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 Post subject: Helo & Athena – the full story - Day 270 to Day 285 ACH
PostPosted: Fri Dec 21, 2012 2:52 am 
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Helo & Athena – the full story
Day 270 to 285 after the Cylon Attack on the 12 Colonies
by Thomas

This is part of a much larger project that has the goal to close the holes in Karl and Sharon Agathon’s story.

It will be a mix of new scenes and what was on the show, deleted scenes and unrealized scripts and ideas. So don’t be surprised if certain sections are familiar.

New material will be marked either (Addition) or (Extension)
Parts of the show will be marked by time code and episode title.

Also I don’t write linear. I have bits and pieces all over the timeline and fill in wherever I have an idea or inspiration.

The entire fic is organized by days
BCH = before Cylon holocaust
ACH = after Cylon holocaust

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 Post subject: Helo & Athena – the full story - Day 270 ACH
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Day 270 ACH

(Galactica – Hallways)

Helo wants to visit Sharon before his morning watch begins. On the way to her cell he runs into Starbuck.

She stops him “Hey Helo, wait a minute. Are you going to see Sharon?”

Helo: “Yeah. Why?”

Starbuck: “I need her help. You know that Gaeta and I are trying to figure out how to use the Cylon FTL computer we took out of Sharon’s Heavy Raider, right?”

Helo: “Yes you talked about putting it into a Raptor to allow longer jumps. You still plan to go back to Caprica to get Anders and his group out? It’s seven months now since we left Caprica. Do you think they are still alive after all this time?”

Starbuck: “Yes, I’m certain he is still alive. I just feel it.”

Helo: “So what do you need from Sharon?”

Starbuck: “I need her to help us link the Raider’s FTL computer into the Raptor FTL system. You think she knows a way how to do that?”

Helo: “I’m certain she can help. But what’s in it for her?”

Starbuck: “Hey, I think you owe me for finding and getting you off Caprica.”

Helo: “Hey Kara, I think you are confusing something here. It was Sharon who got us out there. Without her you would have ended up as an incubator in one of those Farms and I would not have survived the first few days down there. It was only due to her and her Raider that we all could make it back alive to Galactica. And the thank she got for all of that and the help she gave the fleet and Galactica later was just splendid. I think it’s time she gets something back for all her efforts.”

Starbuck: “So what do you want Helo?”

Helo: “Do I have to tell you that? In about a month Sharon will give birth to our daughter and I would really like to see her out of that frakking cell by then. It is hardly the place to raise a kid.”

Starbuck: “She’s a Cylon! How do you expect me to pull that off? It’s not that I call the shots around here. And the old man and the president will not let a Cylon walk around free on board the ship.”

Helo: “I don’t ask her to be released to walk around completely free but how about confinement in private family quarters? Sharon is no threat and you know it. She is on our side. The old man listens to you and the president still owes you for going back and getting her that arrow. Maybe it’s time you call in some favors.”

Starbuck: “Okay yes, you got me convinced. I can’t promise anything but let me see what I can do. I’m on CAP duty this morning. When I’m back I will talk with the Admiral.”

Helo: “Do your best. I got to go now or I won’t have enough time to see her before my watch starts."

Starbuck: “Okay, talk to you later.”

(Galactica – Cylon Cell)

Sharon is lying on her bed when Helo enters the visitor area. When she sees him at the window she toilsome gets up and slowly shuffles over to the phone. She holds her belly and every move seems to cause her discomfort. Helo looks worried.

When she finally picks up the phone he asks her concerned “Are you alright? You don’t look well.”

Sharon responds weak “I don’t know. I have belly cramps and feel dizzy and weak.”

Helo: “Is it the baby?”

Sharon starts crying “It’s a month too early. Something isn’t right. I’m scared.”

Helo is worried and doesn’t want to take any risk “I’m gonna call the Doc.”

But she doesn’t hear him anymore and just utters “Ahh!”

With that she lets go of the phone, grabs her belly and bends over in pain. Then her knees give in and she collapses on the ground. The way she fell he can only see her head and that she has passed out.

Shocked Helo screams “Oh gods! SHARON! … SHARON, ANSWER ME!”

But she is unconscious and doesn’t react.

He turns to the Marine guard “Call the Doc!” When the guard just looks at him Helo shouts “NOW!”

The Marine picks up the intercom and calls it in as an emergency.

But Helo is scared out of his mind and doesn’t want to wait until the medics arrive.
He wants to check on Sharon himself and orders the Marine “I need to get in to see what’s wrong with her. Open the door!”

The Marine is insecure and just says “Sir, the Admiral…”

But Helo cuts him off and shouts “OPEN THAT GODSDAMNED DOOR! NOW!”

The Marine finally moves and opens the door of the cell. Helo pushes him aside and storms in.

Inside he finds her passed out on the ground and her pants are soaked in blood. She is bleeding again.

“Oh gods! SHARON! …” He kneels down by her side and shakes her “SHARON! … SHARON, WAKE UP!”

But she doesn’t react. Moments later the medics arrive and she is immediately rushed into the Sickbay.

(Galactica – Sickbay, Operation Room)
0:09:01 – Downloaded

Sharon is lying on the operation table. After a quick examination Doc Cottle had assessed that Sharon needs to have an emergency C-section to save both, mother and child.

Helo, in an operation room gown and with a facemask, is sitting at the head end and is gently stroking Sharon’s head.

As she wakes up he asks her “Hey. How you doing?”

Sharon is still barely conscious “Freezing. I can't feel my legs”

He explains “That's the epidural.”

She looks at him “What happened?”

Helo: “You passed out and started bleeding again, but everything's going to be all right.”

