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 Post subject: Helo & Athena – the full story - Day 50 to Day 61 ACH
PostPosted: Mon Dec 24, 2012 5:01 am 
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Helo & Athena – the full story
Day 50 to 61 after the Cylon Attack on the 12 Colonies
by Thomas

This is part of a much larger project that has the goal to close the holes in Karl and Sharon Agathon’s story.

It will be a mix of new scenes and what was on the show, deleted scenes and unrealized scripts and ideas. So don’t be surprised if certain sections are familiar.

New material will be marked either (Addition) or (Extension)
Parts of the show will be marked by time code and episode title.

Also I don’t write linear. I have bits and pieces all over the timeline and fill in wherever I have an idea or inspiration.

The entire fic is organized by days
BCH = before Cylon holocaust
ACH = after Cylon holocaust

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 Post subject: Helo & Athena – the full story - Day 50
PostPosted: Mon Dec 24, 2012 10:58 am 
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Day 50 ACH

(Cylon occupied Caprica – Delphi Spaceport)
0:40:36 – Colonial Day (with minor additions)

It is shortly before dawn when Sharon and Helo have finally reached the space port of Delphi. They come against a wall a head higher than Helo. It separates the level they are on from the raised runway. They stop there with their backs against the wall to take cover for a moment before they make their attempt to enter the spaceport.

Helo looks at Sharon “Any second, now.”

Sharon looks at him concerned. She knows too many things can go wrong and wants to ensure him her love “If we get caught… If anything happens…”

But he stops her “You don't have to say anything, I know. We're gonna make it, Sharon.”

She gives him a long, passionate kiss.

When they hear a Raider approach they separate from their kiss and duck against the wall. The Heavy Raider comes down right behind them and then moves along the runway.

After the Raider has left he looks at her and says “Okay.” She nods to signal that she is ready. He throws his bag over the wall and says “Go, go, go!”

Both jump over the wall and run across the tarmac towards the main building.

They made it to the main building without being spotted and have then carefully worked their way around it. Now they are on the side of the building and Helo steps out on a rim high above a lowered terrace while Sharon remains at the corner to give him cover. When he is about 6 m out on the rim a woman steps out of the building on the Terrace below him. It is one of the blond Cylons they had encountered several times before. But this one is dressed in a black pantsuit. When he sees her he presses himself as close as possible against the building wall and signals Sharon that there are enemies below them.

The woman takes a look around and is soon followed and joined by a second identically looking woman dressed precisely in that white overcoat like they had them encountered before. While the women on the ground start talking to each other Helo signals Sharon to have a look and she leans out to see what is going on.

When she takes a look over the edge she thinks to recognize the woman in the black pantsuit as Sonja, her handler. But without direct eye contact she can’t identify her for sure and that is of course out of the question.

The woman is indeed Sonja who is giving one of the ground force leader instructions on the search for Sharon and Helo.

Sonja: “We are still looking to capture Sharon – alive.”

Helo signals Sharon to go back behind the edge. He sees them talking but can’t understand what they are saying.

Below him on the ground Sonja instructs the Six “She will try to get into Delphi and steal a Heavy Raider. You need to intensify the patrols of your Centurion units around the airfields.”

Six: “By Your command”

The women split and Helo watches the one in the white coat walk away from the building and up a short flight of stairs to an elevated ground level, fenced off by a shallow wall. When she is gone he looks down to see where the other women went but she had returned inside the building.

When Helo looks back up he sees a woman with dark hair in a ponytail wearing a beige jacket on the raised level. She walks behind the wall, away from him towards the stairs and he cannot see her face but something on her seems disturbingly familiar to him. When she reaches the stairs and turns towards him to go down he finally sees her face. He is completely baffled and confused. The woman looks exactly like Sharon. The same moment she spots him and instantly pulls her weapon, intending to shoot him. But before she can fire a single shot she gets hit three times in the chest and collapses dying. Helo turns around to from where the shots came and sees Sharon just lowering her gun from shooting her twin. Her face is sad.

Sharon retreats and Helo runs off the rim and past her while his mind is flashing back to their past adventures on Caprica and all of the coincidences surrounding his escape and Sharon’s miraculous endurance.
- When she shot the blonde woman to free him
- In the Barn when he was wondering why they were still alive but nobody else.
- The fact that Sharon never got tired.
- When she made them run and asked him to trust her.

He instantly realizes the truth and continues to run away from both – Sharon and the base.

Sharon calls after him, pleading “Helo, come with me! Helo? Helo! Helo!”

But he continues running away from her and Sharon stays behind, sad, desperate and angry with herself.


After being angry with herself for a moment Sharon realizes that she can’t let him run alone through Delphi. The city is full of Cylons and Centurion patrols. And as soon as the body of her sister is found or she downloads the hunt for them will be intensified. Alone Helo has no chance of survival. So she starts running after him.

(Cylon occupied Caprica – Delphi)

Sharon hasn’t gone far when she runs into a Centurion patrol. Luckily the Centurions are alone and not led by a Cylon. After looking at them for a moment she has a crazy idea.

She steps in front of the lead Centurion, looks him straight into his eye and commands “Follow me.”

The Centurion identifies her as an Eight and accepts her command. She leads them to an industrial building nearby and enters it. Inside she finds what she needs – a micro electronics workshop. She orders the Centurions to stand down and to go into waiting position. Then she goes to the back of the leader and removes a cover plate from his back. She reaches inside his torso and pulls out a control board. She takes it to a workbench, sits down and starts carefully making modifications to the board. After she is satisfied with her work she goes back to the Centurion and reinserts the board. Then she puts the cover plate back in place.

The modifications she made turned him into a master unit, capable of taking command over all Centurions inside his radio range. At the same time she has added an encryption that makes her the only Cylon he will take orders from. She also created a self-replicating virus that will automatically transfer this command lock to any Centurion he communicates with. If she wasn’t in trouble yet this sabotage will most certainly have her being boxed if she falls into Cylon hands. But she doesn’t care. All she cares about is finding Helo and getting him into safety.

She steps in front of the Centurion, looks him straight into his eye and sends her command authorization code over the optical link.

Then she orders him “Take command over all Centurions in your reach and lead them to the spaceport. There requisition as many transport ships as needed to transfer all units back to the Baseship and take control of it. You will stay hidden near the spaceport and collect all new arrivals. Execute now!”

He acknowledges her command and turns to leave the building. The other Centurions come back to life and follow him.

Satisfied Sharon looks after them. This little Centurion rebellion she started will clear the city of Centurion patrols and for a while keep the other Cylons too busy to come after them. If she is really lucky they will think she and Helo used the confusion to get off the planet and stop looking for them. Now the biggest threat to Helo and her are air patrols.

She realizes how furious the others will be when they discover what she has done. With this sabotage she just burned the last bridge to her past. Now she has only one way left – forward with Helo and the Colonials.

She leaves the building and continues her search for Helo. She knows him well enough to have a good idea where he will go so she is confident to find him within a short period of time.

The real hard part will be to convince him that she is on his side, that she truly loves him.

(Cylon occupied Caprica – Delphi Spaceport, Command Center)

A Six comes looking for Sonia and reports “We just found the body of an Eight outside the building. She was shot.”

Sonia: “Contact the Resurrection Ship to find out if she has seen who shot her. It must have been Sharon or Agathon. I feel it, they are here. Increase security on the airfield. No ship starts without my personal clearance.”

Six: “By your command.”

Six leaves to execute Sonia’s orders.

Half an hour later the Six returns “She just resurrected and I spoke with her. She confirmed your assumption. She had spotted Agathon when he tried to enter the building. She wanted to take him down when she was shot. Before she died and downloaded she saw that it was Sharon who shot her.”

Sonia: “Hmm… So now Agathon knows for sure that she is one of us. Unless she had come clear to him earlier this should split them up and help us capture them. Did any ships start in the last hour?”

Six: “I already checked that. There were no unscheduled departures and all ships that left arrived at their destinations without any incidents. They must be still on Caprica.”

Sonia: “Good, increase the patrols in Delphi. If they have split up it should be easy to capture Agathon. Without her help he has no chance in the long run. When we have him Sharon will give up to save his life.”

Six: “Understood.”

That moment an Eight comes running in.

Out of breath she reports “Something very wrong is going on. A Centurion unit just returned against their orders. They were completely unresponsive to any of our commands and proceeded on to the airfield. There they boarded a freighter but did not take off yet.”

Sonia: “What is going on here?”

Another Six enters and reports “More units just arrived. They are just like the first. And we receive reports from our unit leaders all over the city that they lost control over their Centurions.”

Sonia: “Now she has gone too far.”

She goes outside and right that moment the first freighter takes off while in a steady stream Centurions continue to arrive and board the other freighters on the airfield.

Sonia sees another freighter taking off and utters “Sharon, for this you will pay.”

She returns inside and orders the present Cylons “Recall the unit leaders back here and see that you stop this. Shoot these corrupted units down if necessary but stop them. And inform the Baseships in orbit not to let these freighters in. We will be in deep trouble if this spreads. And find the hell out what she has done.”

(Cylon occupied Caprica – Delphi)

It is two hours later and the sun is fully up. Helo has made it to the University of Delphi. At first, right after he left the spaceport, he encountered several Centurion patrols. But he was lucky and able to avoid being spotted by all of them.
But after an hour they miraculously disappeared and now the city appears to be completely abandoned. He feels like he is the last living being on the planet.

0:02:19 – Kobol's Last Gleaming (Part 1)

Helo is running on the roof of a building, his gun in hand, ready to fire at any Cylon that may cross his path. He comes to the end of the roof and jumps to the slightly lower roof of the adjoining building.

