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 Post subject: Helo & Athena – the full story - Day 2 ACH
PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2012 3:44 am 
Morose Artist
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Helo & Athena – the full story
Day 1 after the Cylon Attack on the 12 Colonies (Part 1)
Rating: R
by Thomas

This is part of a much larger project that has the goal to close the holes in Karl and Sharon Agathon’s story.
I have currently about 430 pages with about 142,000 words.

It will be a mix of new scenes and what was on the show, deleted scenes and unrealized scripts and ideas. So don’t be surprised if certain sections are familiar.

New material will be marked either (Addition) or (Extension)
Parts of the show will be marked by time code and episode title.

Also I don’t write linear. I have bits and pieces all over the timeline and fill in wherever I have an idea or inspiration.

The entire fic is organized by days
BCH = before Cylon holocaust
ACH = after Cylon holocaust

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 Post subject: Re: Helo & Athena – the full story - Day 2 ACH
PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2012 3:45 am 
Morose Artist
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Day 2 ACH

(Cylon occupied Caprica – Baseship 7 in orbit, Eight’s room)

Eight(A) enters her room and goes straight to the data-font. She puts her hands into the electrolyte with her palms pressed flat on the interface plate of the tank and accesses the reports about Sharon Valerii. She wants to get a closer look at her before she begins the memory/personality download.

Eight(A): {Oh sister, what did you do? What did you put yourself into?}

She starts preparing herself for the memory/personality download and integration.

Eight(A): {Two sets of memories and feelings of the same time period will give me Schizophrenia. I need to alter my own memories of the last three years first, push them into the background as if they are someone else’s. … processing … processing … processing – END OF LINE.}

Eight(A): {Now let’s see what you got. Starting in chronological order: First memory and emotion that is truly yours - DOWNLOADING… waking up… Captain… Troy destroyed – STOP!} “Ohh Nooo!”

She bursts into tears, starts sobbing. She needs a moment to collect herself.

Eight(A): {Oh sister, what did you let them do to you ... }

After a moment: {Okay, let’s go on with this. But I need to be more carefully. Next your time on the academy - DOWNLOADING… Delphi… apartment… basic training… officer school… flight training… finals… assignment to Galactica… Adama – he loves you like a daughter, cuts you more slack than you deserve, you owe him big time… Karl – hmm yes, I like him already… Chief – STOP! Wow, you really love him sister but I cannot, I need to love Karl! … SELECTIVE EMOTION FILTERS ADDED… dreams: marriage, house on Picon, Dionne, the daughter you long to have with the Chief – big plans sister… Galactica – Home! … Kara… Tigh… Kelly… Felix… Dee… Cally… your friends… all the pilots… Galactica’s decommissioning ceremony… Adama’s speech – interesting! … Cylon attack… all vipers gone dead – that wasn’t fair… missiles… emergency landing on Caprica – all the destruction! You hate us for this, I get it… Karl stays behind for Baltar – so selfless – I like him even more – you miss him, would like to go back for him but you can’t – I will take care of him for you… all the Colonies lost… Lee Adama… Laura Roslin, the new president… collecting the survivor ships, finding the Tylium ship – who ever thought you would be beneficial for the Cylon cause needs his logic checked! You are the reason the humans have a chance at all… Ragnar Anchorage… the fleet… the memorial… Adama’s speech – Earth? Hmm, he is lying; he can’t know where it is… END OF LINE.
Integrating memories… integrating personality… Integrating emotions… Integrating behavior patten… Integrating movement pattern… Integrating… Integrating… END OF LINE.
I am Sharon Valerii}

Sharon is overwhelmed by the transformation she just underwent “Wow!”

She starts crying {Oh sister, your dreams, hopes – they will take it all from you. You are in for a nightmare when they activate you. They will destroy you. Oh heavenly father, please give her the strength to get through this.}

She collects herself {I am you now Sharon … and yours is a very different, a human perspective … they can never know, I need to hide it}

Sharon: “Okay, let’s go on with this. Next stop Delphi.”

(Cylon occupied Caprica – Baseship 7 in orbit, Hangar bay)

Sharon goes to the hangar bay where her Raptor is ready and waiting for her to fly down to Delphi. The Hangar bays are for individual ships, usually Heavy Raiders, and separated from the huge main hangar by an airtight semi organic door that opens and closes automatically.

When she reaches the Raptor she goes around it like she had done before each mission to inspect that everything is as it should be. The Raptor looks precisely like her Raptor 312, down to the last dent and scratch. They even added the bends in the landing gear from Boomer’s hard landings and the marks on the bottom where the missile shrapnel hit them. If she wouldn’t know it better she would swear this is her Raptor 312 from Galactica. And since she had watched the Chief often enough tearing her bird apart she knows even its interior and tech compartments, even most of the major parts serial numbers. She is confident that she could land this bird on Galactica and even the Chief wouldn’t know the difference unless he stripped it down to the frame. The Cylon techs and engineers outdid themselves. But she wouldn’t expect anything less from her sisters. She is proud to be an Eight.

She goes inside, closes the hatch and starts going through the preflight checklist like she had done it before each flight. Everything on the inside is also a perfect recreation of Raptor 312’s interior down to the last wear marks. She finishes the checklist. The Raptor is in perfect condition and everything checks Okay.

She starts up the engines. The controls feel so familiar.

