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 Post subject: Helo & Athena – the full story - Day 12 to Day 18 ACH
PostPosted: Wed Dec 12, 2012 6:13 am 
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Helo & Athena – the full story
Day 12 to 18 after the Cylon Attack on the 12 Colonies
by Thomas

This is part of a much larger project that has the goal to close the holes in Karl and Sharon Agathon’s story.
I have currently about 430 pages with about 142,000 words.

It will be a mix of new scenes and what was on the show, deleted scenes and unrealized scripts and ideas. So don’t be surprised if certain sections are familiar.

New material will be marked either (Addition) or (Extension)
Parts of the show will be marked by time code and episode title.

Also I don’t write linear. I have bits and pieces all over the timeline and fill in wherever I have an idea or inspiration.

The entire fic is organized by days
BCH = before Cylon holocaust
ACH = after Cylon holocaust

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 Post subject: Helo & Athena – the full story - Day 12 ACH
PostPosted: Wed Dec 12, 2012 6:19 am 
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Day 12 ACH
(Cylon occupied Caprica – Phoebus)

Helo and Sharon have followed the signal to Phoebus. The city is largely undestroyed. Now they are wandering the streets in search of the source of the signal and any possible survivors.

0:09:55 – Bastille Day

Helo is calling out “HELLO?! ANYBODY OUT THERE?! ANYBODY WANNA HELP TWO STRANDED PILOTS?” To Sharon “That's what I hate about big cities: no one will help you.”

Sharon: “No more shouting, you're making me nervous.”

Helo: “Feel like I'm in a movie.”

Sharon: “At least it stopped raining.”

Helo: “For now.”

Sharon: “Where is everyone?”

Helo: “Somewhere dead... in their beds, at their desks... the ones who weren't killed already probably ran into the hills. Won't do any good. I guess I'm getting a little...”

Sharon: “Depressing? Morbid?”

Helo: “Sorry. Been here longer than you. Wish I could say it gets easier.”

Sharon: “There's more.”

Helo: “Boomer, you might not wanna...”

He sees a human corpse being eaten by rats and shots at them “Frakkin' rats... let's go.”

But Sharon is having a breakdown, so he holds her “Hey... hey, come on. Let's just find a hospital, score some anti-radiation meds. Okay? We've only got two days' worth left. Sharon? We've made it this far, we're gonna make it all the way.”

With his support Sharon collects herself “Right.”

Helo: “Damn straight, all the way. We're doin' good, real good.” They walk on “Okay, someone must be watching out for us.”

Sonja and Doral are observing them from a balcony above.

Doral: “She's good.”

Sonja: “So far.”

Doral: “Jealous?”

Sonja: “It's what makes me so sad.”

Doral: “They would have destroyed themselves, anyway. They deserve what they got.”

Sonja: “We're the children of humanity; that makes them our parents, in a sense.”

Doral: “True. But parents have to die. It's the only way children come into their own.”

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 Post subject: Helo & Athena – the full story - Day 13 ACH
PostPosted: Wed Dec 12, 2012 6:22 am 
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Day 13 ACH
(Cylon occupied Caprica – Phoebus)

(Sharon & Helo searching for the source of the signal)

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 Post subject: Helo & Athena – the full story - Day 14 ACH
PostPosted: Wed Dec 12, 2012 6:28 am 
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Day 14 ACH
(Cylon occupied Caprica – Phoebus)

They finally found the building that is the source of the signal.

0:17:35 – Act of Contrition

Sharon: “This is it.”

Helo: “A restaurant.”

Sharon, while checking her emergency wireless: “We're almost on top of the signal.”

Helo: “I don't get it, how does a military-coded signal end up coming from in here?”

Sharon: “Let's find out.”

They start searching the place.

Helo: “Nothing... is that thing working?”

Sharon: “I checked it three times. This thing says we're right on top of it.”

Helo: “Of what?”

Sharon: “What...? Helo...”

She’s goes down some steps. The wireless indicates the signal is coming from behind a bookshelf. She pulls the books off one of the shelves and sees a door behind the bookshelf. She tears the bookshelf away, scattering all the books on ground. Helo comes to her and they open the door, guns ready for whatever is behind it. They find stairs going down. At the end of the stairs they find the solid door of a fallout shelter. They open it and enter carefully. No one is in it. Shelves full of supplies line all the walls.

Helo: “You're frakking kidding me.” He starts laughing “Food... medical supplies. Whoo! Hey, hey, wait a minute, the signal.”

Sharon: “Oh...” She looks around and finds it “Disaster beacon. It's been set to go off if there was an attack.”

Helo: “Some poor slob goes to all the trouble of building a fallout shelter, stocks it, has a beacon, the whole plan. Then what? What happens to him?”

