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 Post subject: Helo & Athena – the full story - Day 1 BCH
PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2012 2:16 am 
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Helo & Athena – the full story
Day 1 before the Cylon Attack on the 12 Colonies (Part 1)
Rating: R
by Thomas

This is part of a much larger project that has the goal to close the holes in Karl and Sharon Agathon’s story.
I have currently about 430 pages with about 142,000 words.

It will be a mix of new scenes and what was on the show, deleted scenes and unrealized scripts and ideas. So don’t be surprised if certain sections are familiar.

New material will be marked either (Addition) or (Extension)
Parts of the show will be marked by time code and episode title.

This first bit is mostly Athena alone and tells how she became Sharon Valerii.
Also I don’t write linear. I have bits and pieces all over the timeline and fill in wherever I have an idea or inspiration.

The entire fic is organized by days
BCH = before Cylon holocaust
ACH = after Cylon holocaust

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 Post subject: Re: Helo & Athena – the full story - Day 1 BCH
PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2012 2:20 am 
Morose Artist
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1 Day before the Cylon attack on the 12 Colonies

(Baseship near the Cylon Colony – Eight’s room)

It is very early in the morning. Eight(A), is sleeping in her bed on board the Baseship she is stationed on. But she isn’t alone. She is all cuddled up with a Two. Like all Eights she craves companionship and doesn’t like to sleep alone. She needs a warm body next to hers at night to feel comfortable.

The room is of the basic standard design, approximately eight meters wide and slightly less than four meters high and in total fifteen meters long. It is about one meter elevated above the corridor level. The room’s entrance at the corridor level is at the center of one of the short sides of the room. The room has like all internal rooms of the Baseship no doors. The direct view into the room is blocked by a translucent wall on the room level one and a half meter off the entrance opening. Left and right to the center entrance opening, between entrance and translucent wall, run two stairs from the hallway level up to the room level.

The walls of the room have the color of anthracite, are nearly black. They merge with the floor in a wide, smoothly rounded transition. Along the side walls, at about eyelevel runs an about thirty centimeter high display band that most of the time is slowly pulsating with a deep red. In intervals of about one meter are vertical arrangements of four square lights, two above the display band are stacked vertically while the other two below the display band are arranged side by side, their common center vertically aligned with the two above the band. On the ceiling are structural beams visible that also contain lights

As a crew quarters it contains a personal hygiene cell with a toilet, a sink and a shower in the back of the room. Like every personal living space it also contains a single size Data-Font, an electro-optical interface that allows Cylons to link themselves directly to the Baseship’s Datastream to access or share information or voting. The Baseship’s Datastream is connected to the Cylon Main Datastream.

Her room’s decoration is spartan with minimal furniture. Besides the bed in the center of the room it only contains a table, a sofa and two reclining chairs. At the back wall are some closets and drawers to store clothes, personal items, accessories and equipment.

Eight wakes up precisely at 04:30. She carefully untangles her naked body from his and stretches herself out with pleasure. Then she turns back to Two and looks at him. He is still sound asleep and now lying on his back. He has been her regular partner for the last two weeks and they have been sleeping together every night during that time. Despite years of unsuccessful trying she still hasn’t given up hope to get pregnant one day and to fulfill God’s commandment to be fruitful. Twos are in general her favorite mates. They share her religious beliefs and are as hungry for love as she and her sisters are. And Twos are the most compassionate of the male Cylons. She definitely feels something for him but yet he still can’t completely fill the emptiness she feels inside her heart.

Her eyes wander down his body and she sees that he has a full morning erection. She smiles. She is near her ovulation and her libido is in overdrive. She can hardly control herself and this is an opportunity she will not let pass. After she has warmed herself up she pulls the blanket away from him and with one fluid motion she is on top, has him inside her and starts lustfully grinding him. He wakes up from her attack and smiles in pleasure. He is very fond of her morning blitz attacks. They both start moaning in ecstasy and moments later they both come to an explosive finish. She rolls off him and remains lying still next to him with a satisfied smile on her face.