Moments later he has gone down to the ground level and is running alongside the rear portal of the main building that is lined by a row of freestanding pillars.

About ten meters in front of him Sharon steps out from behind a pillar and into his way. She has her sidearm drawn and is holding it in his direction. When she sees it’s him and not another Cylon she immediately lowers her gun and holsters it. She remains standing there all passive, her eyes sad and on the brink of crying.

He stops, points his gun at her and shouts “Stop! Don't come any closer!”

Sharon is panting and her expression is tired and sad. She has been running all morning to catch up with him. But when she sees the hate for her in his expression she realizes that she has lost him. She is ready to give up. If she has to die she wants him to do it, to end her pain. She is rather dead than without him – she knows she will be boxed for her defection, acts of sabotage and being corrupted by human emotions.

He tries to shoot but can’t bring himself to pull the trigger. She looks so human, so much like Sharon Valerii, the woman he loves, her face so sad and full of pain.

When she sees that he hesitates to fire she says sadly “Just do it.”

She looks at him with wide sad eyes and he sees the desperation and fear she feels in them. But he reminds himself that that in front of him is just a clone of Sharon and not the real one. And she is one of those frakking Cylons responsible for the destruction of his home world. So he forces himself and shoots at her.

Hit, she collapses, rolls down a short flight of steps and comes face down to rest.

He breathes heavy and puts his gun away instantly feeling some regret for killing her.

But she isn’t dead and still moving. So he pulls his sidearm again and runs towards her, his weapon always trained on her.

While he approaches her she rolls herself under visible pain on her back and then remains laying still. As he stands over her with his gun pointed at her he sees that his shot hit her in her left shoulder and that she is bleeding.

Lying there in front of him, panting, completely passive and clearly in pain he feels pity for her. With sad eyes she looks at him while tears run down her cheeks and he can’t bring himself to finish her off. She just looks too much like the Sharon he thought her to be all these weeks. And she is clearly not a threat to him in this condition and it pains him to see her like this. So after a moment of hesitation he lowers his gun.


For a moment he just stands there and looks in disbelieve down at her in her misery.

Sharon looks up to him with teary eyes “Helo, I’m sorry. I wanted to tell you…”

But he cuts her off hard “Shut up!”

Then he says full of hate, disgust and disappointment “You’re just a Cylon, a frakking Toaster, a machine. You were just playing with me, lying to me all this time.”

She just looks sad at him, tears running down her cheeks.

He needs to figure out what to do next with her “Tell me why I shouldn’t finish you right here and now?”

She looks at him and thinks for a moment. His hesitation to kill her right now shows there is still a chance for her to win him back. But she needs to be careful. So she says what she expects to get her the most at this moment and with a teary voice she says “I can help you to get off this planet and I know how to find Galactica.”

He just looks at her and thinks what to do. She realizes that he is conflicted about his feelings towards her. So she tries if she can get through to him. She starts crying “Helo, I’m so sorry. I never intended to harm you. I wanted to help you get off the planet.”

He isn’t too impressed by her tears “And then what? You wanted me to take you with me? Sneak your way onto Galactica to destroy it?”

Now she really cries “No. I just want to be with you. I wanted to tell you the truth. I just didn’t know how without losing you. Please forgive me.”

He realizes something and asks angry “Where is the real Sharon? What did you do to her? How did you clone her, get her memories? Did you capture her, kill her?”

Sharon knows he isn’t yet ready for the whole truth “No, she is fine and made it back to Galactica.”

He looks at her and realizes she still has her sidearm in her holster. How could he have missed that? He quickly raises his gun and points it at her. She twitches and closes her eyes in expectation of the shot that will end her life.

But he just commands her “Take your gun out and throw it away, your knife too.”

Relieved she opens her eyes again and looks at him. She sees he is scared she may harm him. So she slowly takes her gun out with two fingers and throws it aside. She does the same with her knife. Then, under pain, she sits herself up.

He keeps his gun in his hand and starts rethinking his options. He realizes that he needs her to get out of this mess. But can he trust her not to lead him into a trap?

While Helo is caught up in his thoughts Sharon realizes that her shoulder wound is bleeding substantially. The bullet is still in. If she doesn’t stop the bleeding she may just die from blood loss.

So she interrupts his thoughts “Helo, you know, I can die from blood loss. I need to take care of my shoulder.”

When he just stares at her she continues impatient “And we need to find a hiding place. It’s way too dangerous out here in the open.”

Helo “What do you care?”

Sharon: “Helo, I do care.”

Helo looks at her for a moment and decides to take a chance with her “Okay, get up and let’s find a hiding place. Then you can take care of your shoulder.”

(Cylon occupied Caprica – Delphi, Alleyway)
0:16:33– Kobol's Last Gleaming (Part 1)

It is night and raining again. Sharon’s shoulder has been provisionally patched up and her left arm is in a sling. She sits out in the rain with her back leaning against a wall. Helo sits under a small shelf on an adjacent wall that is perpendicular to the one Sharon sits against.

He is sleep deprived and completely on the edge. He lived through hell and the end of his world and didn’t expect to survive for long. Then the woman he secretly loved for so long came back to rescue him. And it turned out she was in love with him too. The last weeks together with her, despite all the hardship they went through, was the happiest time of his life. And then this morning the last intact piece of his world came crashing down on him when she turned out to be the enemy, a godsdamned Cylon, just a copy of the woman he thought her to be, a machine.

She watches as he gives himself a stim shot while keeping his gun trained at her.

She looks at him “Doesn't really work as well as before, huh?”

He just gives her an angry stare.

She is shivering “Helo, I do get cold!”

But he just continues staring angrily at her, obviously not too concerned about her comfort.

Shivering and visibly uncomfortable out in the cold rain she tries again to get through to him “There are some things you should know, Helo.”

Angrily he cuts her off: “Don't call me that. – You're not even Sharon, you're not even human. So don't start acting like you know me, because you don't!”

Upset and slightly angry she tries to explain “But I am Sharon and that's part of what you need to understand.”

But that upsets him even more and angrily he fires a round at the protruding edge behind her.

Full of anger he says “Sharon was a friend of mine. Whatever twisted thing you are, you are not Sharon, you got that? The only thing I want from you is a way off this frakked-up world, that's it!”


After this outburst Sharon realizes that he is still too agitated to listen to her and decides to stay quiet for a while. So she continues to sit shivering out in the rain, feeling cold and completely miserable while she waits for him to calm down.

A while later when she thinks he has calmed down enough she tries again to get through to him “The Sharon on Galactica, the one you think you know – she is a Cylon too! The same model as I am.”

He refuses to believe her “You are lying! Sharon can’t be a Cylon! She is human! I know her for a long time, since she came to Galactica.”

This gives her an entry “So you think you know her for two years? And before that? Before her time on the academy? Is there anybody who knew her as a child?”

Helo: “Not anymore, they all died on Troy when the domes collapsed. Sharon was the only survivor. She was on her way to the academy when the accident happened …”

Now she has him where she wants him “Accident? How convenient.”

He looks shocked at her when he realizes the gravity of her words “Oh my gods!”

Sharon: “Yeah, you better be worried. That Sharon, she isn’t like me; she doesn’t know she is a Cylon. She thinks she is human. But she is only the cover for the sleeping Cylon inside her. And that one has not a mission of love. She is a ticking time bomb, waiting to be activated.”

He has to let that sink in for a while.

After a while he asks “So what – who are you? Who is the copy?”

She explains “There was no a human original. We are all copies of the same original design. Genetically identical bodies but distinct individuals. There are many of us and all have their own personalities, experiences and memories. We can share our memories but among my model we take our individuality very serious and normally don’t do it. But to become Sharon for you I sacrificed a piece of myself and downloaded her memories into my personality.
Through that I am now as much Sharon Valerii as the one you knew from Galactica. I have all of her memories. I remember everything, the years on the academy, on Galactica, the day of the attack when you gave up your seat to Baltar, every little detail.”

Helo: “You creep me out.”

Sharon: “Yeah? Experience it from my end. Knowing the ship I’ve never been on so well, the crew, knowing all those people, my friends, but never have met any of them in person … feeling the desire to go home to a place I’ve never physically been before. That’s weird.”

Helo: “Sharon loves the Chief.”

Sharon: “Yes, she only had eyes for the Chief. But despite having her memories I’m a different Sharon. I see you differently. I defected and became a traitor to my people to save you. If I wanted you dead you would be long dead, take my word for it. I want you to live so I can be with you. I’m your only hope out of here. Get that into your head!”

He doesn’t completely buy it but realizes he has not really a choice “Assuming I believe you, how do you plan to get me out of here? And how do I get back to Galactica?”

Sharon: “Galactica has long left the Colonial space and jumped away far over the red line.”

He is devastated by this news “If that’s true I will never find them.”

Sharon: “I have a very good idea where they are going next. But before we can leave we need to get something they will need. It’s here in Delphi.”

He just looks confused and tired at her sitting there shivering out in the rain.

Sharon: “I suggest you get some sleep before we move.”

He responds angry “Yeah, you wish.”

She gives him a wry smile “Suit yourself. I can go over a week without sleep if I have to. But even on stims you couldn’t last half that long in your current condition.”

When he just stares at her she continues “You are way too tired to make it to the next stop and easy prey for any Cylon we may run into. And without a gun and injured as I am I can’t protect you. If you die all my sacrifices were for nothing.”

He realizes that she is right, he can’t keep his eyes open for much longer. He either has to trust her now or be completely helpless later. So reluctantly he gives in and closes his eyes and moments later he is passed out, the gun still clutched in his hand.