She takes off and flies towards the hangar door. When the door senses her ship it folds open and she flies into the main hangar. Inside the main hangar she flies toward one of the hangar access tubes. Its semi organic door opens and she is inside the huge hangar airlock. The opening she just passed closes behind her and she flies towards the outer seal. It opens and after a short flight through the outer hangar access tube she is out in space.

Below her is Caprica. The once beautiful blue and green world is now covered by dense yellow-gray clouds from the nuclear blasts. It’s early morning on the continent on which Delphi and Caprica City are.

She goes down and breaks through the cloud cover and comes out above the place where once Caprica City was. Several multi Megaton nukes have leveled the site completely and left behind a new bay in the costal frontline where once the Capital of this world and the Colonies was. Not a single man made structure or any vegetation has survived in a radius of 60 kilometers.

On her way to Delphi she passes several smaller cities that almost look unharmed.

When she approaches Delphi she spots several fires burning outside the city. She realizes that those must be the incineration pits where the cleanup crews burn the dead bodies they collected in the city.

The city is largely intact and has only minor damage from ground fights and surgical air strikes. Most streets are still filled with abandoned cars but Centurion units are working on clearing the streets.

She recalls the map of Delphi from her memory and overlays it in her mind with the streets below her to locate her apartment.

(Cylon occupied Caprica – Delphi)

Sharon lands the Raptor in the park across of her apartment building.

In the street Centurions and Fives are busy with collecting dead bodies and tossing them into transports destined for the incineration pits outside the city. Seeing this makes her feel sick.

She walks over to the entrance of her building and goes inside. Her first stop is the building manager’s office. She pulls her sidearm and shots the lock out. Then she opens the door and goes inside. After a short search she finds the keys to apartment 502.

She goes up the stairs to the 5th level and stops at the door of apartment 502. The nameplate on the door reads “S. Valerii”. She opens the door with the key and enters her apartment.

Everything is still how she left it.

She finds her spare flight suit in the bedroom closet. There are also several sets of her military underwear. She peels herself out off the Cylon flight suit and then slips out of the black slip and armless shirt she wears underneath. Now completely naked she looks at herself in the mirror.

She loves her slim and toned body with its small, firm and perfectly shaped breasts; her beautiful face; her dark brown, almond shaped eyes, her long, full, dark brown hair. In her mind there is no doubt – Eights are pure perfection. There is no other Cylon model she’d rather be. She smiles. It is a warm, sweet and innocent looking smile and she knows Helo won’t be able to resist it. He will fall for her. She looks at her flat belly and imagines herself full and pregnant with Helo’s child. While she thinks about Helo and the child she will have with him she starts to feel a pleasant warmth inside her – something she never experienced before. She is filled with confidence that she will be successful. She will be a mother.

She forces herself to snap out of her daydream and starts putting on the fleet issue underwear. Then she puts on the flight suit, socks and shoes. She ties her hair into a ponytail and lastly puts on the gloves. Ready! She steps back in front of the mirror to check her appearance – everything looks and feels right.

Sharon: “That’s me, Lieutenant Junior Grade Sharon Valerii!”

As she turns away, she stops and is drawn back to the reflection in the mirror to take a closer look.

Sharon: {Who am I now, Sharon or Eight? … What am I now…?}

After a moment lost in thoughts Sharon forces herself to concentrate on the task at hand and she turns away from the mirror.

She picks up her old Cylon skin and leaves the apartment as she found it – minus the suit. She locks the door and goes back down to the street level where she puts the keys back into the manager’s office. Then she walks back to her Raptor.

Her next stop is the Delphi fleet academy. She lands the Raptor dead center on the academy’s Raptor landing pad and goes over to the armory. She breaks the door open and enters to complete her outfit with a gun belt, a side arm and all the other accessories she needs. After she has everything she goes to the pilots outfitting room and picks up a fitting helmet and all required seals to turn her flight suit into a space suit. Lastly she makes herself a duplicate of Sharon Valerii’s dog tags.

Now she is done and returns to her Baseship in orbit.

(Cylon occupied Caprica – Baseship 7 in orbit, Eight’s room)

On the Baseship Sharon leaves the Raptor in its hangar and goes straight to her room.

She takes the Colonial flight suit and underwear off, folds it all precisely and then places everything on a shelf at the wall to have it ready for tomorrow. She puts her Cylon pilot suit into the closet but leaves her black underwear out for the night.

Then she starts her usual exercise program. She needs to whip this new and untrained body into shape fast…

After she has worked out for about ninety minutes, Doral, her handler for this assignment stops by at her room and watches her exercise from the right entrance on the room level. She decides to ignore him for now and continues with her workout. Thirty minutes later she is done.

Naked, sweaty and out of breath she steps in front of him and asks “What do you want Five? Anything about the mission?”

He looks covetously at her naked body and it is quite clear what he would like from her.

Flirtatiously she releases her hair from the ponytail and shakes her head to loosen it up.

Then she asks him suggestively “Like what you see?”

When he nods hopefully she responds coldly “Yeah, but this body is not for you to have. It has to remain virgin for my mission, to receive my child. It is a vessel for fulfilling God’s plan and not to fulfill your personal desires. Go and look if you find another Eight who is in the mood for a Five. I need to prepare for my mission.”

With that she turns around and lets him standing baffled at the entrance as she goes to take a shower.


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