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 Post subject: Helo & Athena – the full story - Day 6 ACH
PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 12:50 pm 
Morose Artist
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Helo & Athena – the full story
Day 6 after the Cylon Attack on the 12 Colonies
by Thomas

This is part of a much larger project that has the goal to close the holes in Karl and Sharon Agathon’s story.

It will be a mix of new scenes and what was on the show, deleted scenes and unrealized scripts and ideas. So don’t be surprised if certain sections are familiar.

New material will be marked either (Addition) or (Extension)
Parts of the show will be marked by time code and episode title.

The entire fic is organized by days
BCH = before Cylon holocaust
ACH = after Cylon holocaust

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 Post subject: Re: Helo & Athena – the full story - Day 6 ACH
PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 1:03 pm 
Morose Artist
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Day 6 ACH

(Cylon occupied Caprica – Woods)
0:17:09 – 33

It is about mid day and raining. In fact it has been raining for days now. Helo is running through the forest, still hobbled by his injury as he crashes through the woods. Two Centurions are crashing through the trees, chasing him.

He reaches a small clearance where he has placed a directional infantry mine that he had found the previous day in a wrecked CNG vehicle. He passes the mine and takes cover behind a massive tree trunk just a few steps further where he had deposited his med kit and the detonator remote of the mine.

He blinks as raindrops run into his eyes and hears the Centurions charging toward his position.

When the Centurions reach the clearance they realize that they lost Helo’s track. They stop, activate the guns on their arms and start scanning the surroundings. When Helo hears the Centurions stop he takes the detonator remote and triggers the mine. The mine explodes directly in front of the Centurions and they disappear in a ball of fire.

After the blow the woods are silent again except for the sounds of the falling rain and the smoldering, crackling sounds of the destroyed Centurions.

Helo takes his sidearm, gets up, catches his breath and begins to cautiously limp out into the open to inspect his handiwork.

A moment later he stands over the remains of the Centurions – one is completely destroyed and blown into pieces but the other’s torso and head are still largely intact and mechanically jerking and whirring. The Centurion is still trying to fight despite its shattered body. Helo looks down at the Cylon for a beat then aims his hand weapon at the Centurions’s head. He pulls the trigger and shoots the Centurions repeatedly with an angry cry until it is completely lifeless.

As he stands there it becomes clear that Helo doesn’t look too good. Besides being soaking wet from the constant rain he has serious trouble breathing

0:21:11 – 33

A while later he has taken cover behind a big tree. There he gives himself a shot of anti-radiation dosage with a syringe. He grimaces as he inserts the syringe needle into a vein on his neck and pushes the plunger. His entire body is convulsing as he breathes heavy and in pain. He finishes the dose and then puts the syringe back in the box and slips the box into one of his flight suit pockets.

He then leans back against the tree and tries to catch his breath. He looks very sick and has serious trouble breathing - radiation sickness has set in and its symptoms are showing.

Helo attention is triggered by some movement in his peripheral sight. He looks to his left and sees a blond woman in a white coat leaning against a tree about ten meters away. But something is off. She doesn’t behave like any survivor in this situation should.

Helo is shocked and tries to get out of her sight by ducking behind the tree next to the one he was leaning against. He pulls his sidearm, drags himself onto his feet and points it at the woman. But she doesn’t seem to be afraid and just looks curiously at him. Helo is unsure what to do with her.

While he is standing there thinking what to do he hears a servo hum behind him. When he turns his head and looks over his shoulder he sees a Centurion standing right behind him who has him at gunpoint.

Helo drops his gun and raises his hands to surrender – they have him.

0:39:48 – 33

It is several hours later and it is still raining. Helo is sitting alone on a fallen tree trunk. He is shackled on hands and feet with standard Colonial high security shackles and has a sack over his head. The Centurion that captured him is nowhere to be seen.

The blond woman approaches Helo and takes the sack off his head. Helo is confused and afraid and breathes heavy as he looks at her. She is wet from the rain but looking way to well groomed for being a survivor of the holocaust. She must be a collaborator of the Cylons. But which human in his right mind would side with the Toasters?

She holds him by his shoulder, looks worried at him and asks “Are you alive?”

