for this. Let her know about this and see if she is interested. If she is, send her to me. I want to talk to her.

Six(C): “She is still in queue and hasn’t downloaded yet. They are very busy over there. Quite a few of us died during the attack.”

Six(A): “Contact the Resurrection Ship. They should bump her up to the top of the queue – time is critical and the day is almost over.”

Six(A) turns to a Six on the other end of the data-font who is in charge of coordinating the ground forces on Caprica. “Sister, we are searching for a human pilot that stayed behind on Caprica. His name is Karl Agathon. Eight here will give you a profile of him and the coordinates where he was last seen with a group of survivors.
Have your Centurion units immediately locate him. Make sure he stays alive and under observation. Isolate him from any survivors that may still be with him. Capture the younger females for the Four’s Farms and terminate the rest.
Keep Agathon out of the cities and withdraw all Cylons from the area he is in, especially all the Eights. He can only have contact with Centurions at this point.
And let him find supplies he needs to survive, most importantly make sure he has enough anti-radiation meds.”

Six: “Understood.”

Six(A): turns to Eight(C) “Okay give her all information you have about this Karl Agathon she may need.”

Eight(C): “By your command!”

(Cylon occupied Caprica – Baseship 7 in orbit)

About two hours later

An Eight in a Cylon flight suit enters control room.

Eight(A): “You sent for me.”

Six(A): “Yes. How do you feel? I heard you just resurrected after being shut down. Was it bad?”

Eight(A): “I’m Okay now.”

Six(A): “Good. You know why I want to see you?”

Eight(A): “Yes, Six informed me. It’s a great honor to be considered for this mission.”

Six(A): “You volunteered for an assignment like this. What is your motivation?”

Eight(A): “Procreation, it’s one of God’s commandments: be fruitful. It is the next step that brings us closer to God. I want to fulfill my part in God’s plan. My faith is strong. I will be successful!”

Six(A): “You are quite sure of yourself. That’s good. You know you have to make him love you, right?”

Eight(A): “Yes.”

Six(A): “We have a theory that mutual love is a vital component for a successful pregnancy and you are going to test it. So you would have to love him too. Would you have a problem with that?”

Eight(A): “Yes I know. I will do whatever is necessary to make this mission a success.”

Six(A): “Good! For the mission you need to make him believe you are the Sharon Valerii he knows from Galactica. She uploads every time she falls asleep so Sharon’s uploads are fully available to you as her model sister. I know you Eights don’t usually share memories but you need to copy enough of her memories to be able to impersonate Sharon and make him think you are her.”

Eight(A): “That won’t be enough. I will need to download all of Sharon Valerii’s real memories and her personality into my own consciousness. I will be with him all the time over months, at least until the child is born. It is impossible to just pretend for so long. At some point he might sense something is off. I actually have to become Sharon Valerii to be convincing.”

Six(A): “That will change your personality forever. You know that this personality merger will be irreversible. Are you ready to make such a big sacrifice?”

Eight(A): “Yes. This opportunity is way too good to risk it with a halfhearted execution of the mission.”

Six(A): “That’s commitment Eight!”

Six(A) turns to the Centurion standing near the entrance “Bring them here.”

The Centurion leaves.

Six(A): “One of the reasons we offered you this assignment is that you just downloaded into a new body. To not to contaminate the results of the experiment we want you to only have sex with Agathon. Can you stay abstinent from having sex for a while?”

Eight(A): “I think I can handle it.”

Six(A): “Good! We have an intact Colonial Raptor that our engineers right now prepare to make it look precisely like Sharon Valerii’s Raptor 312. Their crafts do not have data-font interfaces like our Heavy Raiders; everything is manual – quite primitive. But as a pilot you should be able to fly by manual controls.”

Eight(A): “Yes, I did my basic flight and advanced fighter training on our old Raiders. They were completely manual. And I also trained on several Colonial Raptors, Vipers and Shuttles that were captured in the war – I’m proficient with them all.”