Doc Cottle cuts in “Like hell it is. I find it absolutely amazing. You people went through all the trouble to appear human and didn't upgrade the plumbing. You have a detached placenta. Baby's gotta come out now or we will lose you both.”

Ishay turns to Helo “Okay, sir, I'm going to have to ask you to step back, please.”

Helo gets up and takes a step back to give them room.

Ishay turns to the Doc “She's tachycardiac, and her blood pressure's dropping.”

Cottle looks at the monitor with Sharon’s vital signs “Yeah, she's hemorrhaging again. We're gonna have to make the cut now.”

Helo: “Sharon, can you hear me?”

She responds weakly “Helo.”

A moment later she is knocked out and Dr. Cottle starts the operation.

0:12:05 – Downloaded

Sometime later, the baby has been delivered. Helo is standing at the head end of the operation table on which Sharon lies still knocked out.

He is worried not to hear any sounds from the baby “She's not breathing.”

Cottle: “Suction it.”

Ishay takes the baby and brings it into an intensive care tank.

Helo is confused “What's going on? Where are you taking her?”

Cottle: “Her lungs aren't fully developed. She needs oxygen support.”

Helo: “But she's alive, right? Right?”

That moment the baby starts crying.

Cottle: “There's your answer. Now you get the hell out of here. We have to stop the mother bleeding or she‘s not going to make it.”

He starts taking care of Sharon while Helo leaves the operation room.

(Galactica – Sickbay, Recovery Area)

Helo is waiting outside the operation room together with two of the four Marines that have been detached to keep an eye on her while she is out of her cell. The other two are with Sharon in the operating room.

Over an hour later the Doc comes out of the operating room to inform an anxious Helo about the outcome of the operation. The Doc is covered in Sharon’s blood.

Helo is on the edge looks scared at him “Please tell me she is alive, please!”

Cottle: “Yes, she is alive. But it was a very close call. She lost a lot of blood. We couldn’t stop the bleeding. So to save her life I had to perform a partial hysterectomy.”

Confused Helo asks “What does that mean?”

Cottle: “We had to remove most of her uterus. She will live but she won’t be able to have another child. I’m sorry.”

Helo: “Oh gods!”

Cottle: “I’m sorry son. It was the only way to save her life.”

Helo: “Having children is so important to her …”

Cottle: “If she was dead she couldn’t have more children either.”

Helo: “Please make sure the baby is okay. It would break her if she loses her.”

Cottle: “We will do our best but I can’t make any promises.”

Helo: “You have no idea what this child means to her. You need to keep the baby alive!”

Cottle: “Every mother loves her child. We will do what we can.”

Helo: “When can I see Sharon?”

Cottle: “She is out of anesthesia but still very sleepy from the morpha we gave her against the pain. We will bring her out into the post OP area in a moment. Wait here.”

Helo: “Okay.”

Behind them Sharon is wheeled out of the operating room into a booth in the Sickbay.

Cottle: “Okay, there she is. It will take a few hours until she is lucent again. You should stay with her while she is here. Your presence will help her get through this. I will clear that with the Admiral.”

Helo: “Thanks, how long until we can see the baby?”

Cottle: “Tomorrow morning.”

Helo: “Thank you Doc.”

He takes a chair and sits down by Sharon’s side, holding her hand. After an hour she starts waking up.

Helo: “Hey baby! How are you?”

Sharon asks weak “Helo? How is she?”

Helo: “Yes, it’s me. Our little girl is fine.”

Sharon: “I want to see her.”

Helo: “Later. First you need to get better. You almost died.”

Sharon: “Yeah, I feel weak.”

Helo: “You lost a lot of blood. Try to sleep a little more.”

Sharon mumbles sleepy “I love you.”

And with that she is out again.

He looks at her and whispers “I love you too.”

(Galactica – Adama's Quarters)
0:19:23 – Downloaded

After receiving the news that Sharon’s baby is going to be delivered Adama, Tigh, Roslin and Baltar have come together in Adama’s quarters to discuss what to do with the child. Adama, Roslin and Tigh are sitting at Adama’s dining table while Baltar sits a bit further back.

Roslin, sitting next to Adama, is tapping her fingers nervously on the table. Emotionless she asks “If the baby does survive, the question is what are we do with it?”

Baltar responds confused “Do?” He stands up and takes a step towards her “What are you suggesting? That we throw it out of an airlock?”

Roslin looks at him and calmly states “I don't make suggestions, Mr. Baltar. If I want to toss a baby out an airlock, I'd say so.”

Baltar commends sour “Well, it's really gratifying to know that infanticide's not on the table.”

He turns around and takes a step away from the table.

Tigh adds “Do I have to point out that this is not a baby? It's a machine.”

Baltar turns to him and responds upset “No, it's half machine, half human. I suggest we all keep that half in mind.”

Adama looks at him and calmly comments “Cylons went through a great deal of trouble to create this thing. Should go without saying that if it's good for them, it's gonna be bad for us.”

Roslin: “I completely agree. And I take it as a given we can't turn it over to Sharon to raise. That would be disastrous.”

Adama: “There's still another factor to consider here. There's Cylons aboard this fleet. If they find out this thing's been born, they're gonna make a play for it.”

Head Six appears at Baltar’s side and says to him “You can see where this is headed, Gaius. We're going to have to take our child.”

(Galactica – Sickbay, Recovery Area)

Helo continues sitting by Sharon’s side until she wakes up several hours later.

When she finally wakes up she is at first disoriented “Helo?”

He takes her hand “I’m here baby. How do you feel?”

Sharon: “A bit weird. How is she?”

He gives her a confident smile “The Doc said she is fine. We can see her tomorrow morning.”