Sharon: “Let's just call ourselves lucky and leave it at that.”

Helo takes a food package, opens it, and offers the crackers inside to Sharon...

Sharon: “Gahh...!”

... and she bites with delight.

Outside the restaurant a Six walks by, sliding her hand across the front window of the restaurant.

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 Post subject: Helo & Athena – the full story - Day 15 ACH
PostPosted: Wed Dec 12, 2012 6:52 am 
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Day 15 ACH
(Cylon-occupied Caprica – Phoebus, Fallout Shelter under Restaurant)
0:11:50 – You Can't Go Home Again

It is morning and Helo is already up. He watches Sharon sleep peacefully on the hammock while he tries to find something on the wireless. She moves while she awakes “Umm…”

Sharon opens her eyes and asks him still sleepy “Anything?”

Helo shakes his head “No. I don't think anyone's left out there.”

Sharon: “There must be someone. We can't be the only two people left in the world.”

Helo: “Well, good news is my leg's much better. And we've got anti-radiation meds to last three months. I say we load up as much food as we can and …”

Sharon “...move out. Try to find a Raptor or a transport or something we can fly off Caprica.”

She looks at him smiling “Unless you can think of a reason to stay.”

Helo smiles back at her “I'm not really looking forward to going back out there. I've almost started to think of this place as...”

Helo & Sharon: “... home.”

They smile at each other.

When Sharon starts to get up Helo stops her. He smiles at her and says “No, sleep a little longer. Who knows when we'll find clean sheets again? I'm gonna go topside and make some breakfast.”

As Helo goes upstairs to prepare breakfast Sharon closes her eyes, smiles and says dreamy “Breakfast...”


While she is lying there she starts thinking {I could get used to this. I really like how I feel when I’m with him. And I’m sure he has feelings for me that go beyond friendship. If we could only stay here a little longer… I’m so close to have him fall for me. He is almost ready and just needs a little push.}

She is in full Sharon mode.

After lying there for another few minutes she gets up and half into her flight suit. Then she goes up the stairs to the restaurant to see how far Helo is with the breakfast. She is starving and can’t wait to have a hot coffee and something warm to eat.

(Cylon-occupied Caprica – Phoebus, Restaurant)
0:13:05 – You Can't Go Home Again

Upstairs in the restaurant kitchen Helo whistles as he puts a couple of slices of bread in a toaster and starts it. While he picks up two plates to prepare the breakfast on he hears glass breaking. Instinctively he ducks behind the counter and then moves out of sight against the wall and behind a rack full with plates. He hears the sound of an approaching Cylon.

When he looks out he spots the reflection of a Centurion in the polished metal housing of a coffee machine. He pulls his sidearm and switches the security off. Then he moves out behind the rack and takes position behind an opaque glass wall. Through the glass he sees the silhouette of the Centurion passing by shortly followed by a second that stops right on the other side of the glass wall.

Helo remembers the toaster he started and looks worried at it. He realizes that when it goes up it will give away his presence. But it is too far away and in sight of the Cylons so there is no way to turn it off. On the other side of the glass wall the Centurion brings his gun into position when he detects the heat coming from the toaster. Helo waits anxiously. When the toaster goes off the Centurion turns alarmed towards it.

Right that moment Sharon opens the door of the staircase that leads down to the shelter. She steps into the restaurant while tying her hair into her usual pony tail.

Her eyes half closed she asks “Hey, is breakfast ready?”

Alerted by the movement and Sharon’s voice one of the Centurion turns towards her. She opens her eyes wide and is genuinely shocked when she spots the Centurions.

Helo jumps out from behind his cover. With one head and one chest shot he takes the Centurion out that was threatening Sharon and shouts “Sharon, get out of here!”

Sharon ducks away and instinctively retreats back into the stairway and down to the shelter.

But the shots and warning her draws the attention of the second Centurion towards him. The Centurion turns towards him, pushes his falling comrade out of the way and moves on Helo.

Helo screams to Sharon “Go, go, go!”

He fires at the Centurion but misses. He barely manages to jump over the kitchen counter to bring himself out of the line of fire when the Centurion opens fire on him. The Centurion continues to fire and obliterates the entire kitchen. Helo lays flat on the floor as debris rains down on him. A falling pot hits him in the head and knocks him out. Hit by bullets the rack with heavy pots and pans collapses onto him, burying his unconscious body under a pile of pots and pans.


After it is quiet upstairs Sharon reappears from the shelter. Seeing the Centurions and hearing the shots had snapped her back into acting like a Cylon.

When the surviving Centurion turns around to her she looks him straight into his eye and says firmly “Stand down!”

The Centurion identifies her as an Eight and follows her order by going into waiting position.

