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 Post subject: Happiness, by mamaboolj, Elias/Nicole, others, NC-17
PostPosted: Fri Apr 24, 2009 3:31 pm 
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Title: Happiness
Author: Mamaboolj
Fandom: Whistler
Characters: Elias Noth/Nicole Miller, Carrie, Adrian, Sabre
Spoilers: Entire Series
Rating: NC-17 - only my second piece of porn ever
Word Count: ~2,870
Disclaimer: Owned by CTV, not me. I'm just filling in the blanks. Please don't sue.
Beta: sabaceanbabe who I think beta'd just about everything posted in any fandom the past few days. Thanks!
AN: If you want to understand some of the references in this story, you may want to read my Whistler Overview.

Nicole walked into the living room and draped a garment bag over the back of the sofa. “So are you going to be there or not?”

Elias raised his head from his sketchbook with a look on his face that said, “You’re joking, right?”

She shook her head in frustration and walked back to her bedroom, still talking. “Come on, Elias. It’s New Year’s Eve, and I have to be there. It’s my job.” She was shoving makeup into her handbag as she returned. “Can’t you bring yourself to show up for a little while, 11:45 or something?” She tossed the handbag on the sofa next to the garment bag before looking to him for a response.

He set down his pencil and pushed his book away. “Nikki, I am not going to a black-tie party at the resort.” Amusement, not anger, danced in his eyes, but he meant every word he said.

“They’ll let you in without the tie if I tell them to.” The smile she tried hard to hide made it clear her condescending tone was just for show.

“No!” He almost laughed it because they both knew a tie was just the tip of the iceberg of reasons for why he didn’t want to attend the VIP soiree at Varland Resort tonight. She pursed her lips, dropped her chin, and let her gaze fall to the floor in front of her. “And no pouting! It’s not going to work this time.” He laughed and stood to stretch out the kinks from leaning over her dining room table for so long.

Since pleading and pouting hadn’t worked, she went with her last trick. She sauntered up to him sexily and crooned, “I’ll be wearing the same dress I wore to your opening in SoHo in October.” She didn’t remind him that the iridescent green dress had been a gift from Adrian Varland, back when he was confusing her for her mother.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her. “Nice try, Nicole. Still not working.”
She playfully slapped his chest and stuck out her tongue in disapproval before turning to the sofa and rummaging through her bags, making sure she had everything she would need for the evening.

“Look, Sabre and I will hang out here instead of going back to my place; we can celebrate when you get back.”

She sighed dramatically and rolled her eyes. “Whatever, Elias. Just sit here with Sabre, order pizza, and watch crappy TV. But I can’t be held responsible for who I end up kissing at midnight.” She flashed him a coy smile as she placed a gold-lined piece of paper on the coffee table. “Here’s the invitation, just in case you change your mind.”

“I won’t.”

“I know, but I still had to try.” She reached up and circled her arms around his neck, drawing him down into a deep, lingering kiss. With a great deal of effort, she reluctantly broke the embrace and collected her things. “I have to go. I’ll be home as soon as I can.”

“We’ll be waiting for you.” He and Sabre followed her to the door and watched as she got into the car and drove away into the cold winter’s night. Elias closed the door against the chill. He squatted and rubbed Sabre’s sides. “So what’s it gonna be boy? Pepperoni or sausage?”


The two sisters stood in Nicole’s small office, surrounded by makeup, bobby pins, and discarded work clothes. Carrie’s elbows stuck out like a bird’s as she pushed the fabric of her gown back, giving Nicole just enough slack to pull the zipper the rest of the way up. “So, you couldn’t talk him into coming.” Carrie turned to face her older sister—annoyed, but concerned, too.

“He can’t stand these things and feels completely out of place at them. He only shows up at his own openings when the gallery owner writes it into the contract, and he can’t find a way to worm out of it.” Carrie pulled a lipstick out of Nicole’s handbag, prompting a frown from her sister. “You could ask first, you know.”

“Have I ever?” Carrie didn’t wait for a response, but looked into a compact mirror and ran the tube over her lips. “Sweetie, I know you love him, and I’m starting to accept that maybe he loves you, too.” She capped the lipstick and dropped it back in the purse. “But, is this really how you want to spend the rest of your life? Going to New Year’s Eve parties alone? You love to be around other people, and he doesn’t. Will you be okay leaving him alone in his cave, while you go out and be social? Aren’t you going to want him with you?”

Nicole didn’t answer immediately, but pulled a slim box from the side of the garment bag. She opened it and ran her fingers over the necklace and earring set Elias had given her for Christmas. She had fallen in love with the artisan jeweler’s work during an extended visit to New York last summer. Elias had provided the designer with a few sketches, and the jeweler had turned them into the most exquisite and unique works of wearable art Nicole had ever seen. With one hand, she held the necklace of interlaced smooth, cool metal and thick colored glass to her chest and turned her back to Carrie, while with the other she lifted the few wisps of hair still tickling her neck. Carrie grabbed the necklace and fastened it. "Well?"