Sharon smiles satisfied at him and he doesn’t really know how to break the bad news to her “There is something else … and I don’t know how to tell you this in a gentle way.”

She looks worried at him “What?”

Helo looks her in the eyes “To save your life the Doc had to perform a hysterectomy. …”

Sharon holds her belly with both hands and starts sobbing: “Uuh… noo… huh…”

Helo: “I’m so sorry. But the Doc said it was the only way to save your life.”

Sharon is blinded by her tears “Nooo”

Helo caresses gently her cheek “You would have bled to death without it. … The Doc had no choice. … I love you too much to lose you. … I wouldn’t know how go on without you.”

After a few minutes crying and Helo gently caressing her while talking to her she starts to calm down.

Sharon looks at him crying “I feel so empty …”

Helo: “I love you the way you are. … You need be strong … for me and for our little girl. … She needs her mommy … and I need you too.”

(Galactica – Adama's Quarters)

After Roslin, Tigh and Baltar left Adama had asked Dr. Cottle to come to his quarters to update him about Sharon and her baby.

Adama: “Okay so what is this thing, human or machine?”

Cottle: “She looks quite human to me. I haven’t done a full examination yet but from all I’ve seen so far I cannot see any physical danger coming from this child. Besides her blood type she’s pretty indistinguishable from any other human baby.”

Adama: “Yes and the same goes for the mother. And as we know she has abilities that can severely harm us. So looks hardly prove a thing.”

Cottle: “But as I understand it she has only used those abilities to help us.”

Adama looks at him for a moment and then asks “Will it live, is it healthy?”

Cottle: “Hard to say if she will make it. The little girl was born a month too early so she is currently quite a bit underdeveloped. She needs to stay in the incubator for at least another week until her lungs are developed enough for her to breathe on her own. If she makes it through that she should be fine.”

Adama: “Hmm… And how is the mother?”

Cottle: “It was touch and go for a while but I think she will make it. She’s a fighter.”

Adama: “I hope she makes it. She has indeed been very useful to us so far and I would hate to lose an asset like her.”

Cottle: “She has to stay in the sickbay overnight. I would also ask that Lieutenant Agathon can stay with her while she is recovering in the sickbay. His presence helps calm her and helps her recovery.”

Adama: “Okay, he can stay. That would be all.”

Cottle: “Sir.”

Then he turns around and leaves.

After the Doc has left the Marine guard enters “Sir, Captain Thrace is out here waiting to see you.”

Adama: “Send her in.”

The Marine leaves and a moment later Starbuck enters.

Adama looks at her “What is it lieutenant?”

Starbuck: “Sir, I need Sharon’s help for getting the Cylon FTL computer integrated into one of our Raptors.”

Adama: “Didn’t you hear about Sharon yet?”

Starbuck: “No. I was flying CAP all morning and then came straight here to see you. What happened?”

Adama: “She had complications with the baby this morning and it had to be delivered via emergency C-section. It was quite critical and she isn’t completely in the clear yet.”

Starbuck is shocked “Oh gods no! She can’t die, I need her.”

Adama: “It’s out of our hands for now.”

Starbuck: “If she makes it, what do you plan to do with her and her kid?”

Adama: “There are no plans to do anything with her. She goes back into her cell. And we don’t know yet what to do with the child.”

Starbuck: “Sharon is completely crazy about her daughter. She will go nuts if you take her kid away.”

Adama: “I know that. I have seen it myself how she reacted when her child was threatened. But it is not my decision alone.”

Starbuck: “Sir, we need her – I need her. Without her I never get Anders and the other survivors off Caprica. She is the only one who can operate that frakking Cylon FTL nav computer. And what’s about Helo? It’s his kid too. Doesn’t he have any rights as the father?”

Adama: “We can’t let this child fall in the hands of the Cylons. And we know that there are Cylon agents in the fleet that will try to get it.”

Starbuck: “Well, to get the baby the Cylons have to get by Sharon first and she won’t make it easy for them. And the Cylons getting the baby may or may not be bad for us. But having Sharon stop helping us will for sure be bad.”

Adama: “Don’t forget that she is a Cylon.”

Starbuck: “Hey, I get it. In the beginning I was also suspicious of her. But she had plenty of opportunities to let us go down and every time she rather volunteered to help. Doesn’t that mean anything? I’m certain she isn’t another Boomer. Helo trusts her completely and if there is anyone who knows her it’s him. I think he is right about her.”

Adama: “He is hardly objective.”

Starbuck: “Yeah, he loves Sharon like he has never loved any woman before. I know him since the academy. He was always a ladies man and never had any problems finding the most gorgeous girlfriends. But he was never this serious with any of them. He could have plenty of human women on Galactica alone but despite all the hardship it causes him he only has eyes for Sharon. And you know she loves him as much as he loves her, that she would never do anything to harm him.”

Adama: “Hmm…”

(Galactica – Sickbay, Recovery Area)

Sharon has finally calmed down “I’m gonna be okay.”

Helo smiles at her “That’s my girl! I love you so much!”

She smiles back at him “I love you too Karl. The important thing is that our little girl is okay. She is now even more important.”

Helo: “Yes, we will make sure that nothing happens to her. Have you decided on a name for her?”

Sharon smiles at him “Hera.”

Helo is surprised “After my mother?”

Sharon nods “That’s the least I can do for you after all I put you through.”

Helo has tears in his eyes “Thank you Sharon.” He gets up and kisses her. Then he looks her in the eyes “I wouldn’t want to miss a single moment with you and I hope for many more to come.”

Sharon: “I have no plans of ever leaving you. So I’m afraid you are stuck with me.”