Sharon goes to the kitchen to check on Helo. She finds him behind the counter amidst a pile of rubble, pots and pans. He still has his gun firmly clutched in his hand. She reaches for his neck and checks his pulse. She is relieved to find it slow and steady – he is alive and just unconscious.

While kneeling next to him she takes a syringe out of her leg pocket and injects him with it into the neck.

Then she goes back down into the shelter and stages it as if there had been a struggle. Finally she drops her gun on the floor where Helo will find it.

After that is taken care of she goes back up to the Centurion. She points at destroyed Centurion and orders him “Take him and follow me!” Then she goes to the busted front door, opens it and leaves the restaurant.

The Centurion grabs his fallen comrade and drags it after himself as he follows Sharon out of the restaurant. Sharon closes the door behind him and leads him to the building on the other side of the street. According to plan Five and Six should be waiting there for her.

(Cylon-occupied Caprica – Phoebus, Building across Restaurant)

Inside the building she orders the Centurion to wait on the ground level and goes upstairs to look for her handlers. On the last level below the roof Sharon finds them waiting for her in the kitchen of an abandoned apartment.

Sharon enters and asks accusing “Did you have to pull this off right now? Couldn’t you’ve waited until after we’ve had breakfast? I’m starving and was really looking forward to have a nice warm breakfast with him in a rather romantic setting. For almost two weeks I’ve been sleeping out in the wild, been wet all day and haven’t had a decent meal.”

Sonja responds cold “Calm down Eight, we brought you some field rations.”

Sharon is not pleased “Great, more dry food.”

Sonja doesn’t feel the least sorry for her “Why did you shoot that Six? You were only supposed to knock her out. She was quite upset when she returned from the Resurrection Ship.”

Sharon isn’t impressed “She had it coming. Did she tell you that she had freed him already before I arrived? That she tried to get it on with him?”

Sonja: “Yes, we know.”

Sharon: “So where is the food?”

Doral hands her a bag and a thermos can. Sharon takes both, sits down at the kitchen table and looks inside the bag. It contains two fresh sandwiches. And the thermos can is filled with hot coffee.

Sharon fills herself a cup with coffee.

She takes a big gulp and gives Doral a warm smile “Ahh… Thank you!”

Then she takes one of the sandwiches out of the bag and starts eating.

Sonja gets impatient “So?... How did it go?”

Sharon reports between bites “Everything went according to plan. He got one of the Centurions but the other one knocked him out. I then gave him the shot with the sedative so that he will stay out until it gets dark.”

Sonja is satisfied “Good. Now we have to wait. When will he make his move?”

Sharon: “I’m sure he will wait around here for at least a day to see if I… if Sharon returns. After that he will make his move.”

Doral: “What are we doing until then?”

Sharon: “You could fill me in on how the hunt for Galactica and the human refugee fleet goes. I suppose you keep updated about that.”

Doral: “Yes. For almost a week our fleet was able to catch up with them every thirty three minutes. They were about to grind them down when they lost them.”

Sharon: “How did they track them and why every thirty three minutes?”

Sonja: “One of their ships, the Olympic Carrier, had a defective FTL drive that caused a distinctive radiation signature. This allowed our fleet to track them. It always took twenty nine minutes to track the signature and four minutes to calculate and execute the jump. But every time Galactica and the human fleet managed to jump away before our fleet could take them out. And then the FTL drive of the Olympic Carrier failed completely and the ship stayed behind when Galactica and the fleet jumped away. So our forces captured it. Their FTL computer had the coordinates for the next jump already programmed. So they brought the human passengers over to the Baseship for interrogation and loaded the ship with nukes. At the same time the engineers repaired the FTL drive. Then they jumped to the coordinates. They found the fleet and tried to take Galactica out by ramming it. But Galactica got suspicious early on and destroyed the ship before it could get near the fleet. Then they jumped away. That was the last time we found them.”

Sharon: “Hmm… interesting. It looks like they have a lot of luck. What did they do with the captured passengers?”

Sonja: “The suitable ones were put on transporters and shipped back to the Colonies as test subjects for the experiments of the Fours. The rest was executed.”

When Sharon feels her stomach revolt she regrets to have asked the question. But she manages to control herself. {Oh Sharon, you need to get harder.}

Sharon asks “Could we make out a direction pattern? Do we have an idea where they are going?”

Sonja: “Their jump pattern leads clearly away from the Colonies. And if they follow their current vector they will sooner or later come in range of the home world and very likely find it. It’s the only habitable planet in that sector and therefore it’s almost inevitable that they find it.”

Sharon: “Do we have a Baseship deployed to wait for them there?”

Sonja: “Not yet. The last time we spotted them they were still way too far out. They still may change direction dramatically.”

Sharon: “Were there any new uploads from Sharon?”

