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 Post subject: Playing Santa, by mamaboolj, Elias, OCs, R
PostPosted: Fri Apr 24, 2009 3:28 pm 
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Title: Playing Santa
Author: Mamaboolj
Fandom: Whistler
Characters: Elias Noth, other characters
Spoilers: Passion Plays
Rating: R for language, references to various illegal activities
Word Count: ~575
Disclaimer: Owned by CTV, not me. I'm just filling in the blanks. Please don't sue.

He blended with the mostly male crowd of shoppers picking up their last minute Christmas gifts. Sure, it was just a dollar store selling cheap crap to the poor residents of the Downtown Eastside, but the store was packed. And for that Elias was grateful; it would make his task easier. He really didn’t know why he was there in the first place. He could give a shit about the little brat, but his mom had been too busy walking the streets and getting high to remember to get Amy on one of those charity toy lists. If Santa didn’t bring her anything, she would spend Christmas day bawling her eyes out, and he’d be the one stuck listening to it. Their mom would be in some gallery shooting up long before Amy stopped her crying. He should just tell her she’d been naughty, and that’s why she didn’t get any presents. He should. But here he was in the goddamn dollar store on Christmas Eve casing the place so he could steal a toy for his four-year old sister.

It wasn’t the first time he’d stolen anything; petty theft was one of the few useful things in life his mom had taught him in his fifteen years, along with how to hide drugs and keep warm after getting evicted from yet another apartment. Stealing, however, was getting a hell of a lot harder now that he was a tall, lanky teenage boy. People just assumed he was up to no good, whether he was or not. Doing his best to look like a usual shopper, he made his way to the toy aisle – conveniently located near the cashier, of course. He picked up a few random toys and checked out the price before putting them back on the shelf. He had already spied his target. A Barbie knock off in a pink princess dress. He waited until the check-out line got long to make his move. He picked up the doll, turned his back to the cashier, and slid it under his tattered sweatshirt. He stuck the package into his waistband to secure it and pulled the sweatshirt back into place. He briefly looked at a few other items before heading toward the exit. He was nearly there when he saw a customer talking to one of the workers, pointing at him. Elias picked up his pace. The last thing he wanted was to get arrested with a fucking Barbie.

"Hey you! Kid! Stop or I’m calling the cops!" He pushed his way through the crowd, but one of the clerks was standing between him and the door. That’s when Elias saw Brian, this kid he sort of knew from school. Brian was a couple years older, kind of short and chubby but with the dark hair and eyes of many First Nations people, although not Elias of course, thanks to the dad he never knew. They'd shared a few joints with some other guys behind the gym before Brian dropped out. Word was he had run away and was living on Hastings these days. Acting as if he had no idea what was going on, Brian nonchalantly walked in front of the clerk, giving Elias just the time he needed to slip past and out the door. He never looked back as he melted into the crowd of people on the street. But he knew he owed Brian one, and he would certainly make him pay up.

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