Helo: “I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

The two Marines standing guard on the opposite wall stare at them. When Helo notices Sharon’s reaction to their staring he turns around and barks at them “Hey! Is there a problem?”

Doc Cottle returns to the sickbay and comes to Sharon’s bed to check up on her.

He looks at Sharon “How do you feel?”

Sharon: “Weak and tired.”

Cottle: “That’s from the blood loss. It should go away in a few days. I will have the nurse bring you some soup to eat and change the IV. We need to get as much fluid into you as possible. Unfortunately we don’t have reserves of your blood type available.”

He turns to Helo “I talked to the Admiral and you can stay with her while she is here. I have the bed from the next booth moved over here for you.”

Helo: “Thank you.”

Cottle: “You’ve been here all day. Have you eaten anything? I don’t want you fainting on me.”

Helo: “Not since breakfast.”

Cottle: “I will have the nurse bring you something to eat to.”

Helo: “Thanks.”

The doc leaves and half an hour later the nurse arrives with the food and the new bag of IV fluid for Sharon. After they have eaten Sharon gets sleepy again. Helo moves the bed the Doc had brought in for him against Sharon’s and lays down on it.

He takes Sharon’s hand and looks at her “Sleep now. I will be here with you all the time and tomorrow we will go and see Hera.”

She looks at him and smiles weak. Moments later she has fallen asleep.

Helo continues holding her hand and looking at her until he also falls asleep.

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 Post subject: Helo & Athena – the full story - Day 271 ACH
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Day 271 ACH

(Galactica – Sickbay, Recovery Area)

Early in the morning Sharon wakes up and opens her eyes. Helo has been awake for a while and just sat by her side watching her sleep.

He smiles at her “Hey, how do you feel?”

She smiles “Much better.” Then she tries to get up “Can I see her now?”

He carefully helps her to sit up “You need to eat something first.”

But Sharon is impatient “I want to see her now.”

The Marines get nervous and raise their guns when she tries to get out of her bed.

Helo has to order them to stand down “Hey! Easy! I got her.”

The same moment Ishay comes to check on her “Wow, what’s going on here? Take your guns down.”

She turns to Sharon “And you stay in bed until I tell you to get up. We need to check your vitals first. And then you have to eat your breakfast. After that we put you in nice comfy wheelchair and you can see your baby.”

Helo: “Sharon, listen to her. I want to see Hera as much as you but first we need to take care of you. Our little girl needs her mommy alive and well.”

She gives in for now “Okay.”

(Galactica – Sickbay, ICU)

At the same time Adama meets with Cottle and Baltar at Hera’s incubator.

Looking at Hera he asks “So have you determined what it is?”

Cottle looks at him “The tests Dr. Baltar and I ran say she is human. Of course her mitochondrial DNA is identical with her mothers. And there is her blood type and some other minor anomalies. But she is clearly more human than Cylon. She has nothing synthetic on her.”

Adama is confused “How is that possible?”

Baltar: “Isn’t it obvious? The Cylons went through great lengths to become like us. It comes from their religion – in their belief God created us after his image. So they want to be like us to be closer to their god. This child is their next step of becoming fully human. But it’s not a threat. It rather may be the solution to all our problems, the way to peace.”

Adama: “How that? The Cylons don’t want peace with us; they want to wipe us out.”

Baltar: “But isn’t it interesting that Sharon is the only Cylon to be successful with getting pregnant and having a child so far? And she conceived by a human she loves and for whom she chose to switch sides. Sharon told me she was only successful in conceiving a child because she fell deeply in love with Lieutenant Agathon, a love she didn’t knew before. She is convinced that this love was the key to her success. Doesn’t this send a clear message that they need us? If this knowledge gets out to the Cylons they may realize they need us and stop their attempts to wipe us out.”

Adama: “Hmm… It’s clearly an interesting perspective.”

Baltar: “It is vital that Sharon raises her child. Only that will send the right message to the other Cylons. And you know that Sharon will never allow any Cylon to take her child.”

Adama: “I have to think about it.”

Satisfied with his success Baltar leaves.

Cottle turns to Adama “I will let Sharon and Lieutenant Agathon know that they can now see their daughter.”

Adama: “I will stay behind that curtain over there to observe how she behaves.”

Cottle: “Okay.”

With that he leaves get Sharon and Helo.

(Galactica – Sickbay, Recovery Area)

After Ishay had checked Sharon’s vitals the nurse brought the breakfasts. Despite Helo’s objections Sharon wolfed hers down in less than five minutes and is now nervously waiting for Helo.

She gets whiny “I want to see her now.”

Helo finally gives in and gets up to bring the wheelchair to the side of her bed. Then he helps her out of the bed and into the wheelchair.

When Sharon is in the chair the Doc arrives “You can see her now.”

(Galactica – Sickbay, ICU)
0:20:32 – Downloaded

When Sharon and Helo finally get to see and touch their child they are both completely besides themselves of joy. Hera is still in an intensive care unit.

Sharon is overjoyed and almost cries in excitement. She opens the door to one of the the arm holes and puts her hand inside the unit to touch her baby “Hello, Hera.”

Hera grips Sharon's finger.

Sharon laughs and looks to Helo who stands next to her “She's got quite a grip on her.”

Helo: “You don't like it in there, do you, Hera? You gotta stay in till your lungs get stronger.”

Sharon radiates joy and excitement: “She's our little girl. We made her.”

Helo: “It almost makes you want to believe in the Cylon god.”

Sharon looks at him surprised and with disbelieve.

Helo looks back at her “Almost.”

She looks at him with a satisfied smile and then rests her head on his shoulder and says “I love you so completely.”