Sharon watches him sleeping while she sits freezing out in the rain. After a while she closes her eyes and tries to get some rest too. But she is way too uncomfortable to actually fall asleep.

After four hours Sharon opens her eyes and determines that they need to get on their way.

She calls “Helo! – Helo, wake up!”

But he is too deep asleep and doesn’t react. So she gets up, over to him and touches him on his shoulder “Helo, wake up.” She shakes him “Helo.”

Startled by her touch he opens his eyes and fires his gun in reflex but luckily misses her by a hair.

Upset Sharon screams at him “HEY!”

He looks at her shocked when she continues “Are you crazy? Put that gun away.”

With a guilty expression he utters “I’m sorry.”

Sharon: “Yeah. It’s time, get up. We need to go or we won’t make it before dawn.”

He looks at her and realizes that, if she had wanted, she could have taken his gun and killed him or just ran away. So it seems to him she told the truth about wanting to help him. But he is still suspicious of her true motives.

He gets up and moments later they are on their way.

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 Post subject: Helo & Athena – the full story - Day 51 ACH
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Day 51 ACH

(Cylon occupied Caprica – Delphi Spaceport, Command Center)

Early in the morning, two hours before dawn, a Heavy Raider arrives at the Delphi Spaceport. A Six steps out and walks towards the main building. She enters it and proceeds to the command center.

There she confronts Sonia “What the hell is going on down there? We lost all the Centurions on one of the Baseships in orbit after one of your troop transporters landed. Luckily, after your warning, the other Baseships could avoid getting infected by closing down all traffic and shooting down any unresponsive ship that approached them. But as a safety measure they deactivated all their Centurions for now so our fleet in orbit is severely restrained in their operations.”

Sonia: “I’m sorry to hear this. This situation hit us completely unprepared. A renegade Eight that ran over to the humans caused it.”

The Six looks hard at Sonia “You think I don’t know that already? I got pulled off my cozy post over on Gemmenon and put in charge here to clean up your mess.”

Sonia: “Why you?”

She responds “I was an infiltrator like you. On Gemmenon I went by the name Natalie Faust. I was chosen because they think I can understand this renegade Eight better than you.”

Sonia: “Sharon…”

Natalie: “Yeah, first you lose her and now you let her sabotage our troops. Did nobody tell you who you are dealing with?”

Sonia: “What’s so special about her? She’s an Eight”

Natalie: “Yeah, there is your mistake. You don’t know a thing about her and look down on her because she is an Eight. Eights are much stronger and resourceful than you think. But besides being an Eight she is also a pilot, a fully trained warrior. These pilots were carefully selected and extensively trained and battle hardened by veteran Centurions of the first war. And not only are they trained as pilots on everything Cylon or Colonial that flies but also as commandos to survive and fight deep in enemy territory. They know every trick in our and the Colonial’s books and can come up with new ones on the fly if needed. They were hardened to endure pain and suffering that would break any other Cylon. You are an amateur compared to her and have not the slightest chance. It were our pilots who worked out the details for the great attack on the colonies. And if these foolish Ones had not insisted on meddling with the pilot’s original plans not a single human would have gotten away.”

Sonia: “Nobody told me those details about her. And for some reason details about our pilots are hard to come by.”

Natalie: “Yeah, because they are too individualistic for the other model’s tastes. And the fact that only us Sixes and those supposedly weak Eights qualified for becoming pilots didn’t sit well with the egos of the other models.
But your superiors should have known better. Not only were they so careless to use a pilot Eight for this assignment but then someone had the bright idea to let her assimilate the memories of another Eight who not only thinks she is human but also is a Colonial officer. They created a monster. And then, to make it a real disaster, they send her out to fall in love with a human and have his child.”

Sonia: “I warned them right at the start that using an Eight and giving her those ‘human’ memories was a bad idea. But it seemed to be a good idea at the time and we know she was successful with her mission objective. But I would not have expected her to really fall for that human.”

Natalie: “Because your perspective was wrong. You and I, we had to deal with the most despicable specimens of the humans. But Agathon is just the opposite, almost too good to be true. And these Eights have a strong desire to be loved and have a purpose. The reason that they are so fickle is that they usually never find precisely what they are looking for and therefore go after the next best thing when it shows up. But obviously Sharon found in Agathon her perfect match and he gave her what she wanted the most. And the memories she got from the other Sharon showed her the other thing she now wants – being an officer and pilot in the Colonial fleet. It’s no wonder she ran away with him and switched sides.”

Sonia: “So what can we do?”

Natalie: “I’m working on it. But first we need to stop this infection before it can spread.”

Sonia: “Our engineers have identified what she did and know how to fix it. But it will take them a day or two to modify all Centurions on Caprica. Luckily Sharon’s orders were very specific and contained this infection to the city of Delphi and the Baseships in orbit. She only wanted to clear the city, distract us and disable the planetary defenses long enough to get away.”

Natalie: “You are in luck that she has still some restraints. She did not have them remove their inhibitors. If she had wanted she could have severely damaged us with this. God help us if she ever makes it to the human fleet, is accepted in by them and decides to pull out all the stops.”

Sonia: “Given the hate the Colonials feel for us it is quite unlikely that she lasts long after arriving at their fleet. They will just toss her out an airlock like they did it with all our other agents they caught.”

Natalie: “You continue to underestimate her. If she manages to convince Agathon that she is on his side and truly in love with him… If he trusts and supports her she has a real shot on getting in with the humans.”

Sonia: “So what do you want me to do?”

Natalie: “I have a new assignment for you. The Colonials have reached Kobol and since we know that they follow the scriptures we expect them to send someone back here to get the Arrow of Apollo. It’s almost certain that it will be Starbuck with the Raider she had captured. Out fleet in orbit is due to Sharon’s stunt not in the condition to deal with her so you will go and await her at the Delphi Museum of Colonial History where the Arrow is. Starbuck shouldn’t be a problem for you. But I could imagine Sharon and Agathon are out to get the Arrow as well. With some luck you may be able to get them all. But if you are careless it could as well be a trip to the Resurrection Ship. I hope I don’t need to tell you that under no circumstances Sharon can be killed, right? She is to be captured alive.”

Sonia: “Yes. How many of our people can I take for support?”

Natalie: “None, we need everyone we have here to fix the problem with the Centurions and to keep eyes on all the other airfields in and around Delphi. So you have to go alone. And you better get going now. I have my pilot drop you off at the museum.”

Sonia: “By your command.”

(Cylon occupied Caprica – in front of Delphi Museum of Colonial History)
0:04:50 – Kobol's Last Gleaming (Part 2)

During the night Sharon has led Helo through the city to the Delphi Museum of Colonial History.

The rising sun finds them holed up in a stairway opposite the museum entrance. Sharon is sitting on the stairs while Helo stands at the lower exit and looks out at the museum.

Agitated he turns to her “It's a museum, so what?”

She looks at him “It's more than that. It's the home of the ‘Arrow of Apollo’.”

He sighs and steps in front of her “What the hell is that?”

Sharon: “You never liked history. Come on, Helo, it's supposed to be the only clue as to the location of Earth.”

He is losing it again “Earth? What are you talking about? Who's going to Earth? It doesn't even exist. I'm trying to get back to Galactica. What I need from you is a way off this planet and a way back to my ship, and if you don't do that, I'm gonna blow your head off.”

But she has enough of his attitude and gets angry with him “Why don't you just shut up for a change? You're only alive because I've kept you alive. If it wasn't for me, you'd be dead by now. So, whether you like it or not, I'm your only hope of getting off this planet. So, if I were you, I would take that tough guy attitude of yours and shove it up your ass.”

He is upset but hasn’t a response for her.

She stands up “We can't move around the city during daylight, so we hole up and wait 'til dark.”

With that she turns away from him and goes up the stairs to the upper level exit and looks outside.

Out of words he looks frustrated around. Finally he decides to follow her up.


He joins her at the upper level and stares out onto the wasted city.

After staring out for a while he asks “So what happened with all the bodies? The streets, the buildings, they should be full with them. And what happened to the survivors?”

Sharon: “I can’t tell you much about survivors. Some have been captured and brought to research facilities. The rest probably just died from the radiation. Maybe there are some still holding out in the mountains or the woods. As for the bodies, there are cleanup crews all over the planet that collect the bodies from the streets and the buildings and incinerate them. The long term plan is to rebuild and repopulate the colonies.”

Helo: “Lovely! You probably will tell me now that you had no part in this mass slaughter of mankind. That, while all your Cylon buddies were busy with mass murder, you stayed home baking cookies, right?”

She looks at him and responds hard “I’m a soldier, a pilot, like you. I did my duty, did what I thought to be right at the time. I was flying a Heavy Raider to land Centurion troops here in Delphi to take out ground defense positions.”

He gets hostile “So how many thousand humans did you murder during the attack?”

Sharon: “Murder? None. Extermination wasn’t my assignment. My unit was tasked to take and secure Delphi. I was flying my first run, had just unloaded my first Centurion unit on the ground and was on my way back to the Baseship to load the next wave when my Raider was attacked by a group of Vipers, the mark twos we couldn’t switch off. I managed to shoot down three of them but the last one got me and I went up in flames. When I finally resurrected the war was over.”

He doesn’t believe he heard that correctly “Huh? You what…?”

Sharon: “Yes Helo, I died. But we don’t die permanently. When we die our consciousness is downloaded into a new body. We are as good as new, still the same with all the feelings, emotions and memories that make out our personality.”

He looks at her “Now you really creep me out.”

Sharon feels a little weak from the blood loss and sits down on the top step of the stairs. Helo continues staring out at the city.