“Yes, I wish he was more outgoing, and he really is trying. In New York, we occasionally did things with other people living in his building as well as this important gallery owner who sells a lot of Elias’s work.” She let her hair drop back into place and picked up the earrings. “And what about Christmas? He came with me to your and Quinn’s party and stayed the entire time, even after half of the snowboarding team showed up. He would never have done that a year ago. But a VIP party? That’s too much for him, and it always will be.”

She slid the earrings into her ears and stowed the box in the garment bag. Standing up, she looked her sister up and down. “Unlike the Miller sisters who happen to fit in just fabulously with the rich and glamorous. You look beautiful, Carrie.”

“So do you.” They hugged each other tightly, and Carried whispered, “I just want you to be happy.”

Nicole whispered back, “I am, sweetie, the happiest I’ve been in my life.”


Tired of making small talk with the spoiled trophy wife of the developer building Adrian’s new casino, Nicole walked over to the window. The reflection of the room glittered with hundreds of candles and strings of lights, but they couldn’t match the beauty of the stars or the crescent moon on this crystal clear night. She sipped her sherry and watched Adrian approach in the mirror of the window.

He joined her in gazing out the window, scanning the grounds of the resort with pride and satisfaction. “That dress still looks stunning on you, Nicole. I’m glad to see you didn’t burn it.” He swallowed a generous drink from his own glass, a small batch single-malt scotch he had her order explicitly for this party.

She smiled, but still stared out the window. “I thought about it, but I couldn’t bring myself to destroy something so beautiful.”

Adrian flashed his debonair smile in return, a smile that both said so much, and nothing at all. Nicole couldn’t believe how elusive he was, this man who had employed her for nearly three years, brought about her parent’s divorce, fathered her sister, and would have married her mother, if she hadn’t inexplicably called it off.

Nicole twisted her neck to glance at the large clock they had installed on the wall to keep track of the countdown to 2009. Twenty-three minutes to go. “Adrian, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to make sure catering has the champagne and petites fours ready.”

“They will. Right now I think you’re needed somewhere else.” She followed his glance across the room to where Carrie stood with Quinn’s arm wrapped around her waist, watching them. “Go home, Nicole. Your staff can take it from here.”

“Really, it’s okay. I planned this event and should make sure that it….” Something in Adrian’s eyes, however, stopped her protest. He wanted this for her, understood how much being with Elias meant to her. “Thank you, Adrian. Happy New Year.”

“You, too.” He bent over, pecked her on the cheek, and gave her one last nostalgic and melancholy smile before sliding with ease into his business personae as he greeted one of the casino’s primary investors.

Nicole looked across the room and mouthed “Thank you” to Carrie.

Carrie pointed to the clock and mouthed “Go!” in return.


Elias dozed on the sofa, legs hanging over the arm, a half-finished novel spread open on his chest. Sabre lay on the floor at his side, curled up with a chew rope Santa had left in his stocking. The dog lifted his head as he heard the car turn into the driveway. He struggled on arthritic legs to his feet and let out a quiet bark as he trotted to the front door. Elias stretched and turned to his side, dropping the book to the floor. He glanced at the clock on the DVD player, and wondered how the hell Nicole got off work early on New Year’s Eve. He swung his feet to the floor, bent over to pick up the book, and placed it on the coffee table next to the invitation she’d left there seven hours ago. He was standing as he heard her keys turn in the lock.

“Couldn’t find anyone to kiss?” He asked as she opened the door and stooped to pet Sabre, who was as enthusiastic as always to see her.

She slipped off her coat to reveal the evening gown underneath. “Actually, too many choices. I got overwhelmed and decided just to come home.” After hanging her coat on the rack, she walked over to him.

He took her hands in his, holding them even as he stepped backward to get a better view of how beautiful she looked in the ensemble. “You’re not going to make me wait two minutes for this countdown thing, are you?”

She closed the distance between them in response and raised her lips to the kiss she knew was waiting. Letting go of her hands, he ran his beneath the spaghetti straps that crisscrossed her back from shoulder to shoulder. He tasted the lingering flavor of sweet alcohol as his tongue met hers. She tangled her fingers in his hair and pulled him against her tightly, the fabric of her dress crushed between them. He traced a path of kisses from her lips to the point of her jaw, gently pushing the dangling earrings aside to access the sensitive place on her neck. She moaned in approval and tilted her head back to help him find just the right spot. Her skin erupted in goosebumps as every nerve ending in her body responded to his caresses.