Cottle comes in and steps in front of Sharon “Okay, that was enough excitement in one day for you young lady.”

Sharon objects “No, I’m fine. I need to stay here with Hera. She needs me.”

Cottle remains hard “I can give you five more minutes but then you need to go back into your bed. You are still too weak to be up for long.”

Helo asks “Can’t you move the incubator next to her bed? She wants to be close to our child.”

Cottle rejects this idea “This is the sickbay of a military vessel and not a leisure cruiser.”

Thoughtlessly he takes a cigarette out and lights it.

When Sharon sees it she goes ballistic and screams at him “HEY! NO SMOKING IN FRONT OF MY BABY!”

Cottle winces startled when she snatches the cigarette out of his hand and throws it away on the ground. The Marines are caught completely of guard and raise their guns.

Helo goes in-between and signals the Marines to stand down “Easy! Nothing happened.”
He turns to the Doc “She is right. Hera has underdeveloped lungs. How can you smoke in here? That’s completely irresponsible.”

The Doc looks first at Helo and then at Sharon. When he sees her angry face he just says “Five more minutes and then you are back in your bed.”

With that he leaves.

Five minutes later Ishay comes in “Okay time’s up. Back into your bed – now!”

When Sharon just looks defiantly at her Ishay continues hard “Do I need to ask the Marines to help you along?”

Helo: “Come Sharon, you need rest and Hera too. We can see her again tomorrow.”

(Galactica – Sickbay, Recovery Area)

Sharon is back in her bed and talks with Helo about their possible future.

Helo: “I need to talk with the Admiral. He has to let us three be together now. And a prison cell is no place to raise our child. I’m gonna ask him to release you. I think it’s about time.”

Sharon: “That would be nice. But how do you think that will work? The crew and the people hate Cylons and they are still afraid of me. They won’t like me being out of the cell.”

Helo smiles at her “We will find a way. By the way, Kara asked me for your help. We could use that as leverage for your release.”

Sharon looks concerned at him “What does she needs me for?”

Helo explains “She needs help with linking the FTL nav computer of your Raider to a Raptor. Can you do that?”

Sharon: “Sure, but the only way is to make a bridge with my body and brain. Is this for what I think it is?”

Helo: “Yes, she wants to go back to get Anders out.”

Now she looks at him as if he has lost his mind “Going back to Caprica is complete lunacy. By now all the defenses should be in place and we would need a Cylon craft to slip through. But these idiots had to tear my Raider apart.”

Helo looks at her “What defenses are you talking about? When we escaped there were only two or three Baseships in far orbit and some Raider patrols.”

Sharon: “Yeah, it took time to set it up and it was only a reserve in case a substantial number of humans managed to escape. I know how effective the defenses are because I took part in planning them. It’s a network of satellites that detect anything larger than a pyramid ball. And the detectors work on all thinkable levels. There is no way to fool it. You just need to block sight on a star and they got you.”

Helo: “But wouldn’t they have changed the plans after you defected?”

Sharon: “That’s what I’m mostly worried about. I know who would set up the replacement plan and she is even meaner than I am.”

Helo looks astonished at her “Wow! So what can we do?”

Sharon: “The only way is to jump directly into Caprica’s atmosphere at literally ground level and pray that there are no ground units or listening post that could hear the sonic boom of the entry. And besides all that it’s insanely dangerous. The slightest deviation or FTL anomaly and we may end up inside the planet’s crust. It’s an almost certain suicide mission.”

Helo: “I understand your concerns but look at the possible reward. For taking part in such a dangerous mission we can demand your freedom.”

Sharon looks uneasy “I don’t know if that is really worth making our daughter an orphan. If I die the Cylon will be boxing me. That is pretty much a given. And I suppose you have already signed up for this craziness, right?”

He just smiles at her “Well, think about it. I got to go on my watch and want to talk with the Admiral before.”

(Galactica – Adama's Quarters)

The Marine guard enters and Adama looks up from his paperwork “Yes?”

Marine: “Sir, Lieutenant Agathon is here.”

Adama: “Good. Send him in.”

The Marine leaves and a moment later Helo enters.

Helo: “You wanted to see me?”

Adama get’s up and goes towards Helo to shake his hand “Let me first congratulate to the birth of your daughter.”

Helo: “Thank you sir. That’s what I would like to talk with you about. A prison cell is no place to raise our child. Is there no way to release Sharon? I vouch for her. She is no threat and only wants to be with me and our daughter. She is on our side. Hasn’t she proven that often enough by now?”

Adama: “Hmm… You might be right. But this child can never fall into Cylon hands.”

Helo: “Sharon doesn’t want any Cylon ever to lay hand on our child. She is very determined about that. That was one of the reasons why she ran away from them. She will protect Hera with her life.”

Adama: “Hmm… We could put you three into a family quarter. Let me think about it for a while. From what the Doc told me your kid needs to stay for at least one more week in the incubator. By that time I should have come up with a solution.”

Helo: “Thank you sir. I assure you that you will never regret trusting Sharon.”

Adama: “We will see. Dismissed.”

Helo leaves to go on his watch.

(Galactica – Sickbay, Recovery Area)

Adama decides to talk with Sharon and goes to visit her in the sickbay.

Adama: “Congratulations to the birth of your daughter. The Doc told me the birth wasn’t without complications. How do you feel?”

Sharon smiles: “I’m feeling much better now that I have seen my baby.”

Adama: “You understand we cannot allow to the Cylons to get their hands on your baby, right?”

Sharon looks hard at him “Believe me I’m much more concerned about that than you. To get to her they need to go through me first. Trust me, I know all their tricks. I will defend her with my life.”