After sitting quietly for a while she says “Galactica is going to Earth.”

Confused he turns towards her “Huh?”

Sharon: “You asked who is going to Earth. Galactica is. But they need the Arrow to find it.”

Helo: “And what would they do with this arrow?”

Sharon: “It’s a key.”

He gets upset with her again “What are you talking about? You make no sense to me.”

Sharon: “You better get your act together or we get caught.”

Helo: “What do you care? Hell, you don’t even care if I kill you.”

Sharon: “Yes I do care! I care a lot! I defected to save you, to help you escape. My fate won’t be any better than yours if they catch us. We are in this together now. I want to get away from them as much as you. So shut the frak up!”

Helo just looks at her annoyed but doesn’t say a word. Then he turns back to look outside.

Quietly they continue waiting for nightfall.

0:12:36 – Kobol's Last Gleaming (Part 2)

Sharon sits on a rim against the wall and has her head down. She feels tired, sad and miserable. Her wound is still bleeding. Her bandages are soaked in blood and a small trickling of blood runs down her arm. Nervously she is tapping her foot.

Helo stands at the exit and looks outside. Her food tapping annoys him.

He looks at her and orders “Stop! Stop that!”

She looks up “I'm nervous.”

He sighs “Like anything scares you.”

She tries to explain “Things scare me, Helo. I have feelings.”

But he still doesn’t get it “You- you have software.”

She looks at him, takes a deep breath and tries again to get through to him “I don't know if you can hear this or not, Helo, but what we had between us was important. It was very important.”

Helo: “Why?”

Sharon: “Because it was the next step. Because it brings us closer to God.”

Helo: “Don't mock the gods, okay? It's a human belief. I'm human, they're our gods.”

Sharon: “But, beyond that, I just want you to know that I genuinely feel something for you.”

He steps aggravated in front of her and utters hatefully “I don't care. I don't love you. I loved what I thought was you.”

Hearing this crushes her and brings her to the brink of crying while he just turns away and goes back to look outside.

Near tears she plays her last card “Helo, I think there's something else that you should know. … I'm pregnant.”


This pulls the rug out under his feet. He turns around and looks at her in disbelieve “What?”

She is barely holding it together “I’m pregnant, Helo! We’re gonna have a child.”

Helo: “How?”

She starts crying “As if you don’t know! My body is flesh and blood just like yours. You should know that by now. You enjoyed the sex with me quite a bit.”

Helo: “So what? You’re some kind of sex machine. But pregnant…?”

Sharon protests vehemently “I’m not a machine! I’m a person, a woman!”
She continues “We were designed to be like you, genetically fully compatible with you. We bleed like you. Our minds were designed based on your minds. We have feelings and emotions, just like you! Tell me, where is the difference? You say you loved me…”

He cuts her off “I thought you were human. I loved that Sharon.”

With a teary and angry voice Sharon responds “She never existed. It was always me, Sharon the Cylon!” She continues softer “What we had these last weeks – it was real. I love you! If you really ever loved me …”

He looks at her and starts exploring his feelings for her.

Softly she continues “Helo, I love you. I never lied to you about that. All I want is to be with you and have us raise our child together… on Galactica.”

He points out to the city “What about all this – your people destroyed our worlds, killed billions of innocent people. How can I forget… forgive that!”

Sharon responds sad “I’m sorry, I really am. After being with you I realized that we were misled by the Ones that made us hate you. All this was a terrible mistake and I would give everything if there was a way to undo it. I know there is no way to forgive this unspeakable crime. All these beautiful worlds destroyed, all these people killed.” She starts crying and continues with a teary voice “It pains me more than you can imagine. My love for you opened my eyes.”

In his heart he knows that she is sincere.
While he looks at her he remembers:
- How lost he felt when she was gone after their night in the shelter and how relieved he was when he found and reunited with her.
- Helo: “Truth is, if something happened to you I wouldn't know how to deal with it.”
- Sharon: “I feel the same way.”
- Sharon: “You know, if they were human clones that means they're capable of… of complex emotions, maybe even love. Maybe they were misguided in the way they were indoctrinated, but…” Yes, she tried to tell him the truth.
- The first time they had sex in the thunderstorm.
- All the moments they shared together over the last weeks on the run, the fear and the moments of joy, the kisses, the wild and passionate sex and holding her in his arms all those nights, it all felt so good, so real, so right…
- remembers her vomiting, her hunger attacks, her strange cravings and knows she is telling the truth about the child.

He looks at her and now all he can see is Sharon, the woman he desired for so long but never thought to have because she loved the Chief … and now she is here with him … and she is his … pregnant with his child …
… and she is a Cylon. His mind is going to explode.

He sits down, buries if face in his hands, his emotions in turmoil: “Oh gods Sharon! What are you doing to me?”

He can’t deny his feelings for her, despite knowing what she is. And she must love him too. He realizes that she told the truth – it was her who protected him and kept him alive all this time. If she wanted to harm him she had plenty of opportunities, even after he had found out what she is. But she came after him to be with him. She must be different than the others.

She gets up and comes over to him. She lays her hand on his shoulder and says understanding “It hurts, I know.”

He looks up to her “Why? Why did you do this to me?”

She squats down in front of him and looks him in the eyes “Please believe me, I never wanted to hurt you. You are a good man and I wanted a child from you. That’s why I volunteered to mate with you. But then I fell truly in love with you and now I can’t be without you anymore. I want us to raise this child together, as a family. And deep inside I know you love me too.”

Helo: “Yes, I love you. I can’t help it, I love a machine.”

She objects “I’m not a machine Helo! I’m a woman! My feelings are as real as yours.”

He looks at her “Hmm… So what’s your plan to get us out of here and back to Galactica?”

Sharon: “After I shot my sister at the space port they will have tightened security. But my unit was tasked to set up several little resupplying airfields outside Delphi. Those are open and impossible to secure. We didn’t expect many survivors or any organized resistance after the first few days so we didn’t care. Our best chance is to get to one of those and grab a Heavy Raider while it’s refueling.”

Helo: “Heavy Raider? - You mentioned them before.”

She explains “You saw them over Delphi, at the space port and also in Delos when they were after us. They are like your Raptors multi functional crafts that can be used as fighters, scouts or troop transporters. And like all Cylon crafts Heavy Raiders are FTL capable. So it’s perfect for us.”

Helo: “Okay, so when we have that Raider, what then? How do we find Galactica?”

Sharon: “If they are really looking for Earth they need to go to Kobol.”

Confused he asks “Earth? Kobol? What the frak are you talking about? Nobody knows where those are.”

She smiles “The Cylons know, I know.”

Helo: “Okay, so you know. But how will Galactica find it? And if your people know, won’t they be waiting for them there?”

Sharon: “Yes, the plan was to detach a Baseship to Kobol as soon as Galactica and the fleet get close to it. Let’s hope we can get there first. Kobol’s sun is the only G class star in that area so Galactica will find it sooner or later. The last report I got before I ran away and switched sides indicated that they are moving into that general direction. That was five weeks ago so by now they should be close.”

After a moment in thoughts he asks her “What happened to all the Cylon patrols? Yesterday, shortly after I ran away from you they disappeared all of the sudden. What are they up to?”

She smiles at him “I committed a little sabotage and reprogrammed them to leave the city. So for two or three days there shouldn’t be any Centurions in Delphi. It also should keep the Cylons quite busy for a while. But we still may run into Cylons of my kind. Trust me, those are much more dangerous than the Centurions.”

He looks at her “Yeah!”

She looks him in the eyes “But I’m on your side!”

When he sets on to answer her they hear a Raider approach and she signals him to be quiet.

When she hears it slow down and land Sharon utters puzzled “That’s strange!”

Helo: “What?”

Sharon: “It sounded like that Raider landed on the other side of the museum.”

He looks confused and worried at her “Did they find us?”

Sharon: “Don’t know. Raiders normally don’t land just anywhere.”

Now Helo looks really confused at her.

She explains “They don’t have pilots like the Heavy Raiders. These Raiders are Cylons themselves, a living being with a brain, heart, lungs, guts and muscles inside that shell of an airframe. It’s their skin, they can’t leave it. One landing here makes no sense at all. Something is wrong.”

He is eager to distract his mind: “Let’s go and check it out. I need to do something …”

Sharon: “We need to be careful, let’s go through the museum. It should give us cover. And we have to go there anyway to get the arrow.”

(Cylon occupied Caprica – inside Delphi Museum of Colonial History)
(Extension/different perspective)

Helo and Sharon move carefully through the museum. They hear a shot and take cover. After a moment of silence they hear voices and then sounds of a fight.

He is thinking of her as a woman again, the woman he loves, the mother of his unborn child. And he doesn’t want her to get hurt. She is unarmed and defenseless so he whispers to her “Sharon, stay behind me.”

0:29:42 – Kobol's Last Gleaming (Part 2)

When they reach the hall of Apollo they spot a Six who is beating the crap out of a human, a woman in military clothes. The human goes down and appears to be defeated.

The Six picks something up. It is the Arrow of Apollo. She examines it as if contemplating killing the human with it.

Helo raises his gun to take the Cylon out to help the human. But before he can shoot the human runs screaming at the Cylon, tackles her, and they both fall over the edge to the level below.

Surprised Helo recognizes the human “Starbuck?!”

The Six has fallen atop a metal rebar which impaled and killed her.

But Starbuck is barely alive herself.

0:35:09 – Kobol's Last Gleaming (Part 2)

Helo runs down to the lower level to help Starbuck who tries under pain to get up when he reaches her. He turns her around and looks at her.

Helo: “Okay, okay, come here. Okay. I can't believe it. You are like the last person I expected to see.”

