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 Post subject: Great New Tahmoh Interview From Shogun Gamer; April 2011
PostPosted: Wed Apr 20, 2011 3:37 pm 
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Lots of good stuff; Need For Speed, The Hostage, Dollhouse, BSG.

Ian: On the topic of your work in Battlestar, was there ever a particular moment in your character’s arc that you really didn’t agree with?

Tahmoh: Of course there were always times and you’re going to do that, that’s the thing you get a certain integrity wrapped up in the character that you play and you feel really strongly like “oh my character wouldn’t do this” For instance I remember when I had a scene with Mary McDonnell and it was the episode where we’re discussing possibly using the biological weapon to exterminate the Cyclons and I’m having a heated discussion with her basically saying it’s wrong and that we can’t be guilty of the same crimes they committed on us – genocide. You know I read it and Helo was so adamant about it and it’s not that I disagree with Helo; it was just that the way the scene was written wasn’t really in my favor. And I remember that Mary McDonnell, who is a dear friend of mine and an incredible actor who I respect so much, but for instance she started in the middle of the scene started improving, just so she could really nail me in the scene. She like was asking me to repeat lines and what have you and she was like “really Captain, really?” and I was thinking in the middle of the scene “should I start making things up too?” you know what I mean. But she was driving home a point that she was going to win this scene and that was a big lesson for me too.

But there have been things that I’ve disagreed with here and there but I say that very carefully because it was an incredible show and everything they did was amazing but for over five years you’re not going to completely agree with everything. One thing that I felt early on in the beginning was that we glazed over the conflicted Helo part somewhat but I fought for it so much just on my own performance without saying something so much that I think they started writing for it again. For instance we went from Helo shooting Sharon [actress Sharon Park] in the arm, Boomer in the arm, and almost killing her and once he found out that she was pregnant and the whole deal but he was so conflicted that she’s the enemy and what have you to episodes later where we’re walking through the bush and they wrote this scene where we’re talking about who the baby is going to look like. And I was like really? So now we’re a happy couple about to have a baby? I’m like they glossed over that. So in that scene all I could do was , that was one of those examples, I played it very much like I’m talking about this but I can’t believe this, I just knocked up the enemy, she’s gorgeous and I’m in love with her but she’s an effing robot what am I doing, what’s happening? You know what I mean? So those are just a few examples of some things I might have had some contention with.

Sharon Park? :shock: :scowl:

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