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 Post subject: Helo & Athena – the full story - Day 3 ACH
PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 12:40 pm 
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Helo & Athena – the full story
Day 3 after the Cylon Attack on the 12 Colonies
by Thomas

This is part of a much larger project that has the goal to close the holes in Karl and Sharon Agathon’s story.

It will be a mix of new scenes and what was on the show, deleted scenes and unrealized scripts and ideas. So don’t be surprised if certain sections are familiar.

New material will be marked either (Addition) or (Extension)
Parts of the show will be marked by time code and episode title.

The entire fic is organized by days
BCH = before Cylon holocaust
ACH = after Cylon holocaust

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 Post subject: Re: Helo & Athena – the full story - Day 3 ACH
PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 12:45 pm 
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Day 3 ACH

(Orbit of Cylon occupied Caprica – Baseship 7, Guest Room)

Sharon meets with her handler Six, Sonja.

Sonja: “I see you found everything you need. The memory download worked out?”

Sharon: “Yes, I have her memories, they are mine now. I am Sharon Valerii.”

Sonja: “How does it feel to become somebody else?”

Sharon: “It feels strange. Especially since she thinks she is a human. She is in for a rough time when she finds out who she really is.”

Sonja: “Don’t worry; we will take care of her.”

Sharon: “I’m not sure. You know, she is deeply in love with the Chief. Her feelings for him are very strong. That love will be hard to let go off.”

Sonja calls up an image of Galen Tyrol “Yes, he is very handsome. Be careful not to find yourself in the same situation, Eight.”

Sharon points out “My mission is to get myself into this kind of situation. But I know what I’m doing and I will stay in control. But this relationship Sharon has with the Chief, it could be a problem as it may deter Helo from making the first move. It might be harder than I thought to get him to have sex and fall in love with me.”

Sonja: “That will be up to you. The scenario we have prepared should give you plenty of opportunities.”

Sharon: “So have you found him by now?”

Sonja: “Yes, we have him. When our units found him he was with about fifty survivors. Our units have him now isolated and under constant observation.”

Sharon asks concerned “Is he okay? He was injured in the leg when the Raptor was hit.”

Sonja: “His leg seems to be healing okay. But he seems to be affected by the radiation.”

Sharon smiles: “Yeah, as I know him he shared the few shots from his med pack with the survivors he was with rather than caring for himself.”

Sonja: “Our troops let him later find some supplies, especially a pack of anti-radiation meds to keep him in good shape for you.”

Sharon sports a devious smile: “Good, I need him fit and healthy.”

Sonja rolls her eyes: “Can’t you Eights think about nothing else?”

Sharon: “Sure, but having sex with him it’s the key part of my mission.”

Sonja: “Yes. You can have as much sex with him as you can get out of him – if you get him to have sex with you at all.”

Sharon smiles confident: “I said it may be harder but in the end he won’t be able to resist me. And after the first time he is mine for good.”

Sonja: “You better hope so. But remember, he needs to love you.”

Sharon smiles “He will love me.”

Sonja: “I like your confidence Eight. You also need to make sure that your baby will be a girl. That is critical!”

Sharon: “I think I can time it right.”

Sonja: “Good!”

Sharon: “Okay, so what plan did you come up with?”

Sonja: “Take the Raptor down to Caprica and land it two or three days worth of walking away from his position and walk the rest. We will track you and capture him when you are about half a day away.

Sharon: “Why so complicated?”

Sonja: “You need to look as if you have been searching for him – dirty, sweaty and exhausted. It’s better to live the part than just acting it. It also should help you to get into the right mood.”

Sharon: “Okay, so what next?”

Sonja: “He will be held by a Six. Knock her out to free him. Then lead him back to the Raptor. Centurions will have found it so that you can’t use it off the planet.”

Sharon: “Okay. So where do I take him after we found the Raptor discovered by the Centurions?”

Sonja: “We have a fallout shelter prepared in Phoebus, the next big undestroyed city. It has a military emergency beacon that you can locate with your emergency wireless. This will give you the means to lead him to it. It will take you at least a day to get there. Use the time to build an emotional bond. After you get to the shelter stay there for the night and see what you can make of it.”

Sharon: “Understood. Will we stay there for longer?”

Sonja: “No. The next morning we will have a Centurion patrol find you and have you separated from him and captured. We will wait for you in the building opposite the shelter.
This will be the litmus test of his love and loyalty to you. It will also serve to intensify his feelings for you. But if he fails and continues without you he will be killed. If he comes to rescue you proceed as you see fit to make him have sex with you.”

Sharon: “I’m sure he will do the right thing. I know he feels very protective of m… Sharon.”

Sonja: “That’s all good but we need to be sure.”

Sharon: “I have faith in him.”

Sonja comments ironic “Oh, that’s so sweet of you.” Then she continues hard “Get going now! I see you on the planet. Good luck!”

Sharon: “Thank you.”

Sharon turns around and leaves to go on her mission.

After she left Doral comes in and joins Sonja “How is she doing?”