She reached her hands under his knit shirt and ran them along his sides, and he flinched from the lingering cold in her fingers and because she’d found one of his ticklish spots. “Play nice, Nikki.” He playfully nipped her shoulder in warning and continued to nibble and kiss along the edge of the necklace. Just as he began to slide the straps from her shoulders, the quiet of the night was broken by noisemakers and shouts of “Happy New Year!” coming from the neighbor’s home.

“Happy New Year, Elias.”

“Happy New Year, Nicole.” They kissed, but only briefly, before she suggested moving to the warmth of her bedroom. He willingly let her lead him there, hand in hand.

Sabre followed close on their heels. Elias stopped at the doorway. “Go lay down, boy.” The dog looked up, the hurt and betrayal evident in his liquid brown eyes. “Sabre, now.” The Rottweiler slunk out of the room slowly, and Elias closed the door behind him. Shaking a finger, he turned to where Nicole stood watching with a wry grin as she pulled the last of the bobby pins from her hair, letting it cascade to her shoulders. “You shouldn’t have let him sleep in here with you. He got spoiled while I was away.”

“As if you don’t do the same thing.”

Elias shrugged his shoulders in a half-hearted admission of guilt. “Well, somebody else is going to get spoiled tonight.” He gently pushed the straps from her shoulders. The thinner strands of fabric that crisscrossed her back slackened, and the top of the gown fell to her waist. His calloused left hand caressed the supple skin of her exposed breasts, and they kissed again, putting an end to the conversation. Their tongues entwined as Nicole drew his right hand around her waist, placing it on the zipper at the small of her back. Not long after, the dress rustled to the floor. He bent down and lifted one of her legs and then the other out of the dress, removing her shoes before pushing the clothing away. She glanced at the haute couture gown, but quickly dismissed the idea of hanging it up when Elias kissed his way up her nearly naked body, reached under her arms, and lifted her gently onto the bed. She pulled his shirt over his head, but he stopped her as she reached for his fly and the apparent erection behind it.

“Not yet.” Slowly he rolled her thigh-high stocking down her right leg, then her left, letting his tongue and lips trail behind, lingering on the areas behind her knees and at her ankles. Involuntary sounds of pleasure escaped her as she lay back on the bed. His thumbs massaged the arch of her foot, working out the kinks that came with wearing high heels every day. He knelt next to the bed and eased his mouth over her toe, sucking and nibbling, sliding up and down its short length.

“Oh, my God, Elias. Oh, my God.” She felt his mouth tighten in a smile around her toe. “No one has ever done that to me before.”

He pulled his mouth away. “I hope you like it.”

“Yes.” She was breathing so hard she could barely speak. “Don’t stop.”

He heeded the command, turning his attention to the other foot. She moaned and whimpered in pleasure. The desire to be touched everywhere at once overwhelmed her, and she caressed her breasts with her left hand, as the right glided down her body, reaching between her legs. It didn’t take her long to climax, and watching and listening to her was almost more than he could bear.

“Finished?” He cocked his brows and smiled.

“I’m just getting started. Get those jeans off and get into this bed, now.” She rolled over, opened the drawer of her bedside table, and pulled out a condom. “We’re getting low.”

“It’s been a busy week.” He climbed into bed and lay on his back. She straddled his legs and slid her hands over his chest. Her scent lingered on her fingers. He reached out and raised her hands to his lips, tasting her, sucking just a little more, before reaching for the packet she had placed on the table and handing it to her.

Nicole rolled the condom down his shaft and then bent her head to his thighs, taking the time to show her own prowess at licking and kissing and sucking even as she avoided the latex that covered him. “Nicole.” The pleading in his voice made it clear she shouldn’t play with him much longer. She positioned herself over his groin and guided him between her legs. Slowly, she lifted herself up and down his length, taking the time to savor him deep inside her. Elias fought the urge to release, wanting them both to enjoy this as long as they could. She leaned forward, hands beside his head, breasts dangling in his face. He sucked on her nipples until her pace quickened, and he knew she was about to come again. She sat back up, and he grabbed hold of her buttocks, helping her to bounce forcefully and quickly along him, thrusting to meet her pace. They both cried out as the ripples of pleasure coursed through their bodies.

Breathless and flushed, she collapsed on top of him, enjoying the aftershocks of sensation that shook her from head to toe. As her body calmed, she rolled to his side, taking the care necessary in their couplings.

“That was certainly a great way to start off the New Year.” She cuddled closer to him. “Elias, you do know how happy I am, don’t you?”

“Yeah. Yeah, I know.” He kissed the top of her head, running his fingers through her curls. “I’m happy too, Nicole.” The words were unfamiliar on his lips, but he sincerely meant them. “The happiest I’ve been in my life.”

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