Starbuck is breathing shallow and fast “I could say the same thing about you.”

Helo laughs in relief and then asks “You okay?”

He wraps his arms around her and helps her up. She grunts in pain.

Helo rests her body against a pillar and checks her quickly for serious wounds. Then he looks her into her eyes and is relieved she is okay “Ahhh...”

Starbuck hugs him “Oh, I missed you.”

After they come apart and Helo looks at her Starbuck spots Sharon behind him on the upper level and realizes instantly what she is.

Helo sees where she is looking and turns to look at Sharon. He turns back to Starbuck and tries to explain “Hey, I...”

But Starbuck doesn’t listen, quickly pulls Helo's gun and screams “She's a Cylon!”

Sharon sees it, ducks and takes cover behind a pillar. At the same time Starbuck tries shoot her but Helo pushes the gun to the side and the shot goes into the ceiling

Helo urgently tries to calm Starbuck down and explains “No, no, no! You can't, you can't... She's pregnant.”

Starbuck looks at him in total disbelieve, screams, drops the gun and then collapses crying in total shock while Helo tries to comfort her.


Helo: “Kara, I know she is a Cylon. But she is not like the others.”

She thinks she isn’t hearing right “What?”

Helo: “I would be dead without her.”

Starbuck: “She's a Cylon, Helo.”

Helo “Yes she is, but she is with us, on our side. She saved my life – more than once.”

Starbuck looks in complete disbelieve at him but says nothing. She gets up, picks up his gun and puts it into her holster.

While Starbuck was down Sharon went over to the other side and picked Starbuck’s sidearm up. While switching on the safety she thought a moment about keeping it for herself but decided against it. She just got Helo to trust her and keeping the gun would jeopardize that. So she goes to the edge and calls “Helo!”

When he looks up to her she calls “Catch!” and tosses him the gun.

Helo catches and holsters it. Then he calls up to her “Sharon, come down to us.”

While she goes down to the lower level Helo goes over to the Six’s body. Starbuck follows him.

0:17:06 – Scattered

Helo and Starbuck stand in front of the Six’s body, looking down on it.

Sharon joins them looks down on the Six and then over to Helo and explains “Her consciousness is being downloaded into another body right now. And when she wakes up, she'll tell them exactly where we are.”

Helo agrees “She's right, we can't stay here.”

Starbuck is annoyed by him treating Sharon as if nothing has changed and she was still the old Sharon from Galactica. “She's right, huh?”
She turns to Helo “Sharon the Cylon is right. It's all just, ‘listen to Sharon the Cylon.’ ‘Do whatever she says.’ 'Cause that's a good idea.”

He gets defensive “Hey, Kara, she helped me get this far.”

Starbuck: “Okay, I get it. I get it, Helo. You and I go way back, so I get it. All right, I remember how you felt about her, but that is not the real Sharon. That is some cheap knock-off copy.”

Sharon strongly disagrees “I'm not a copy. I'm Sharon.” She smiles at Starbuck “I remember the first day I met you, Starbuck. You were puking your guts out in the head because you'd eaten bad oysters on...”

Starbuck pulls her gun on Sharon “Don't do that.”

Helo is alert and quickly steps in front of Sharon to shield her “HEY!”

Starbuck still has her gun trained on Helo and says to Sharon “I don't like it and I don't like you. So the best thing you can do is just keep your damn mouth shut.”

Sharon looks uneasy and slightly scared but Helo is shielding her with his body and pleads “Starbuck. Put it down, for gods' sakes.”

But Starbuck is completely unhinged and about to lose it “What do you want from me, Helo? She's a Cylon. You've been had. We've been had…
So what, I'm just supposed to be nice to her? Because she says she's pregnant?”

Sharon is now seriously afraid for herself and her child.

Starbuck charges her gun and demands from Helo “Get out of the way.”

But he stays firm and calmly says “No!”

Starbuck: “Karl, do not think that I will not…“

He sees that she is losing it and jumps at her to take the gun from her. He grabs her gun hand and pushes her arm up while Sharon ducks away. Starbuck pulls the trigger but the shot is way off and only hits a display case.

Helo grabs Starbuck from behind to restrain her and says forcefully “I'm not gonna let you kill her! Okay? She's carrying my child.”

Starbuck gets angry and disappointed with him and is near tears “My gods, men are so painfully stupid sometimes! How do you know that?”

Meanwhile Sharon decides to bail after this close call.


She trusts Helo and she doesn’t want to leave him. But Starbuck is way too eager to put some bullets into her. She can’t take that risk, not with Helo’s child growing inside her. She needs to protect it at all cost. So while Starbuck is occupied with Helo she quietly goes to the next exit. There she spots Starbuck’s Raider. She instantly realizes what Starbuck did. She goes to check it out. The inside is tight but it may be possible for two people to squeeze into it in a pickle. If she walks away now Starbuck may take Helo with her back to Galactica and she will never see him again. She can’t allow that. So she decides to take the Raider herself. She slides inside and moments later she is ready to take off.

(End Addition)

At the same time inside the museum.

Helo lets Starbuck go and she turns around to face him. He firmly says “I know, all right? She is not lying.”

Starbuck: “They lie about everything, Helo. Their entire existence is a lie. They're not human, Helo. They're machines. You can't have a baby with a machine.”

Helo calmly explains “I don't know what to tell you. Okay? But I believe her…
I-it's hard to describe. We've been together a long time. I mean, I know what she is, but she is not like the others.
She is not!”

Starbuck looks at him and then down, ready to give in for now. But then they hear the Raider’s Turbines spinning up

Starbuck realizes what is going on and starts running towards the exit “No, no, no, no, no!”

Helo pulls his sidearm and follows her.

(Cylon occupied Caprica – outside the Delphi Museum of Colonial History)

They run outside just in time to see Sharon fly off.

Starbuck utters angry “Bitch took my ride.”


Helo looks at her “So what now?”

Starbuck looks accusingly back at him “Your frakking girlfriend took my only means of getting back to the fleet. Now we are stranded in a Cylon infested city and need to find another ship.”

Helo: “I’m sorry... but… it’s not as Cylon infested as you may think.”

She just looks at him angry.

He explains “Sharon told me she sabotaged their Centurions to leave the city.”

She looks at him as if he has lost his mind “And gullible as you are you believed her?”

He gets upset “Hey! She didn’t lie, just take a look around.”

Starbuck: “FRAK! ... Follow me!”

(Cylon occupied Caprica – Delphi, Streets)
0:09:52 – Valley of Darkness

A while later Helo and Starbuck walk down a street.

Helo: “We should probably head out of the city; try to scout one of the outlying airbases. See if we can find a Raptor.”

Starbuck: “That's not exactly what I expected. Thought I'd be stepping over decaying corpses in the streets.”

Helo: “Yeah, we saw a few bodies here and there. Not much though. Sharon said that…” he looks at her “Cylon Sharon said they had troops picking up the bodies. Transporting them to mass incinerators.”

She mocks him “Your girlfriend's from a lovely family. Good people, great values.”

He stops at a garage gate and turns around to her “Enough, all right. Okay, I was fooled by her, she fooled me. You happy now?”

Starbuck: “It's not about making me happy.”

Helo: “Then what's it about? What do you want here? You want me to say I'm a frakking idiot, okay. I'm a frakking idiot.”

Starbuck: “That make you feel better?”

Helo: “I don't care anymore. I've been here for months. By myself, on the run. One step ahead of the Cylons. …”

She looks at him with an ironic grin.

Helo: “With the Cylons, I guess, actually.”

He leans against the gate, lowers his head in resignation.

Helo: “She seemed so real. Like Sharon, you know? Same grin, same laugh. All the little things. … I fell in love with a machine. It's stupid? So just call me an idiot, and let's be done with it.”

Starbuck: “You're an idiot. All right? You're an idiot. But the Cylons have a way of making all of us look like idiots.”

She goes and opens the gate of the building entrance and enters.

He follows her protesting “Kara, what are you doing?”

Starbuck: “Making a pit stop. I got something I gotta pick up.”

Helo: “Hey, we gotta keep going.”

As they go inside she explains “I got a place here, Helo.”

(Cylon occupied Caprica – Delphi, Starbuck’s Apartment)
0:19:09 – Valley of Darkness

Starbuck and Helo have arrived outside Starbuck’s apartment. She doesn't have her keys so she shoots the lock and kicks the door open.

Starbuck: “You never have your house keys when you need 'em.”

They go inside and walk down the stairs to the living area. The apartment is a mess. Starbuck tosses the Arrow of Apollo on the couch and starts searching for something. She is going through the stuff on the table in the center of the room.

Helo is admiring the art painted on the apartment walls and the paintings leaning on the wall: “These yours? You paint these, Kara?”

She continues going through a pile of stuff on an armchair “Yeah.”

While she continues her search he begins exploring the kitchen area. He opens refrigerator, scoffs and covers his mouth and nose with his hand. Obviously everything inside has gone bad and come back to life.

Meanwhile Starbuck inserts a tape into her music player and turns it on. A clavier sonata fills the room.

In the kitchen Helo finds a package of noodles.

Starbuck looks relieved and Helo comes over from the kitchen to join her in front of the player.

He is curious “How the hell did you get power?”

She explains “Batteries. Kept turning off the power. Something about not paying the bill.”

She turns around and goes to the table in the center.

He refers to the music: “That is definitely not you.”

Starbuck notes “It's my dad.”

He watches her as she slowly takes her jacket off, visibly still in pain from the beating that the Cylon gave her in the museum.

Helo: “Well, we got one package of noodles. You don't believe in groceries?”