Sonja: “I have a bad feeling about this mission. She tries to hide it but she already starts acting like one of them.”

Doral: “Them?”

Sonja: “The humans.”

Doral: “Wasn’t that the idea?”

Sonja: “Yes. Still, I have a bad feeling. Eights are way too emotional. And this one… I really don’t know what to make of her…”

Doral: “She is a pilot. They think they are something better than the rest of us.”

Sonja laughs “Ha, what happened? Did you go to her last night to see if she lets you frak her? I take it she said no.”

Doral: “Yeah, said something about a new body and wanting to save its virginity and that she had to be alone to prepare for the mission.”

Sonja smiles jeeringly at him: “So she didn’t let you have that sweet virgin Eight body of hers? That little snob! But let me tell you - just a moment ago she was really eager to give herself to that human down on Caprica. And he can’t even appreciate the treat he is in for. How does that make you feel?”

Doral looks upset and hurt at her and she smiles gloatingly back at him.

After letting him suffer for a moment Sonja enlightens him “If it makes you feel any better – she was ordered to stay abstinent and only have sex with him so she wouldn’t compromise the experiment.”

(Orbit of Cylon occupied Caprica – Baseship 7, Mess hall)

As it’s just the time when her squad normally gets together for the daily lunch meeting Sharon decides to join them and grab a last bite of real food before going on her mission. She was so occupied with her mission preparations that she hasn’t seen any of her squad mates since the day of the attack.

She enters the mess hall of the Baseship and goes to the food self serving counter. There she grabs a tablet and starts loading it up with food: a plate of fruits, a bowl of stew, a piece of cake as desert and a large glass of fruit juice.

She gets some attention in her Colonial outfit when she goes to the pilot’s tables.

Sharon: “Hello sisters. How are you doing?”

EightP1: “Hi, what’s up with that Colonial flight suit?”

SixP4: “Planning to switch sides Eight? That would be really a poor choice at this point.”

Sharon sits down at the table.

Sharon: “No, it’s for a mission down on Caprica.”

She starts eating her meal.

EightP2: “Hey, you got shot down and had to download? How bad was it? I always hate it!”

Sharon: “Yeah, I had the extreme misfortune to run into four of their old Mk. II Vipers, those that didn’t have the Command Navigation Program and couldn’t be switched off with our deactivation signal. I got three of them but the last one got me. I can tell you, burning to death is extremely painful. I still feel it. I was very close to take my gun and end myself. But suicide is a sin. So I suffered through it to the very end. It seemed to take forever before I finally got unconscious and uploaded to the Resurrection ship.”

SixP2: “Sorry sis, I was behind you but came too late to help you. But thanks to your warning my escort and I got the bastard that shoot you down, sent him straight to hell.”

Sharon: “Thanks sister. That makes me already feel a lot better.”

EightP2: “Damn, I don’t know if I would have had your strength to endure it to the very end. That damn Viper pilot could have had at least the decency to finish you off, give you a clean death.”

Sharon: “I prayed and tried to project myself into a nice place. But the pain was just too much.”

EightP3: “Humans are cruel. They got what they deserved.”

Sharon: “Yes, from what I have heard so far we got them good. How is the situation?”

EightP2: “They are as good as finished. Some got away on a few ships for now but we will get those too. It’s just a matter of time. Our fleet is already on them. And we have agents on several of their ships. One very old Battlestar, the Galactica, got away too because they did not have the CNP installed.”

EightP4: “Hey sister, did you hear already how Six – everybody now calls her Caprica Six – got to create the backdoor in the colonial defense mainframe that allowed us to shut down the Command Navigation Program on all their ships and military installations? Every Cylon talks about her. She’s now a hero of the Cylon.”

Sharon: “Not the dirty details. But we talked about her before. That she managed to seduce some human to get access to the Colonial defense mainframe and managed to create a backdoors in their new Command Navigation Program which enabled us to switch off all their automated or networked systems ships, defense systems… ”

SixP3: “Yes. She managed to seduce their greatest scientist, Gaius Baltar, so that he would give her access to their defense mainframe. That fool even let her write large parts of the Command Navigation Program herself.”

Sharon: “Interesting! How’s she doing?”

SixP3: “She died in the attack down on Caprica and downloaded. It was her first time and She hasn’t fully recovered yet. It seems her death was quite traumatic.”

Sharon: “I can understand that.”

EightP1: “So what kind of mission requires disguising yourself as a colonial pilot?”

Sharon: “One of Galactica’s crew is stranded down there on Caprica. So I took on the identity of our sleeper agent on Galactica, Sharon Valerii, his pilot, to seduce him, make him fall in love with me and have him impregnate me with a child. I’m sure I will finally be a mother.”

EightP4: “Is he good looking?”

Sharon smiles knowingly: “Yes. And he is a good man, worthy of being the father of my child.”

EightP4: “You may finally have the child you always wanted.”