After a while he breaks the silence “You Eights are all passionate companions. But you are an especially crazy and wild one.”

She looks at him and smiles “Admit it – you love it wild and crazy.”

He smiles back “Sure, you are a load of fun. I prefer you Eights over the Threes and Sixes. You are compassionate, sweet and like to please.”

But she doesn’t like to be seen like that.

She sits up and responds harsh “Yeah? Compassionate, sweet and like to please? Go on like this and you get me angry. Then see if you find sweet compassion! Trust me, you won’t find any! I’m nothing like my soft and sweet sisters you may have been with before.”

He tries to calm her by saying the words he knows she wants to heat “I love you Eight.”

But she isn’t in the mood to fall for his sweet talk “I got to get ready now! Get your ass out of my bed!”

With that she gets up, out of the bed and walks over to the bathroom to follow the call of nature and take a shower.

When she twenty minutes later reemerges from the back of the room she is dressed in a tight black flight suit – Eight is a pilot, one of only thirty three on board of this Baseship with a total crew of one thousand four hundred Cylons, not counting the three thousand Centurions and the four hundred thirty four self-conscious Raiders. The outfit alone makes her look hard and unforgiving. But Two knows it is not just the outfit. The few Sixes and Eights that are the only Cylons to be fully trained combat pilots are a special breed. They had to be harder, tougher and more determined than their “regular” model sisters to make it through the brutal training. And only Sixes and Eights have the skills that qualify them to become pilots in the first place.

It is her toughness, her determination and her drive that draws him towards her. But there is also still that sweet, compassionate and love hungry Eight underneath that tough chick attitude of hers. But she doesn’t like to show this softer side and lets it only out to those she lets getting close to her. This mix is what makes her and her Pilot Eight sisters so special.

He remembers back twenty years when the pilot training program caused an issue with the other models. The pilots had stopped synchronizing their memories with their model sisters. They argued that if they had all the same memories and experiences they would become too predictable which would diminish their efficiency in battle. They were right but the other models didn’t like this new individuality. And soon all of their model sisters followed their example which led to the Sixes and Eights becoming quite individualistic. Many Sixes make no secret of it and display their diverse individuality in their clothing, hair color and style. The Eights in general hide their diversity behind a rather uniform exterior but inside none is like the other.

Standing there in front of him she ties her hair into a tight ponytail. She looks at him while she stuffs her gloves underneath her gun belt. With a soft voice she says “I see you tonight.” Then she turns and leaves.

He looks after her, glad she didn’t hold a grudge and invited him to be with her tonight. He grabs his clothes and leaves her room naked as he is to go to his own room to get ready for his own duty station.

(Baseship near The Cylon Colony – Mess hall)

Most of the Baseship’s pilots meet for breakfast at 06:00. Eight(A) enters the mess hall and goes to the bar. At the bar she has the Five working there as a server give her a coffee, a glass of fruit juice and scrambled eggs on toast. Then she goes over to the area of the mess hall where the pilots meet.

When Eight(A) arrives at the pilot’s tables less than half of the pilots are there. She sits down and is greeted by Six(C) who is technically the CAG of the Baseship and a pilot herself. As such she does not fly but stays in the control room of the Baseship to coordinate the deployment of the Baseship’s air wing. Eight(A) is currently her second in command and sits on her table.

Six(C): “Morning Eight, how are you today?”

Eight(A): “I’m all powered up! Can’t wait to get into my Raider and out on a flight.”

Six(C): “That’s the spirit Eight!”

EightP2 smiles knowingly “How’s your Two, Sister?”

Eight(A) smiles “Oh, he’s great. We just had awesome morning sex. I’m still high on endorphins.”

EightP2: “Hmm… do you mind if I ask him to be my mate when you’re done with him? I’m looking for a new partner.”

Eight(A): “Sure, when I’m done with him he’s fair game. I suppose he will be happy to get another Pilot.”