Starbuck picks up another jacket, covert with paint, and slowly puts it on. While moving slowly down onto the couch she takes her sidearm out of her holster and puts it on the table in front of her. She stops going down when feels the arrow underneath her and puts it to the side and then sits completely down. Helo puts the pack of noodles and sits down in the armchair on the opposite side of the table while Starbuck goes through boxes on the table. She finally finds what she was looking for – a box of cigars. She takes one out and cuts the tip off.

Starbuck: “You know, I never really liked this place anyway. Air conditioning doesn't work in the summer. Heater doesn't work in the winter. The rent's a crime.”

She feels to sit on something and digs out a lighter from underneath her “A-hah.”

She lights up the cigar.

They both sit back and relax.

Starbuck: “After they attacked, I never... I never pined over any of my old crap. Never missed it. Stupid view of the parking lot. Broken toilet in the bathroom. You know, everyone I know... is fighting to get back what they had. And I'm fighting 'cause I don't know how to do anything else.”

She sighs.

0:37:59 – Valley of Darkness

After sitting and relaxing for a while Starbucks searches the pockets of her jacket and finds her truck keys in the inside pocket.

She shows them to Helo “Tired of walking?”

(Cylon occupied Caprica – Delphi, Starbuck’s Garage)

They go down into the garage where Starbuck’s truck is parked, a surplus military vehicle.

Helo sees the truck and laughs.

They get into the truck and Starbuck successfully starts its engine. Helo smiles at her, glad he doesn’t have to walk anymore.

Starbuck drives through the gate without bothering to open it first and they are on their way.

(Cylon occupied Caprica – Delphi, Streets – Starbuck’s truck)

When they are out on the street Helo looks at Starbuck and asks “So what’s your plan?”

Starbuck “Find an airfield, steal a ride and get of this planet.”

Helo: “Sharon… she said there are relatively unsecured refueling airfields around Delphi. She had a plan to grab a Heavy Raider to get us back to Galactica.”

Starbuck: “You really believed her?”

Helo: “Yes.”

Starbuck: “So, did she tell you where these airfields are?”

Helo: “No, you arrived and scared her off before she could give me any details. But I’m quite sure they use existing civil airfields that they just refitted for their needs.”

Starbuck: “Good, I know a few small civil airfields out in the woods. Let’s go and check those out.”

Helo: “Do you think you can fly a Heavy Raider?”

Starbuck: “Sure, can’t be much different from the little one I used to come here. I just got to blow its brain and figure out where the flight controls are. Easy as pie.”

Helo: “Well, then let’s get as far out of the city as we can before nightfall. We most definitely don’t want to drive with the headlights on.”

(Cylon occupied Caprica – Delphi)

After making a few scouting runs of the area Sharon has come up with a plan. In her memory she still has mapped out all the Colonial airfields and Cylon bases that should have been installed around Delphi after the Cylon forces took it. Helo and Starbuck will likely go for one of the old Colonial airfields they know from before the attack. She just needs to find out which.

It now comes to pass that she has firsthand knowledge of both, Cylon and Colonial military installations and Cylon deployment pattern – it will come in handy. It also helps that Sharon Valerii was living in Delphi during her two years on the academy and when on leave from Galactica. She knows the surroundings and still has the apartment here, where – in a different life – she had requisitioned her flight suit and the military gear she needed for her mission. Unfortunately she can’t return there as it is most likely under surveillance by the Cylon who are now on the hunt for her. After the run-in with her former handler she needs to be especially careful.

For her plan she needs to stock up on some supplies. Also she finally needs to properly care for her shoulder, most importantly get the bullet out. So she has landed the Raider on the EVAC Raptor landing pad on top of the central hospital building. She finds the tarp that is normally used to protect the EVAC Raptor from the elements and uses it to cover the Raider so it cannot be spotted by an air patrol. Then she goes down into the basement of the hospital and after a short search she finds the pharmaceutical storage room. Luckily it hasn’t been raided. She quickly finds everything she needs and a large bag to carry her loot. She stuffs everything into the bag and takes also all the anti-radiation shots she can find. Lastly she also grabs a few vials of prenatal vitamin pills.

Then she goes to the staff locker room and searches it for some civilian closes. After cracking several lockers she finds what she needs.

Her next stop is the hospital kitchen where she stocks up on dry rations and canned food for several days. She finally fills up the remaining space in her bag up with bottles of water.

Finally she makes a stop in an operating room to take care of her shoulder. The bullet is still in there and it hurts and with every movement. She gives herself a shot with a local anesthetic and when her shoulder is num she carefully removes the scab to open up the wound and clean it as good as she can. Then she takes a pair of forceps and carefully starts probing for the bullet. When she feels the bullet she grabs and extracts it. Luckily it hasn’t fragmented and came out in one piece. She was lucky that the shoulder padding of her flight suit took up most of the bullet’s kinetic energy. Otherwise it may have shattered the bones of her shoulder and permanently disabled it. But the padding transferred the bullets energy over a larger area and caused her entire shoulder to bruise. With the bullet out now she starts cleaning the wound and closes it with a couple of stitches. Then she applies an ointment that should accelerate the healing. Finally she bandages the shoulder as good as she can.

After her shoulder is taken care of she needs to re-arm herself. So she goes looking for the ready room of the hospital security staff. There she finds without much effort a sidearm that will fit her needs. Not a military model but good enough to take out a Centurion with one well placed shot. She also grabs all the ammo for it she can find.

When she is finally done with her shopping trip she gets on her way back to the roof.

She stuffs the bag into the Raider. Then, after a quick scan of the sky, takes off the tarp, gets herself into the Raider and takes off.

Next she needs to take over a small Cylon outpost to gain access to the Datastream. But first she needs some rest.

She picks a small clearance deep inside the woods in the mountains, just big enough to land the Raider, to set up camp for the night. While she tries to fall asleep she thinks of Helo. The fear of not being able to find him in time adds to the built up tension of the last days and she starts crying. Moments later her whole body is shaking from crying spells as her emotions break way. She curls up and cries herself to sleep. 

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Thomas wrote:
'listen to Sharon the Cylon'
I knew I would read that from you some time :wink:

Thomas wrote:
He instantly realizes the truth and continues to run away from both – Sharon and the base.
Sharon calls after him, pleading “Helo, come with me! Helo? Helo! Helo!”
But he continues running away from her and Sharon stays behind, sad, desperate and angry with herself.

In one of the previouslies she adds "I'm a Cylon, come back ...". I particularly like this little piece where she looks pathetic realizing she just frakked everything and is awkwardly trying to make up for it.

Thomas wrote:
She objects “I’m not a machine Helo. I’m a woman of flesh and blood.”
Soon enough this won't be sci-fi anymore. Labs just found the the anti-aging gene. So with some more engineering we could be young for ever, smarter, stronger, equipped with built-in man-machine interfaces... in a word : Cylons.

And I gradually get used to your script-like type of writing even if I usually prefer a more literary approach.

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Jack Raby wrote:
In one of the previouslies she adds "I'm a Cylon, come back ...". I particularly like this little piece where she looks pathetic realizing she just frakked everything and is awkwardly trying to make up for it.

I never noticed that bit. Which episode’s previously was that in? I really need to add that.

Everytime I watch that scene I feel so sorry for her. She gave up everything for him, to save him and then after saving his life again he just runs out on her without giving her a chance to explain herself.
And then when she tracked him down a few hours later and showed clearly no signs of hostility against him, he tries to kill her. Luckily he was a lousy shot. And even though he didn't finish her off he treated her like shit until she finally set him straight.

Jack Raby wrote:
And I gradually get used to your script-like type of writing even if I usually prefer a more literary approach.

There are a couple of reasons why I write this way.
For once, I’m using the scripts and transcripts as the skeleton/base. So it’s easiest to keep it that way.
And then I’m an engineer and not a writer and the transcript style just suits me better.

BTW how do you like my idea why Delphi was so devoid of Cylons?
In Downloaded Delphi is the capital of Cylon occupied Caprica/Colonies and full of Cylons and Centurions. Yet in Valley of Darkness Starbuck and Helo stroll completely careless along Delphi’s streets in full daylight without being afraid to run into any Cylons. What happened to all the Cylons and Centurions that should have been there securing the city and trying to hunt down Helo and Sharon?

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The (very short) scene where Sharon says "I'm a Cylon" is in the previouslies of "Kobol Last gleaming Part I" (Season 1 Ep 12). I don't remember if the rest of the scene is exactly the same as in "Colonial Day". I should re-watch it.
Thomas wrote:
BTW how do you like my idea why Delphi was so devoid of Cylons?

First I thought it was a bit far fetched - modifying a Centurion circuit on the fly - creating a virus in the blink of an eye ... but I remembered how she did recognize a Cylon virus at first sight on Galactica and could send it back to the Cylon raiders, so why not? She surely had the skill.

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Jack Raby wrote:
The (very short) scene where Sharon says "I'm a Cylon" is in the previouslies of "Kobol Last gleaming Part I" (Season 1 Ep 12). I don't remember if the rest of the scene is exactly the same as in "Colonial Day". I should re-watch it.

I just checked that scene and I don’t think she said that to Helo. Pitch and mood of her voice is wrong to be part of that scene. It was just a voiceover narration, an explanation for new viewers.

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Nah, its from early S1, when Boomer says "I'm a Cylon" to Tyrol (they are in the hangar deck), just to tease him, and/or because she starts to suspect herself and thinks the Chief has doubts too.

They often did "remixes" like this in the "previouslies".

Captain of the Praetorian Guard of Her Majesty Empress Boomer

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Well, after a recent re-watch I decided to work on this a little bit more.