Sonja: “From what I got from your sisters who monitor her uploads there were only two more and then they stopped. Most likely she was activated by one of our agents in the human fleet. The upload routine was to be deactivated after the sleeper identity was activated for the first time.”

Sharon: “I hope she is okay.”

Sonja: “She will be back to being herself, being one of us. She will be fine.”

But Sharon isn’t convinced {I actually start liking myself a lot better as Sharon, the human. Helo cares a lot about her. He was willing to sacrifice himself for a total stranger, I’m sure he would give his life for her without hesitation. I will have confirmation of this soon. But I have no doubt he will do the right thing.
I didn’t expect that being with him feels so good. Is this what love really is?
I like being you, Sharon. But I know who I am, what I am – you don’t. I am in control of myself but you were careless enough to give others control over your fate. It may cost you everything sister.}

She goes and explores the apartment. After a short search she has found the bedroom. The bed is unused and looks clean and inviting – especially after sleeping out in the wild for nearly two weeks, more than half of the time soaking wet from the pouring rain. So she decides to take the opportunity and sleep some more to get some rest and to kill the time till nightfall.

She goes back into the kitchen and informs her handlers “I’m taking a nap, wake me if something happens.”

Then she goes back to the bedroom peels herself out of her flight suit and underwear until she is completely naked and slips between the sheets. The clean sheets feel nice on her skin and moments later she is sound asleep.


It is very late in the afternoon when Sharon awakes. She yawns and stretches but can’t bring herself to leave the bed right now. She knows that things will get rough for her when Helo decides to search for her, let alone camping out in the wild again. She dreads to get back into her sweaty and dirty clothes while the clean sheets feel so good on her skin.

After a few more minutes she forces herself to get up. She slips back into her filthy clothes and goes to the kitchen to see what the others are up to.

But there she only finds Doral looking out of the window and observing the restaurant on the other side of the street.

Sharon: “Where is Six?”

Doral answers her without turning around “She went to meet with the ground unit commander of this area. She should be back later tonight.”

She joins him at the window “I take it he is still out.”

Doral: “I haven’t seen any movement over there. But it shouldn’t be much longer until he wakes up.”

Sharon: “Good.”

Doral glances at her “Did he never get even a little bit suspicious?”

Sharon smiles “Why would he? He has no idea that we now have organic bodies that are exactly like theirs. Any slightly different behavior he will just attribute to the extraordinary circumstances. And finally, I am Sharon.”

Doral: “How do you do that, act this perfectly?”

Sharon: “I don’t need to act, I am Sharon Valerii. I just need to hold my Cylon side back.”

Doral: “But you know what you are, that you are one of us. The Sharon on Galactica doesn’t. Is that not making a difference?”

Sharon looks at him and smiles confident “Sure, it makes me better.”

(Cylon-occupied Caprica – Phoebus, Restaurant)
0:17:40 – You Can't Go Home Again

When Helo finally wakes up amidst the debris it’s already dusk.

He grunts while getting up, his gun still in his hand. He comes out from behind the kitchen counter and hobbles into the restaurant, gun in hand ready to fire at any Cylon that crosses his path.

He calls “Sharon?!”

He continues to limp through the restaurant towards the door behind which the staircase is that leads down to the shelter. He follows the stairs carefully down to the shelter. When he reaches the entrance to the shelter he takes out his flashlight and switches it on to search the shelter. The entire room is in disarray. Sharon must have given them a good fight down here. He is devastated. In the hope she may be hiding somewhere among the rubble he calls “Sharon, where are you?”

After he can’t find her in the shelter he goes back up and steps through the broken entrance door window to the outside and into the street.

He goes to the middle of the street and calls “Damn it Sharon, where are you?”
He turns and looks into every direction and then calls “Sharon?!” His desperation grows by the minute and after a moment he calls as loud as he can “Sharon?!”


If she ran away she must have run quite far. He decides to wait a day in the vicinity of the restaurant so she can find him if she returns. But since the Cylons now know where it is he can’t stay in the shelter.

He goes back inside and down into the shelter to pack up supplies he will need: anti-radiation meds, dry rations and some water bottles.

When he is about to leave he sees Sharon’s gun on the floor. He picks it up and puts it into his bag. Then he leaves the shelter and the restaurant.

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 Post subject: Helo & Athena – the full story - Day 16 ACH
PostPosted: Wed Dec 12, 2012 6:57 am 
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Day 16 ACH

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 Post subject: Helo & Athena – the full story - Day 17 ACH
PostPosted: Wed Dec 12, 2012 6:58 am 
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Day 17 ACH

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 Post subject: Helo & Athena – the full story - Day 18 ACH
PostPosted: Wed Dec 12, 2012 6:59 am 
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Day 18 ACH

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