Adama looks at her for a moment “Yes, I see that.”

After a moment he continues “Did Helo already talk with you about Starbuck’s mission?”

Sharon: “Yes. I need a bit time to think about it. Helping her would require me to go with her and I really don’t want to leave Hera alone for a mission none of us may return from. Now things would be different if she had not hacked up my Raider. With that I could have sneaked in and get everybody out safely.”

Adama: “Think about it. If you do this and the mission is a success I will release you into Helo’s custody. I will give you family quarters where you can live together and raise your child. Of course you will be confined to your quarters but inside you are free and have your privacy. How does that sound?”

Sharon smiles at him “Give me a day or two to think about it. Okay?”

Adama smiles at her “Sure. You need to get well first anyway so take good care of yourself and follow the Doc’s orders.”

(Galactica – Adama's Quarters)

After he returns from seeing Sharon Adama calls Roslin over their secure wireless connection.

Roslin: “Admiral, what is it?”

Adama: “Madam President. I talked with Cottle and Baltar and just returned from seeing Sharon. After carefully considering all the facts I decided to leave the child with Sharon. I’m sure she will not allow the Cylons to take her daughter away from her.”

Roslin: “I have to strongly object. And how do you plan to do that anyway?”

Adama: “We will clear an officer’s family quarter for Lieutenant Agathon and Sharon where they can live with their baby. The officer’s quarters are under constant guard by the Marines so the Cylons will have a hard time to get even close to the child. I observed Sharon with her daughter and she is extremely protective of her. If someone tries to take her away from her we will have a bloodbath on our hands. The least we lose Sharon and we cannot take that risk.”

Roslin: “The Cylons are extremely resourceful and Galactica’s security is not something I can trust. It has been breached way too often. As the president I have to forbid this.”

Adama: “Sharon is a military asset and as such I have the last say what to do with her. Maintaining her support is a vital matter of fleet security.”

Roslin: “Okay. I don’t like it and think it’s way too much of a risk but let’s try it your way first.”

With that she ends the call.

(Colonial one – Roslin’s Office)

Roslin looks at Tori “Adama has turned against us in this matter. He has become way to close to Sharon Valerii for my taste. But I’m standing by my decision. I will not to allow Sharon to raise this child.”

Tori: “We don’t need him. I have already identified all possible candidates. Now we only need someone from Galactica’s medical staff to help us with the exchange.”

Roslin: “Cottle. Have him come over here.”

Tori: “Yes Ma’am.”

An hour later Doc Cottle has come over to Colonial One to meet with Roslin. She sits in her chair behind her desk while Tori and Cottle stand in front of it.

Roslin picks up her mug, takes a sip and then looks at the Doc “There is no way that I will let the Cylon keep her baby. If it falls into the hands of the Cylons it becomes a danger to our survival. But it isn’t enough to take it from her. We need to make sure that nobody besides us three ever knows that this child is still alive so they won’t even try to look for her. I need you to take care of this.”

The Doc isn’t happy about this idea “I need to clear that with the Admiral.”

Roslin: “No! He cannot know about this either.”

Cottle objects “He is my commanding officer. I cannot go outside the chain of command.”

Roslin: “Of course you can. I am the president and I order you to do this and keep quiet about it to everybody besides me and Tori.”

Cottle: “I don’t like this. And how am I supposed to make everybody believe the child died all of the sudden? This kid has proven itself to be quite strong. One more week and she can come out of the incubator.”

Roslin: “You need to switch her baby with a stillborn, make her believe her child died suddenly.”

Cottle objects “It’s completely unethical. And I’m worried for Sharon. She loves her child so much …”

0:26:00 – Downloaded

Roslin coldly cuts him off “This is not a debate. This child will not be raised by the Cylon, and I cannot risk Cylon agents getting their hands on it. I've made my decision. What I need from you, Doctor, is your help.”

Cottle responds sour “Fine. I don't like it, but have it your way.”

Roslin: “I need it immediately.”

Cottle responds upset “We'll have to find somebody suitable. I'll have to work up a list of names.”

Tori hands him a list “Each of them is capable. Each of them is anonymous. And each can be trusted.”

Cottle smiles accusingly at Roslin “Thought of everything, haven't you?”

Roslin, while holding her mug with both hands responds emotionless “I hope so.”

The Doc turns around and leaves.

(Galactica – Sickbay, ICU)

It is close to midnight when Cottle and Tori enter the ICU where Hera’s incubator stands. Tori carries a large bag that contains a mobile incubator to bring Hera safely over to Colonial One.

Cottle looks concerned at her “I really don’t like this. There is still time to reconsider.”

Tori looks hard at him “Don’t go soft on me now. The president’s orders are clear.”

Reluctantly he gives in “Okay. It’s just that this makes me feel so dirty. Sharon and Lieutenant Agathon don’t deserve this.”

Tori: “It’s not your place to question the president’s orders”

Cottle: “Yeah, it’s easy for you to say. You don’t have to be in the blast zone when we inform Sharon. She already freaked out when I lit a cigarette near her baby. I really don’t want to be anywhere near her when she learns her child has died.”

Tori: “Well, that’s your problem. Make sure you have enough Marines and sedatives at hand. Is this area sound proof? I don’t want to have Hera’s crying spoil everything.”

Cottle: “Don’t worry. I have given her a mild sedative. She will sleep right through this. That was the least I could do for this poor little girl.”

“Good.” She opens Hera’s incubator and carefully takes her out and puts her into the mobile unit. The Doc makes sure that Hera is correctly hooked up to the life support systems.

She looks at him “I’m done here. Do you have the replacement?”