Six(A): “Perfect! We will install one of our IFF beacons so that you Raptor will be recognized as Cylon by the Raiders and our DRADIS systems”

Eight(A): “Understood.”

Six(A): “You will also need a Colonial flight suit. Sharon has an apartment in Delphi here on Caprica. You might be able to find what you need there. If not you need to find one somewhere else and add the right unit patches. That will be your job after you have her memories. After the memory download you should have the knowledge where to get what you need.”

Eight(A): “Understood.”

The Centurion returns with another Six and a Five.

Six(A): “These two will be your contacts during your mission. They will provide whatever you need and will be your superiors for this mission. Follow their orders.”

Eight(A): “Understood.”

Six(A): “Units down on Caprica are right now tracking Karl Agathon and will make sure he is alone. When you are in position we will capture him so that you can free him. That should give you a good start. Go now and prepare yourself.”

Eight(A): “By your command!”

The clock is at almost midnight as Eight(A) leaves.

Six(A) turns to the Six: “Sister, I requested you because you have experience in close contact assignments with humans.”

Sonja: “Yes, I was as an infiltration agent among the humans for more than two years. I adopted the name Sonja back then.”

Six(A): “Good! Help her where you can. She will need it.”

Six(A) turns to the Five: “And Five, as I understand you were on Galactica and in direct contact with Sharon Valerii.”

Doral: “Yes, I went by the name of Aaron Doral. I met her on Galactica and later on Colonial One.”

Six(A): “So how was she doing?”

Doral: “She gathered the fleet and is responsible for them having a fighting chance to get away. If I wouldn’t know that she is an Eight I would have sworn she is one of them and completely loyal to their cause.”

Six(A): “That was the idea. I looked up her mission profile. She was a long term project to infiltrate the highest ranks of the Colonial military and gather intelligence. Key was that she herself did not know about her true nature, that she is not human but a Cylon. That’s why her background was created so carefully that it would hold up even to the deepest probing, even by herself. And that’s also why all other Eights were strictly forbidden to become infiltrators or even enter Colonial space. It could have exposed her. Despite all their weaknesses Eights are excellent military strategists, highly intelligent and very resourceful. Due to her superior qualification she was supposed to rise fast through the ranks and become ultimately a high ranking Admiral. She was to be activated and become aware of her nature and mission when she was in a position high enough to make or influence decisions that would create weaknesses in their defenses. But the success of our sister on Caprica rendered her mission obsolete.”

Sonja: “So Eight is not only absorbing the identity of a sister, but that of one who is convinced she is a human and a loyal officer in their military? And she has to fall in love with a human? Do you really think that’s a good idea?”

Six(A): “I know it’s a risk but this opportunity is too good to let it pass, even if we have to sacrifice her. Yes, Eights are way too emotional and fickle for my taste but unfortunately we have no other choice. And this Eight is a feisty one – it may become a problem to control her. But she is the best choice for a successful execution of this experiment. If it goes wrong we may have to box her. So keep a close eye on her and be prepared for the worst. The most important thing is to get the child.”

Sonja: “I will watch her carefully. And we have Centurions and Heavy Raiders of the occupation forces on standby if we need them.”

Six(A): “Good” 


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 Post subject: Re: Helo & Athena – the full story - Day 1 ACH
PostPosted: Wed Nov 28, 2012 9:19 pm 
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This casts an interesting light to the way Caprica Sharon could get Boomer's memories. It had always bothered me when I watched the show as Boomer had never downloaded. Boomer's background download is an elegant explanation.
And also the fact that CS had to be a pilot. With Boomer's consciousness she would acquire the skill but only theoretically. Skill has a lot more to it than knowledge. It's mostly a matter of "hard-wired " reflexes.

PS : I took the liberty of correcting a few typos.

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 Post subject: Re: Helo & Athena – the full story - Day 1 ACH
PostPosted: Mon Dec 10, 2012 4:23 pm 
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Great start! I always wondered how the Eighthenas all had her memories, and Athena had Boomer's. Glad to see a new face, and some new fanfic.

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