SixP4: “Oh, you Eights make me sick! You wanna prostitute yourself; become a glorified whore to get knocked up with a half human bastard child? Didn’t we just do everything to get rid of that vermin? And now you want to make more of them?”

Sharon: “My mission is to fulfill God’s commandment – procreation – create the next generation of Cylon life.”

SixP4: “You’re just full of yourself Eight. No Cylon has so far achieved to become pregnant and carry the child to term. What makes you think you are different from all those others that failed?”

Sharon: “My faith is strong! God’s love will guide me to success.”

SixP4: “Oh Eight, you’re completely delusional! You are nothing but a lab rat in a little experiment.”

EightP2: “She is making a great effort for the next step in the evolution of the Cylon.”

EightP3: “Yes, she is following God’s plan.”

SixP4: “She is an Eight! She will just fall in love with that human, screw it up and get boxed in the end. There is a reason why you Eights haven’t been used as infiltration agents with the humans – you are too emotional, fall in love and forget your mission. Just look at her! She is already in love with him and hasn’t even met him yet if I got that right!”

EightP4: “Oh Six go and frak with that One you hang out so much. You already sound like him.”

Sharon has finished her meal and gets up to leave.

Sharon: “It’s been lovely to see you all but I got to go now.”

EightP4: “Good luck Eight! Your sisters have faith in you. Make us proud.”

Sharon: “Thank you sister, I will do my best to fulfill God’s plan.”

She leaves and gets on her way to the hangar bay – on her way to her mission – on her way to him.

(Orbit of Cylon occupied Caprica – Baseship 7, Hallways & Hangar bay)

On her way to her Raptor Sharon starts thinking:
{So Helo sacrificed himself for the man that enabled us to destroy the Colonies. But that doesn’t take anything away from his selfless act.

Helo is a good man, worthy of saving.
I’m going to fulfill God’s plan by having a child with him.
And I’m saving his life. He would already been dead if it wasn’t for this mission, if they wouldn’t need him to be the father of my child.
This is a good mission. I’m doing a good thing.
We will be raising this child together and he will be safe.
Yes, I’m lying to him. I’m betraying him. What else could I do? What would be the alternative?
If I tell him the truth he will reject me, maybe even try to kill me. Then they will kill him and the mission will fail. I can’t let that happen, this child is too important for the Cylon, for God – and for me.
I have no choice; I need to play their game, need to make sure he does what they want him to do – for the mission.

Is Six right? Am I fooling myself?

Oh Sharon Valerii, what did you do to me?
I now have you inside me, have become you and there is no way to ever reverse it.
It was so much easier before, as a pure Cylon, as just Eight. Everything was so clear.
What have you turned me into?
You are one of them and you love them. Love their way of life.
And you love yourself so much; love yourself being a person, being a human, being in love.
I am you now. I am Sharon Valerii.
But I am also still Eight, the Cylon, and the humans are my enemies. I should despise them.
But thanks to you, as hard as I try, I can’t see them like that anymore.

Oh God, what is your plan for me?
What am I supposed to be?
Who am I supposed to be?

I need to harden myself and follow the mission.

For him I need to be Sharon Valerii, the human, and for the Cylon I need to be Eight.

It will be hard. But I have to do it – for the mission.}

(Cylon occupied Colonies)

On her way down to the planet the pilot in her comes through and she decides to test the Raptor out a bit before landing it on Caprica.

Sharon thinks by herself {It would be shame after all the effort put into it not to give a proper test flight.}

She really likes the manual controls. They are primitive compared to contemporary Cylon controls but handling the ship this way is giving her a greater satisfaction. She likes that she has to use her body and her motoric skills to fly it and not just her thoughts as with a Heavy Raider. Flying the Raptor brings her back to the days of her training as a pilot when she was flying the old crafts from the Independence War.

Sharon: {Now let’s do a few jumps to see what the FTL of it can do. Sharon loved Picon, so let’s have a look how it is today.}

She enters the coordinates of Picon and lets the FTL computer calculate the Jump – it takes forever.

Sharon: {This thing is slow! I have this short and easy jump faster calculated in my mind!}

She manually enters the FTL data she calculated herself and jumps right into orbit of Picon.

Sharon: {Yeah, I’m good!}

But what she sees does not match her memories. The once beautiful blue planet is now covered in dense ugly yellow-gray clouds. She dives down into the atmosphere. Below the clouds she sees the full extent of the devastation. The entire planet’s biosphere is dying from the radiation the massive nuclear hits unleashed on it. She feels tears in her eyes.

Sharon: {This cannot be what God wanted, to destroy his beautiful creation. Something went terribly wrong. The plan was to wipe out the human threat. But was it necessary to destroy these wonderful worlds so permanently?}

She visits some of the other colonies and all are in the similar state of dying.

Sharon: {If they by any miracle survive they will come after us to punish us for what we did. And if they don’t God may do it for them.}

Now in the right mood for a returning Boomer she jumps back to Caprica and goes on her way down to the surface, on her way to him.

Sharon: {Sharon Valerii, it’s your turn now.}


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