Cottle looks at her sour “Yes. I will put her in right now.”

Satisfied and without any further words Tori leaves the sickbay to return with her booty to Colonial One. Cottle looks after her and doesn’t feel very comfortable in his skin.

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 Post subject: Helo & Athena – the full story - Day 272 ACH
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Day 272 ACH

(Galactica – Sickbay, ICU)
0:30:55 – Downloaded

When Helo and Sharon come the next morning to see their little girl they are informed that she had died last night. Sharon is crying and covers her mouth with her right hand. Helo holds Sharon’s left hand to comfort her.

He looks at the Doc “I don't understand. She was doing so well.”

Cottle: “No, she wasn't. I tried to tell you that. Her lungs never fully developed. She finally went into respiratory distress. We couldn't get her intubated in time. We lost her. I'm sorry.”

Sharon is crying and feels guilty “I should've been here.”

She opens one of the hand openings and reaches inside to gently touch her baby’s dead body. She cries out in her pain. Helo gently strokes her arm and she weeps.

He tries to calm her down “Sharon. Sharon, listen.”

But she is weeping and doesn’t hear him in her grief.

Helo tries to reason with her “You've lost a lot of blood.”

Sharon looks hatefully at the Doc and accuses him “You murdered her!”

Doc Cottle just looks at Helo, clearly uneasy about the situation.

Helo tries to calm her down “Sharon. Come on.”

But Sharon just looks hurt at Cottle and asks him “Who ordered it? Adama? The President? Who?”

Cottle bends down to her and tries to explain “I don't kill patients. We did the best we could, but she's dead. And that's all there is to it.”

Sharon is shaken by another crying spell and doesn’t listen. Helo gently holds her shoulders and strokes her head to comfort her but without success.

Cottle gets back up and looks at Helo “I should be able to release the ashes to you in a few hours.”

Sharon stares at Cottle and cries hatefully “Murderer!”

With that she attacks Cottle out of her wheelchair by grabbing his throat first with her right hand.

Helo is scared “Sharon!”

But she doesn’t listen and gets also her left hand at Cottles throat. She pulls herself out of the wheelchair and tries to strangle him. Hatefully she utters “Die!”

Helo grabs her and tries to pull her off the Doc “Sharon.”

But even in her weakened state she is too strong for him. The Marines step in. One tears Helo away from Sharon and holds him at gunpoint “Stay back!”

The other three struggle to tear Sharon off Cottle while Sharon screams “YOU'RE ALL MURDERERS! YOU'RE ALL MURDERERS!”

After the Marines have separated Sharon from the Doc they wheel her off.

Cottle: “Get her out of here.”

Marine: “Easy!”

While Sharon is dragged away she screams “AHHH! GIVE ME MY BABY!”

Helo, still held at gunpoint by one Marine, looks disturbed. While the Doc holds his throat he looks at Helo, clearly uneasy by what just happened.

(Galactica – Sickbay, Recovery Area)

Sharon has been put back into her bed. But now her hands and feet are in restrains so that she can’t harm herself or others. She can’t stop crying and is shaking on her whole body from crying spells.

Helo sits by her side and tries to calm her down “Sharon you need to calm down. You are only hurting yourself.”

All of the sudden she stops crying and looks at him with a hate in her eyes he never thought her to be capable of and screams “THEY MURDERED MY BABY! MURDERERS! YOU ARE ALL MURDERERS!”

When he tries to calm her down her hate suddenly turns even against him “ARRR! CONFESS! YOU’VE BEEN IN ON IT TOO! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU ALL! WHO ORDERED IT? ADAMA? THE PRESIDENT? LAURA ROSLIN YOU BITCH! I’M GONNA KILL YOU!”

Now Helo gets upset “Sharon, stop this crazy talk. You only get yourself in trouble. Don’t you know how much I loved our little girl? I would have never allowed anybody to harm her. Nobody killed her, she just died.”

But she isn’t listening and continues screaming in her rage. Finally a nurse comes and tries to give Sharon a sedative. But Sharon is winding herself in her restraints as much as much as she can to avoid getting sedated and screams “ARRR! YOU CAN’T KILL ME! I’M COMING BACK AND REVENGE MY BABY! YOU ARE DEAD! YOU ARE ALL DEAD! I’M COMING FOR YOU ALL!”

The nurse calls the Marines to help her and hold Sharon down. It takes all four of them to restrain her enough so that she can give her the shot.

Helo stands by and cries. It hurts him to see the love of his life like this.

After she got the sedative Sharon calms down and shortly after falls asleep.

The Doc comes in to see Helo and hands him a small metal box “These are ashes of your daughter.”

Helo: “Thanks. What about Sharon?”

Cottle: “We will need to keep her sedated for a while until she comes back to her senses.”

Helo looks at him “Is she really crazy? Swear to me that Hera died as you said and nobody did this to us. Swear it!”

The Doc looks at Helo and just says “Stop this crazy talk. You already sound as crazy as your girlfriend. We don’t kill babies here.”

Helo looks hard at him “Yeah? I still remember when you were quite willing to terminate Sharon’s pregnancy against her will on the president’s crazy order. How can I trust you now?”

The Doc repeats “I don’t kill babies.”

Helo grabs his arm “If I ever find out you were involved in murdering our child I will help her in her revenge. This is a promise.”

Cottle looks disturbed at him “You are as crazy as she is. You better leave and calm down or I have to tie you to the bed next to her.”

Helo gives him an angry look but decides to leave.

(Galactica – Adama's Quarters)

After he had calmed down a bit Helo went to see Adama. He wants to make sure Sharon is not punished for her attack on the Doc and her crazy outbursts.

