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 Post subject: What I had intended with "Ballad of Fallen Angels"
PostPosted: Thu May 05, 2016 10:27 pm 
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In case anyone is remotely curious (given how long it's been, I sincerely doubt it, but I thought I'd share anyway).

The general premise of the story was that the Colony - the artificial Cylon homeworld that was created around the ship of the Final Five - would have survived entering the singularity (since the show never technically showed it being destroyed).

I had played around with the idea of the Colony either entering another part of the galaxy after it entered the singularity (or even another part of the universe) and exiting a white hole and even entertained the possibility of entering an anti-matter universe that would have forced them to try and find an exit before the entire Colony was destroyed (although I felt it may have strayed a bit too much from the general premise of what the series was supposed to be).

Developing the Ones, Fours, and Fives into more three-dimensional characters (rather than barely defined antagonists) was one of my goals (I felt one of the failings of the show was that the Cylon identity was never really established). This would have been a story about survival, given the damage caused to the Colony, and about these Cylons coming together to save each other.

Sharon "Boomer" Valerii would have survived being shot by Athena - given how Cavil altered his programming (like the sleep cycle), I thought he could have bestowed the same to Boomer - who was trying to become more machine and less human. I toyed with the idea that she would have survived because of Cavil's tinkering with her general programming so that she clung to life after being shot.

Tory Foster (one of the Final Five) would have resurrected on the original ship that the Colony is built around. I felt this made sense since the Final Five resurrected on the ship when Earth was destroyed, and since the Colony was built around their ship I figured Tory would download into a new body once Galen murdered her. Since Tory was sharing knowledge with the others, I thought she would also possess their knowledge of Resurrection.

Resurrection would be the reason why the other models - the Ones, the Fours, and the Fives - wouldn't risk harming or killing her.

Given how ill defined she is in the series (she pretty much kills Cally so that Galen is single when Boomer returns to the Galactica, rather than any character-driven reason), I thought it would be fun to get more into her perspective, her views, how she adjusts to the artificially implanted memories she has and her actual memories from her time on Earth.

I also liked the idea of Tory finding a real place among the Ones, Fours, and Fives - seeing that the Final Five were wrong in some respects, despite their good intentions.

Tory would have convinced one of the Fours (the Simons) to save Boomer's life. Given how she helped give life to these Cylons, I thought it made sense. Admittedly, I had some other ideas as well as to how that could have come about.

Working together to try and prevent the Colony from falling apart so that the damage doesn't kill everyone onboard would have been the premise of the narrative.

Ultimately, the Cylons would have established themselves in a new part of space - with Tory guiding the other models to reconstruct Resurrection technology in a senior position.

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