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Day 52 ACH – The Resistance
(Cylon occupied Caprica – Surroundings of Delphi)

Sharon wakes up before dawn. After fixing her shoulder yesterday and getting some sleep last night she feels much better and her confidence has returned. She is not worried that Starbuck and Helo could get off the planet without her. One of the assignments her unit was tasked with immediately after the attack was to locate all functional space worthy ships and either bring them to Delphi Spaceport, remove the launch keys or permanently disable them. She knows her sisters and is confident that they executed their orders with their usual diligence. Helo and Starbuck won’t be able to find a single functional Colonial ship on the entire planet.

Delphi Spaceport is the only base on this planet where they could get a Colonial ship or a regular Raider. And that’s the only type of Cylon ship Starbuck could hijack. But after the failed infiltration attempt she made there with Helo security at Delphi Spaceport should be so tight that there is no way they could break in and find the time to steal a Raider. And all other Cylon ships they could find on the planet can only be controlled over neuronal interfaces. So even if Helo and Starbuck manage to get to a Heavy Raider they won’t be able to fly it – not even in the way Starbuck did with the Raider Sharon now uses.

Unfortunately there are too many small airbases around Delphi and she has not the slightest idea which one they may try first. If Helo was alone she would have had a chance to predict where he would go. But now Starbuck is calling the shots and she is just too erratic to be predicted. So she has no idea where they will go first. As far as she can see it now her best chance is to wait until they make a move or set off some alarm. After that she will have a starting point where to look for them. So next she needs to gain access to the Datastream to monitor what’s going on in this area.
But first she needs to take care of herself. The child growing inside her demands nutrients and causes her unreal hunger attacks. So she starts going through the food in her bag and picks a can with stew and a can of mixed fruit for breakfast.

While she is eating she thinks about the situation. Her sabotage of the Centurions was only limited to units in Delphi and by now her people should have figured out what she did and counteracted it. It is also certain that they got more careful and won’t let Centurions out on patrol by themselves anymore as long as she is out here. Cylon led Centurion patrols she can’t fool and those will not only be a problem to herself but even more to Helo and Starbuck. She starts worrying for Helo and realizes she can’t wait until he run into one of those. She needs to find him as fast as possible.

After she is done with her breakfast she rolls up her blanket, packs her bag and stuffs everything into the Raider. After that she gets into it herself and takes off to start exploring suitable Cylon outposts. She knows that the communication unit of her Baseship was tasked to set up a com-relay for the Delphi area. They should have set it up somewhere up in the mountains around Delphi.

(Cylon occupied Caprica – Woods near Delphi)

It’s early dawn. The night Helo and Starbuck had slept inside the truck. At nightfall they drove the truck off the road into a small side way that let them to a small power station. There they just sleept inside the truck’s cabin.

The first rays of sunlight wake Helo up and with his eyes still closed he mumbles sleepy “Sharon?”

Starbuck opens her eyes and smiles sour at him “Sharon, huh?”

He opens his eyes and just looks at her sad.

She looks at him for a moment “Okay, okay I let it rest – daddy.”

He ignores her snide remarks “I think we should figure out where to try it first. You got a map of the area?”

She starts digging through the piles of papers in the driver's door pockets.
After a while she finds what she was looking for and pulls out a folded map “A-hah, here we go.”

She turns back to the front and shows the map to Helo.

He looks at it “You don’t have it any smaller?

She opens the driver side door and gets out “Yeah, let’s unfold it out on the hood.”

0:04:19 – Resistance (& The Plan)

A group of resistance fighters sneaks up on Starbuck’s truck. Just minutes ago they had been alarmed by a survivor they had rescued, that a few of the humanoid Cylons have been spotted out here. Now they are observing Helo and Starbuck from the cover of the forest.

Sue-Shaun: “No sign of Centurions on the perimeter.”

Anders: “I don't like it. The human toasters don't go anywhere alone.”


(I may fill the Resistance parts in later)

Starbuck: “You know you guys suck, right? Can't shoot, can't pass. Sure as hell can't take the point.”

Anders: “Everyone's a critic.”

(Cylon occupied Caprica – Delphi Spaceport, Command Center)

A Heavy Raider arrives at the Delphi Spaceport. Sonia steps out and walks with uneasy steps towards the main building. She enters it and proceeds to the command center.

Natalie greets her coldly “Your first download? So how was the trip to the Resurrection Ship? Feeling strange in that new body, huh?”

Sonia: “Yeah, my legs feel as if they belong to someone else. I have a hard time even walking straight. How long does this last? What does it take to get used to a new body?”

Natalie: “Depends, weeks, a few months, sometimes up to a year. It takes lots of practice to get your reflexes retrained. I downloaded a few times myself many years ago and am not too eager to do it again anytime soon.”

Sonia: “But when I met Sharon right after her download she showed no signs of being affected by this. How did she do that?”

Natalie: “In their training the pilots have gone through so many downloads, it seems it has become routine to them.”

Sonia: “The download alone was painful as hell. How can you get used to that?”

Natalie: “Yeah, they either got tough or they quit. Only the most determined made it all the way. And that's why they can be so hard. So maybe now you have a better idea who you are dealing with.”

Sonia: “Yes, but it wasn’t her, it was Starbuck who killed me.”

Natalie: “Were Sharon and Agathon there with Starbuck?”

Sonia: “No, Starbuck was alone. I had her already defeated when she threw herself at me and we both went down.”

Natalie: “Well, when we checked we only found your body. She may have been severely injured in the fall but she didn’t die. And she was obviously fit enough to walk away from the scene.”

Sonia: “So did you find any signs of Sharon?”

Natalie: “No, she and Agathon have completely vanished. But yesterday a patrol found a cabin where they must have made a longer stop on their way to Delphi. It was a real love nest. On the bed sheets they found lot's of their bodily fluids. It looks like those two had lots of steamy fun there. But the real good news is that, according to the analysis of her fluids, she is pregnant.”

Sonia gets excited “That’s really good news. It confirms the theory is correct.”

Natalie: “Sure, but what good does it do us? Agathon and Valerii were a very special case that can’t be easily replicated.”

Sonia: “So what are we doing to capture them?”

Natalie: “I have a few ideas…”

(Cylon occupied Caprica – Delphi Union High School, Resistance Camp)
0:25:35 – Resistance

The Buccaneers take Helo and Starbuck to their base camp, an abandoned high school.


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Day 53 ACH
(Cylon occupied Caprica – Cylon Com Relay, mountains west of Delphi)

The previous evening Sharon finally found the com-relay she was looking for – a small and remote station up in the mountains west of Delphi. It is only staffed by one Cylon and two Centurions as guards. She had landed the Raider well out of hearing range and then approached the station carefully. Early in the morning, after observing the station for hours out in the cold, an Eight got dropped off by a Heavy Raider as the relief for a Six who then left with the same Raider.

She knows that it should be a while until the Eight will get relieved. So she will be able to use the base at least for a few days and then be able to take possession of the Raider when it brings the relief for that Eight. Perfect!
The Centurions stand guard outsides the entrance while the Eight is working inside the station.

Sharon strips out of her flight suit and puts on the civilian clothes she acquired in the hospital. Then she cleans herself up as good as it goes under these conditions. When she is satisfied with the result she takes several injectors out of her bag and puts them into her jacket pocket. She stuffs her flight suit into the bag, shoulders it and starts walking towards the base as if she has legitimate business there.

While she approaches the entrance the Centurions scan her. Luckily there is no way they can distinguish different Cylon individuals. They just recognize her as an Eight in the usual civil outfit and let her pass without paying any further attention to her.

While entering the station she pulls out one of the injectors and quickly approaches the Eight in the interface room. The Eight takes her hands out of the data-font and turns around to see who entered. But before she has fully turned around Sharon has rammed the injector into her neck and releases the content into her bloodstream. “Sorry Sis, but I got to do this.”

With a surprised expression on her face the Eight collapses. Sharon kneels down to her and checks her pulse. She is still alive and just unconscious from the sedative she injected her with. She is relieved. The last thing she needs is her sister to die, download into a new body and give her position away. She may need to use this base for several days so she needs to keep her sister Eight alive but unconscious. Carefully she picks up the Eight and carries her into the base’s crew off duty room. There she lays her down on one of the beds. She gently adjusts the Eight’s body on the bed and covers her with the sheets. Then she takes a bag with IV nutrition fluid out of her bag, hooks it up to the Eight’s arm and adjust the flow. She will have to change the IV bag every few hours to make sure she is okay. She also adds another shot of sedative into the IV bag. This should keep her alive and knocked out for a while.

With her sister taken care of she approaches the Data-Font and puts her hands into it. She hooks herself up to the data stream and starts searching. At the same time she maintains the functions of the relay station to avoid suspicion or triggering an alarm.

First she verifies the rotation schedule of the base. As she expected she will have 4 days until another Cylon comes to relieve that sleeping beauty in the next room. Good, that will hopefully be enough.

After a short time she manages to find the data about Galactica. Cylon forces are still tracking them. She finds the uploads and reports of several of the Cylon agents on Galactica and Cylons of the pursuing fleet that had died and resurrected. She notes those for a closer analysis later.

According to the data from the pursuing fleet Galactica found Kobol three days ago. She had known they would find it. From the data she learns that several of Galactica’s crew got stranded on Kobol after the Cylon forces guarding the planet shot their Raptor down. Surprised she finds that shortly after this the Sharon Valerii on Galactica personally took out the Baseship that was guarding Kobol. Due to the resulting chaos and the distance the data about this are still incomplete. And the Resurrection Ship with the fleet is still busy with downloading the crew of the destroyed Baseship. Maybe there is still hope for her sister if she gets to her in time.