Helo is scared and doesn’t know what to make of all this. So he falls back into what he had learned in training; what to say when fallen into enemy hands “Agathon, Karl C. Lieutenant Junior Grade, Colonial Fleet, P.K. 789934...”

She backs off a little and takes his shackles off. Then she comes back closer to his face and looks concerned at him while she says calming “I know who you are, Helo. It's all right, I'm a friend.”

Helo is still scared and worried when she puts her right hand on his neck and brings her lips against his to kiss him. Seconds later he hears a gunshot. The woman is mortally hit in her back. She backs off a small trickle of blood runs out off the edge of her mouth. Helo looks panicking into her dying eyes as she collapses into his lap.

Several meters behind the dying woman stands Sharon, soaking wet from the rain and aiming her sidearm combat style with both hands at her. Still aiming her gun cautiously at the woman she starts running towards Helo

Helo takes his eyes from the dying woman in his lap and looks to where the shot came from…
… and doesn’t believe his eyes “Sharon?”

He pushes the dead woman off his lap and looks in disbelief at Sharon

Sharon is on high alert and quite twitchy as she approaches him, constantly scanning their surroundings. When She reaches him she puts her sidearm away, and Helo asks her in mixture of disbelieve and relieve “What are you doing here?”

She bends her knees to get down on his eyelevel. She looks concerned at Helo and asks “Can you walk?”

Helo is still in a state of shock and looks at her for a moment before responding “Yeah. Yeah, yeah, I think so.”

Sharon lets Helo put his right arm over her left shoulder to help him up and to support him walk with his injured leg.

He moans as he gets up and then asks her again “What are you doing here? I…”

But she is in a hurry to get away from the scene and not in the mood for lengthy explanations and cuts him off by commanding him urgently “Let’s move, mister.”

She wraps her left arm around his waist as additional support while she leads him into the forest from where she came. While they walk off she pulls her sidearm to be ready to fire at any threat that may appear.

As they walk away another Six flanked by a Centurion appears. While they watch Sharon and Helo disappear into the forest Six smiles. The first step has worked according to plan.
Then she looks down at her fallen sister and her smile fades. Almost according to plan …


When they are safely out of sight of the scene Helo asks her again “Sharon, what are you doing here?”

But she just says “Be quiet. We need to get out of here fast and back to the Raptor.”

He just nods and she makes him go as fast as he can hobble with his injured leg. Soon he has too much trouble breathing to ask any more questions.

After they have walked for a few minutes they come to the tree where the Cylons had captured Helo. Helo sees his sidearm still lying on the ground where he had dropped it.

Out of breath he says “Wait!” and points at the gun. Sharon leads him to the tree and has him lean against it while she lets go of him to pick his gun up. She returns to him and puts it into his holster.

Panting and out of breath Helo says “Sharon, I need a moment.”

But Sharon has no mercy with him “No time! We need to get away from here before they find out you are gone and come after us. Let’s go!”

She has him put his right arm over her shoulder again and wraps her left arm around his waist gets them back on their way.

After Sharon has pushed him to his limits for a few hours it starts getting dark. She realizes that Helo is at the end of his powers. When she spots a big tree that gives shelter from the rain she decides to set up camp for the night underneath it.

She leads Helo to the tree “Here, we stay here for the night.”

She lets him sit down with his back against the trunk. Helo is relieved that he can finally rest for a while. He smiles weak at her “Thanks Sharon.”

While Sharon goes and collects some wood for a fire Helo lies down. Moments later he is out, fallen asleep from his exhaustion.

After Sharon has collected enough wood for the night she gathers as many dry twigs as she can find from underneath the tree. She makes a pile of them and lights it on fire with the lighter from her emergency pack. After she has started a small fire this way she adds one by one some bigger, wet pieces. Soon she has a decent fire going to warm them a bit.

Finally she has time to take a closer look at her catch. He is in pretty poor shape and needs rest and food. But even in his exhaustion he looks very handsome. She starts smiling – yes he is precisely as she remembers him from Boomer’s memories. While she is looking at him she starts having that warm feeling inside her again.

She adds some more wood to the fire and lies down opposite from him.

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