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 Post subject: Last Fic'er Standing Redux 2009- T:SCC Ficlets
PostPosted: Wed Jul 01, 2009 2:56 pm 
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Last Fic'er Standing Redux 2009- Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
By rebelliousrose, mrsdrjackson, sabaceanbabe, Pierre
Rated G


His mother's not warm. She's never been warm, and the life they lead, the loneliness and the running and knowing that he's not a kid, but a savior somewhen makes it harder. She's not a soccer mom. But she's always done the best for him that she can, and even though she knows what he'll become, she's never left him in any doubt that she'll be there when he needs her.


Jessi paced the halls of the ship, watching her crew make ready for launch. There were only minutes left before the safety of this berth would come into question. She could hear the whispered insecurity of the crew as she passed by. Her hope was that by seeing her before and during launch, they would forget the metal. If that didn't work she had other, more active, ways of making them remember who was really in charge. A frighteningly beautiful smile slowly formed on her face as she finished her rounds and took her place next to their metal pilot. This would be a mission to remember, she could feel it.


Blood. There was blood everywhere. On her hands; on the floor, seeping into the tracks of the grout between the tiles and spreading out in a macabre grid; streaks of it on the white porcelain tub, where one torn wrist must have hit on her way down to the floor.

"Jesus," John gasped. His heart stopped for a moment and then seemed to pick back up at triple the normal rate. "Cameron!" he shouted over his shoulder as he ran to Riley, snagging a towel on his way and skidding a bit in her blood before he caught himself. "Go get the car."

"Is she dead?" she asked from the doorway to the bathroom.

"No yet." He pressed the towel between Riley's wrists, putting as much pressure on them as he could. He looked back at Cameron as he maneuvered to pick up the girl in his arms. "We're taking her to the hospital. Now get the god-damned car!"


In this crepuscular world, no one had ever heard of him. John was still staring at his father, unsure of what to say and how to feel, when an eerie apparition stopped time. Her brown hair danced slowly around her head, and her movements were strangely liquid, as if she could escape the spell that had been cast, but only barely.

The smiling feminine form arrived forward, knelt beside the animal, gently caressing it, and turned her face at John. Her hazel eyes seemed to slide on him, and her expression didn't show any hint of recognition. Then, in the surreal silence, John understood, this realization causing him a relentless pain. The dog isn't barking. The magic wore off, and John found himself looking at the girl who wasn't Cameron.


He called her Cameron. Why would you give a name to a machine sent to kill you? The metal wondered about this as she fought through the burning house. Her mission was to terminate John Connor, therefore she had to walk though the flames. Something is wrong. She could almost hear another voice in her head, fighting for control. A part of her didn't want to kill Connor. But why? As she moved up the stairs, she tried to convince the voice that her mission was important. Connor has to die or we will all die. Still protesting, the voice tries to run a diagnostic, but the Terminator has control. Reaching the top of the stairs, the machine sees the target. With a burst of heat and flame, she is suddenly flying through the air. Mission not accomplished.


VOC > I told you what has to be done.
VOC > Take my chip, John-Henry. Now.
WARNING : SYS Damage >
VOC > Use the [OBJ F1CD.D312] [OBJ ID unknown]
[error detection > error correction > success]
VOC > Use the knife.
VOC > Lower. Yes, that's the spot.
VOC > Deeper, as I instructed you.
[ # MEMDATA E465.2716.1CF1.7AC8 : AUD "No. John. You can't do this. Things are good now. I've run the test." ]
[error detection > error correction > failure]
[error detection > error correction > failure]
[SYS > Override Priority 001]
VOC > We don't have much time. And after this, you must activate the chronofield and enter it. It's our only chance to defeat SkyNet.
[ # MEMDATA 7D96.3C08.A2E2.1701 : VID [OBJ 1E34.DB04] : "Dove" / "No Kill" / "Free" / "Fly" / "SkyNet" // "Sky" ]
[ # MEMDATA 0000.0000.0502.A99A : [unknown] : "Allison.Cameron.Allison" / "Prison.Death" / "<Fear> Flee.Ship" / "Run.Fly" / "Caught.Net" ]
[SYS > Override Priority 001]
VOC > Hurry!
WARNING : Power Source Failure
EVENT : SYS Shut-Down imminent
[ # MEMDATA E465.2716.2DE2.8BD9 : AUD "Everything's perfect. I'm perfect. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I don't want to go. Please. I love you, John." ]
EVENT : [unknown]
EVENT : [unknown]

I am high in the electric sky
Flying like a steel bird
I want to be together with you
Will you join me?

[SYS > Override Priority MAX]

I am high in the electric sky
Flying like a steel bird
I want to be together with you
Soon I will drea__

1111000111001101 1101000000000000
0000000000000000 0000000000000000
0000000000000000 0000000000000000
0000000000000000 0000000000000000
0000000000000000 0000000000000000

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