Then she starts looking for reports about the surroundings of Delphi. She finds reports about a resistance group that has been infiltrated by at least one Cylon agent, a Four, who is posing as their doctor. The group commits little acts of terror and resistance against the occupation forces. But they are more a nuisance than a serious threat to the Cylon. The resistance group has their base camp set up in the Delphi Union High School. For some strange reasons the Cylons leave them alone there even though they know exactly where they are.

She finds this quite unusual <This is more than strange. What is going on there? Is this group used as a trap for survivors?>

But while their base camp seems to be a sanctuary the Cylons do fight them everywhere else. They got into a Cylon ambush last week and lost almost half their fighters.
She decides to keep an eye on them by monitoring the Four’s reports. The reports are usually one to two days behind.

No signs of Helo or Starbuck so far. But she herself has made the Cylons’ “most wanted” list. Every Cylon on Caprica is on the lookout for her with the strict instruction to capture her alive. Well, at least they won’t gun her down on sight, that’s worth something. And the Centurions can’t identify her anyway.
While on it she also downloads the updated service and rotation schedules of all the airfields in the area.

(Cylon occupied Caprica – Delphi Union High School, Resistance Camp)
0:36:57 – Resistance

While Starbuck and Anders bond over a game of Pyramid, Helo hangs out in the school’s mess hall.


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Day 54 ACH
(Cylon occupied Caprica – Cylon Com Relay, mountains west of Delphi)

Sharon is continuing to monitor the data stream. There are still no signs of Helo or Starbuck so far. They are surprisingly good at keeping a low profile.
So she decides to have a closer look at that resistance group. The fact that the Cylons have an agent within the group and know in detail about them but leave them completely alone in their base is very strange. The core of the resistance group is formed by the Caprica Buccaneers. Their leader is Samuel Anders. The Cylon agent is the Buccaneer’s team doctor and goes by the name of Simon.

She follows the reports of Simon and finds a connection to the Delphi Convalescent Institute, which is now used as one of the crossbreeding research facilities the Fours have set up. They call them "Farms". Sharon knew about these farms but the details of the operation she now found are appalling to her. This is not how God wants them to procreate. She knew that experiments like that had been performed on captured humans before but these farms are on a much bigger scale.

Since she has time to kill she starts going through the reports of all those Cylon agents that died on Galactica and downloaded.

A Five tried himself as a suicide bomber on Galactica. But based on Shelly Godfrey’s report the damage he caused was just minimal. This confirms Sharon’s low opinion of that model. They are narrow-minded bureaucrats, and besides such tasks hardly useful for much else. For sure they are no good for anything that requires inspiration or creativity. That would require an Eight, maybe a Six.

Shelly Godfrey tried to discredit Baltar by exposing his part in the fall of the Colonies. One might think it should be simple to expose the truth if you know all the nitty-gritty details. Shelly however, instead in just telling the truth, fabricated poor evidence that was soon exposed as being falsified. After that she was exposed to be a Cylon and, to avoid interrogation by the humans, threw herself out of an airlock. It was probably for the best. She was weak and would have broken in the interrogation.

Leoben’s report is very interesting. He was captured hiding on the Gemenon Traveler and then interrogated by Starbuck. It must have been a dream coming true for him as, while monitoring the fleet’s communications, he has become obsessed and fascinated by Kara. Leoben told her about the destiny she supposedly has. But the most interesting in Leoben’s report is his assessment of president Roslin. She guaranteed him safety and then threw him out of an airlock anyway. It seems she doesn’t honor her word and can’t be trusted.


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Day 55 ACH
(Cylon occupied Caprica – Cylon Com Relay, mountains west of Delphi)

Sharon is still monitoring the data stream. The data coming in from the Cylon fleet near Kobol are still incomplete.
But Sharon finally found Helo and Starbuck. They were picked up by that resistance group near Delphi the previous day and joined them for now. The Four that poses as the doctor of the group uploaded a report about Starbuck. But he failed to recognize Starbuck’s companion as Karl Agathon and didn’t mentioned him by name at all which is actually good news. It will hopefully prevent her pursuers from making the connection. With some luck she and Helo will be off this wasted planet by the time they find out. Thinking about Helo makes her feel all warm and fuzzy inside. She can’t wait to see him again.

But then she finds an order from the Four that instructs the Farm to set up a trap and prepare the capture of Starbuck. Sharon is alarmed. She can no longer wait for the Heavy Raider to arrive but needs to get to them fast and warn them.
Luckily her shoulder is already much better. She applies fresh ointment and replaces the bandage. A few more days and it should be as good as new.

Before she leaves she changes the Eight’s IV bag and gives her another dose of the sedative. She gently touches her sister Eight’s cheek and whispers “Goodbye Sister. I’m sorry I had to do this to you, but you will be fine.”
Then she grabs her bag and leaves the station.

(Cylon occupied Caprica – mountains west of Delphi)

The Centurions show no sign of being alarmed – good! She follows the path that connects the base to the next main road until she is well out of sensor range of the Centurions. Then she leaves the path and makes a stop to change back into her flight gear which provides better camouflage in the woods than the bright pantsuit she is wearing now. After that is taken care of she walks off towards the clearance where she had parked the Raider.

When she gets to the clearance she spots several Centurions and a Six. <Frak!> A ground patrol must have found the Raider. <Frak!> With her transportation gone she is in real trouble. She can’t go back to the base as the patrol will go there next to check if everything is okay. And she is on the other side of Delphi, far away from the high school the Resistance uses as base camp. On foot it will take her several days to get there since she has to make a wide circle around the city and carefully avoid any Cylon patrols that may be out here. Fear fills her heart that she may not make it in time.
She carefully retracts into woods and starts walking away quietly. After she is out of the Centurion’s sensory range she starts running as fast as she can.


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Day 56 ACH

(Cylon occupied Caprica – Delphi Union High School, Mess Hall)

Helo is sitting alone on a table when he is approached by a red haired woman “Hi I’m Jean Barolay.”

He looks up “I know who you are.” He stretches out his hand “Karl Agathon, but everybody just calls me Helo.”

She shakes his hand “Kara said you survived all this time here on your own. That’s quite an achievement.”

Sad he responds “I wasn’t alone all the time. I had someone with me and she looked out for me, saved my life more than once.”

She looks at him “Looks like there was more between you.”

Helo: “Yes, after being together on the run for weeks we fell in love.”

Barolay: “What happened? Did the Cylons catch her?”

Helo: “We got split up. I hope she avoided getting captured. I doubt they would treat her very kindly if they catch her.”

Barolay: “Those frakking Toasters won’t treat any of us kindly if they get us.”

Helo: “They might treat her worse than any of us.”

She looks at him confused “Why would they treat her any different?”

Helo: “Because she is one of them.”

Barolay: “What?”

Helo: “I don’t know all the details yet. But she fell in love with me and switched sides to save me. Without her I would’ve died weeks ago. All these weeks she looked out for me. She knew every trap and danger spot.”

Barolay: “How is that possible? I thought they were all coldhearted machines.”

Helo: “Obviously not. Sharon told me that they are just like us, feelings, emotions and all… She is pregnant with my child.”

Barolay: “Frak me!”

Starbuck arrives and looks at Jean “He’s telling you about his Toaster girlfriend?”

Barolay: “Yeah, hard to believe.”

Starbuck: “It’s crazy!”

She looks at him for a moment and notices his sad face “Don’t tell me you miss her.”

Helo: “Hey, we’ve been together for so long. She was the only living person I’ve seen in weeks. You have no idea what we went through. We got really close.”

She gives him an ironic smirk “Yeah, close enough to knock her up.”

He just looks at her with an angry expression on his face.

Starbuck: “Hey, I know how you felt about Sharon. But this was not that Sharon.”

He responds sad “Yeah, this Sharon actually loved me. Just being near her made me feel better.”

Starbuck: “Gods, don’t tell me you really love her.”

Helo: “It took me a few nights to sleep over, but I know now.”

Starbuck: “She is a Cylon, a machine!”

Helo: “I don’t care anymore.”

Starbuck: “I thought she fooled you.”

Helo: “No she didn’t. She looked out for me and kept me alive. She tried to tell me the truth for some time, but felt my hate for the Cylons and was afraid to lose me, I realize that now. But in the end she rather gave up her secret than let me die. And I just ran away from her and then shot her. I’m an idiot.”

Starbuck: “At least that’s something we can agree upon.”

Helo: “Hey! What do you think the ‘real’ Sharon is? She’s a Cylon too! Same model.”

Starbuck: “Yeah, that part I figured out all by myself. But it’s still hard to believe. The old man will be quite upset about this.”

Helo: “Sharon told me that Boomer doesn’t know what she is, that she thinks to be human, that she isn’t in control. But Sharon is different, and she is on our side.”

She looks at him for a moment as if he has lost his mind “So what? You really thought you could just take her back to Galactica, introduce her as your fiancé and everybody would be happy for you and welcome her into the family? What are you smoking?”

Helo: “Hey, she could be a great asset. She was one of their pilots and I’m sure knows all of their strategies. She singlehandedly cleared the entire city from all the Centurions. Because of her we were able to get out of the city. Or what did you think where all the other Cylons were? She would be a great asset.”

Starbuck: “So what?”

Helo: “Seriously.”

Starbuck: “And how do you plan to find her?”

Helo: “I don’t have a clue. But she found me once, she will find me again. I know she is looking for us.”

Starbuck: “Oh Helo, you are so lost.”

Helo: “You think I don’t know that?”


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Day 57 ACH

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