Six(C) laughs “Can’t you Eights think about anything else?”

Eight(A): “Besides flying? No! Why? Anything wrong with that? I know you Sixes are just like us in this. You love your sensuality and sexuality and search love as much as we do. And you also long to have children.”

Six(C): “Yeah, but we don’t let ourselves be enslaved by our emotions like you Eights. You fall in love and that becomes your sole focus and you forget everything else.”

Eight(A) gets defensive “God commanded us to love and procreate. So if we find love he wants us to hold on to it, to cherish it. There is nothing above love and having children.”

Six(C): “Hmm… I take it you’re still trying to get pregnant sister.”

Eight(A): “Yes, of course! Following God's path isn’t easy. But I will not give up trying. I know that if my faith is strong enough I will be successful one day.”

Six(C) smiles at her “I admire your faith and determination Eight.”

SixP2: “There is the theory that love is required for successful procreation.”

Eight(A): “I loved most of my partners – at least I thought so.”

SixP2: “Maybe you didn’t love them enough. Or they didn’t love you.”

Eight(A): “I don’t know, maybe. But maybe it’s something else.”

EightP2: “I think it is by pretty evident that we can’t reproduce with our kind. For nearly thirty years we have tried everything and were still unsuccessful. Doesn’t that prove it? That’s why the Fours started to experiment with captured humans. And they had some success. So sister, you are wasting your time with your Two.”

Eight(A) looks amused at EightP2 “Ahh, you just want me to dump him so you can have him now sister, I get it. But you might be right. What if God intended us to only be fertile with humans? Wouldn’t that mean wiping them out is against God’s will?”

SixP2: “No! God wants us to punish them for their sins. The success of the experiments the Fours did was very limited. Some sisters got pregnant after sex with human males but the pregnancies failed every time after less than three weeks. And human females that got impregnated by Cylon males didn’t fare any better. So there is really no evidence that we may be successful with humans. ”

EightP2: “Yeah but those experiments were very limited, too limited to draw any conclusions.”

Eight(A): “I suppose all those humans were captives and rather forced to participate. They were hardly in the condition to feel any love for one of us and the sisters that had sex with them just saw them as mere subjects.”

Six(C): “We will soon have enough test subjects. The Fours have instructed us to catch as many as possible young and fertile humans as test subjects for their farms. They want to try something new.”

EightP2: “The Fours don’t take God’s commandments too serious. Do we want to know what they plan to do in these farms?”

Six(C): “Probably not.”

SixP2: “There is another crossbreeding project where they want to try to make humans fall in love with Cylons who pretend to be human survivors. A sister here on the ship is in charge of that project.”

EightP2 looks at Eight(A) “Are you going to try it with a human sister?”

Eight(A): “Hmm… God’s ways are mysterious. Since it hasn’t worked with Cylons all these years it might be worth trying it with humans.”

EightP2: “You Sixes have several sisters as infiltration agents with the humans. Did any of them get their human targets to fall in love with them? Did any of those Sixes got pregnant?”

SixP2: “Not that I know of. All their reports confirm our picture of the humans. They are selfish, greedy, corrupt and unfaithful. Our sister on Caprica has an especially despicable individual to deal with. He didn’t even bother to ask her for a name despite sleeping with her regularly. He sleeps with every woman that he can lure into his bed and makes her believe she is the only one. But his wickedness gave her full access to their Defense Mainframe and he even let her rewrite large parts of their Command Navigation Program. So she was able to create the shut down sub routine that will be their downfall.
Another sister on Geminon has to deal with several of their leaders. What she reports about their philandering and corruption is just appalling. All the others report pretty much the same.”

Eight(A): “Still, it is worth trying. I think I will volunteer to take part in this crossbreeding experiment.”

Six(C) is ready with her breakfast and gets up “Well sister, you do that. I see you all at 07:00 for the briefing on tomorrow’s deployments and today’s final preparations.”

With that she gets up and leaves. Eight(A) also finishes her breakfast and leaves.

(To Be Continued)

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