Helo pleads “Please don’t punish her for her attack on the Doc. She is so much in pain right now. She doesn’t know what she is doing. Hera meant everything to her. She longed for her whole life to have this child. You can’t imagine her joy when she knew her wish for a child would become reality. And now she is totally devastated.”

Adama: “I completely understand her and will not hold it against her. I lost a child and know the feeling of pain and desperation. When Zak died I also looked for someone to blame. I know how she feels.”

Helo: “I see. But keep in mind that for Sharon it is even harder. This was her only child and she will not be able to have another one. At the moment she is totally depressed but at the same time so full of rage. I have never seen her like this and I’m extremely worried she might do something stupid.”

Adama: “Kara still needs Sharon help. Maybe helping her will distract Sharon and help her to get over her loss. And if she proves herself I will keep up our previous arrangement and see that you two can move into family quarters together. And depending on her future support I may loosen her confinement over time.”

Helo: “Thank you sir. I promise, Sharon will not disappoint you.”

Adama: “We will see.”

(Galactica – Hangar Deck)

News of Hera’s death has spread fast throughout Galactica’s crew and Sharon’s continued support had gained her some respect among the pilots. Many Helo met on his way have expressed their condolences or given him friendly claps on the shoulder.
Now he is looking for the Chief. After a short search he finds him working on a Viper engine.

When the Chief sees Helo approaching he stops his work and goes towards him. “I’m so sorry. How are you? And how is Sharon?”

Helo: “I think it will take me a day or two to let it sink in and fully grasp the gravity of this. Right now I just feel completely num. But Sharon takes it very hard. I’m extremely worried for her. This child meant everything to her. I don’t know how to fill that void. Right now she is alternating between depressed crying spells and fits of rage. She has this crazy idea that the Admiral or the president had Hera murdered. They had to knock her out, so bad was it.”

Tyrol: “That’s just the grief. There is no way either of them would commit such an atrocity.”

Helo: “Yeah, I’m very sure the old man has nothing to do with it. He wouldn’t have done it in secrecy. Though I’m not so sure about Roslin. I still remember how easy she broke the word she gave me and nearly tossed Sharon out of an airlock. And then her insane demand to have our child aborted. She is clearly capable of such a thing.”

Tyrol: “Helo, listen to yourself. You sound completely crazy.”

Helo: “Yeah, it’s all crazy talk. But I’m so worried for Sharon.”

Tyrol puts his hand on Helo’s arm “If I can help you with anything just let me know.”

Helo: “That’s why I’m here.” He shows the Chief a small metal box “The Doc just gave me Hera’s ashes and I need someone to come out with me to release them into space. At the moment I’m just not able to fly a Raptor myself.”

Tyrol: “Sure, I have a bird that I need to take out for a test flight anyway. We can take that one.”

Helo: “Thanks”

Tyrol: “Nothing to thank for. I consider it an honor. And I’m always there to help Sharon.”

Helo looks him into the eyes “You know that your Sharon is still out there looking to get back to you, right? Sharon told me there was a Resurrection Ship in range when Boomer died. So she downloaded into a new body. I know Boomer. She was always stronger than she appeared. Don’t give up hope, she will find a way to return to you.”

Tyrol: “And then what? She shot the old man. They will hardly roll out the red carpet for her. Just look at your Sharon. She only helped us and see how she is treated.”

Helo smiles: “I hope this will change soon. The old man offered us a deal that may in the end lead to Sharon’s full release. And call me crazy but I still hope she will one day be back in uniform flying Raptors. I just think it’s a complete waste to keep our best pilot locked up and grounded.”

Tyrol: “You’re a dreamer Helo. You only see the good in people. But I’m a realist. My Sharon is gone and I have to move on.”

Helo smiles at him “You’re making a mistake. I know deep inside you still love her and she feels the same for you.”

Tyrol: “Maybe. I admire you for suffering through all this for Sharon. You truly deserve her and I hope all you dreams come true. But I just can’t. I could never forget that she is a machine.”

Helo gets upset “Sharon is not a machine – she is a woman of flesh and blood. Same goes for Boomer and all their sisters. They are people.”

Tyrol looks at him startled “Wow. I’m sorry. I didn’t intend to insult her. But you’re pretty much the only one in the fleet with this view of them.”

Helo: “Well, come on. Let’s get the bird out and this sad business behind us.”

Tyrol points to a Raptor behind the Viper he was working on “It’s that one. I just go and get my flight suit.”

(Space – Raptor)
0:32:13 – Downloaded

Helo and Tyrol have taken the Raptor out into space. In the middle of the fleet they open the hatch. Helo turns to the ECO station and picks up the small metal container that contains the cremated remains of his daughter. He steps to the open hatch, takes the lid of the container and releases the ashes out into space. He and the Chief watch the ashes drift away into the cold emptiness of space.

(Galactica – Baltar's Lab)
0:32:54 – Downloaded

Baltar opens the hatch, enters his lab and closes the hatch behind him. He looks disturbed and distressed. When he turns around he sees Head Six sitting at the other end of the lab. He walks towards her.

She looks sad and says: “You let them murder our child.”

Baltar kneels down in front of her and takes her hands “I am so sorry. I tried. I tried my best.”

She looks down on him “God's will was that our child should survive. His will was that she would lead the next generation of God's children.” She grabs him and pulls him up “His will was that you would protect her.”

Baltar: “Yes.”

She pushes him with his face against the wall. As he hits the wall he utters “Ohg!”

She continues accusingly and full of hate “You have committed a monstrous and unforgivable sin and now you and your entire wretched race are going to suffer God's vengeance.”

With that she disappears and leaves a deeply disturbed Baltar behind alone.

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